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IE Drops To Single-Digit Market Share

Cyko_01 statcounter numbers (390 comments)

IE at 22.82% and falling
chrome at 43.67% and rising
firefox at 18.88% and falling slightly
safari at 9.75% and rising slightly

there is a strong correlation between chrome and IE in both gains and losses

about 8 months ago

US Justice Blocks Implementation of ACA Contraceptive Mandate

Cyko_01 Re:Fuck religion. (903 comments)

ever heard of the first amendment? I'm not even a US citzen and I know about it.

about 8 months ago

World's First Cycle Trip To the South Pole Achieved

Cyko_01 News for nerds?! (49 comments)

why is this nerdy? because it was a recumbent tricycle?!

about 9 months ago

Is the World Ready For Facial Recognition On Google Glass?

Cyko_01 get your gun ready (469 comments)

With NameTag, Glass users will be drawing from an archive that delves into the library of faces from dating networks, the National Sex Offendery Registry, and a set of criminal databases (public, the lot of them, of course).

If it recognizes someone you've never met before there is a 2 in 3 chance they are a rapist or other criminal

about 9 months ago

Asm.js Gets Faster

Cyko_01 Re:Great another case of JS being abused....... (289 comments)

If you are writing assembly in javascript you are doing it wrong. A web browser is supposed to display documents, not run desktop applications.

If you are writing desktop applications (ie. a windows PC) for a web browser, then yes, you are doing it wrong. "who needs native code" is certainly over-stating things. HTML + Javascript is appealing when you want to write an application - what smartphones call "apps - that runs on as many platforms - architectures, operating systems, screen sizes - as possible without rewriting all of your code 300 times for each device. If you can write your main code once and have it run on your xbox, playstation, samsung S4, blackberry, iphone, PC, linux, mac, your refrigerator and barbeque then why wouldn't you do that! And with html + javascript there is no installation required - just send a mass email with a shortcut to the webpage for everyone that needs it. It's more like "who needs 300 different versions of the same native code"

If you really need to process dynamic data with that level of control and efficiency with the result put on a dynamic web page, then you need a daemon or some service application doing it, and have JS pull the result. NOT make JS do the entire damn thing.

so you are saying you should spend money beefing up your server so you can present info from the client, to that very same client, after doing some calculations it could have done itself? If the client already has a system capable of doing its share of the work, then why not distribute the load and enable it to do so?!

about 9 months ago

Study Suggests Link Between Dread Pirate Roberts and Satoshi Nakamoto

Cyko_01 well, there you have it (172 comments)

bitcoin was invented solely for buying and selling drugs on the internet. It is evil and must be stopped. queue the ridiculous headlines

about 10 months ago

ESA 'Amaze' Project Aims To Take 3D Printing 'Into the Metal Age'

Cyko_01 loose acronym (74 comments)

Amaze is a loose acronym for Additive Manufacturing Aiming Towards Zero Waste and Efficient Production of High-Tech Metal Products

I got AMATZWAEPOHTMP ... not even close. Sounds like someone just really wanted to spell a word from all that

about a year ago

World Space Walk Simultaneously Puts Three Mars-Capable Spacesuits To the Test

Cyko_01 Re:Is it really a space suit (39 comments)

is it really a swim suit if you are not swimming?

about a year ago

Army Researching Network System That Defends Against Social Engineering

Cyko_01 bullshit detector (57 comments)

Isn't that pretty much what they are looking for? If so then they will need a very well informed AI

about a year ago

Flies See the World In Slo-Mo, Say Researchers

Cyko_01 Re:So flies are 4 times as twitchy as we are? (176 comments)

just because their brain processes things faster it doesn't mean they can move fast enough to get out of the way. Consider the size of a flyswatter in relation to the size of the fly

about a year ago

Linux 3.12 Merge Window Closes With Release of Linux 3.12-rc1

Cyko_01 nothing noteworthy (47 comments)

so let me get this straight. linus says this release is "fairly normal" (ie. nothing special), and someone thought "hey I should post this to slashdot!"?

about a year ago

How Amateurs Destroyed the Professional Music Business

Cyko_01 music is an art-form (617 comments)

as with any art form - whether it is pottery, drawing, or music - there will be those who do it for fun, and those who do it for the money. Those who do it for fun by themselves are sure to gain greater respect from there peers then those who do it for profit and pay someone to do the hard work for them.

1 year,20 hours

Write Windows Phone Apps, No Code Required

Cyko_01 Re:A contradiction in terms? (210 comments)

I would hardly call it programming, more like re-configuring. You are not creating new lego bricks, you are just moving them around and coloring on them

1 year,26 days

Amazon Angling For Same-Day Delivery Beyond Groceries

Cyko_01 Re:same day? big deal! (193 comments)

oh, and with dial-a-bottle I can get beer and smokes(if that's your thing) within the hour too. Beer, smokes, and pizza - what more could a guy want!(if you're gonna say sex, some escorts do house-calls)

1 year,26 days

Amazon Angling For Same-Day Delivery Beyond Groceries

Cyko_01 Re:same day? big deal! (193 comments)

then I would have to wait all day, cook it myself, and it still wouldn't be as good as delivery

1 year,26 days

Amazon Angling For Same-Day Delivery Beyond Groceries

Cyko_01 same day? big deal! (193 comments)

I can order a freshly made pizza and have it within the hour! I'm not about to sit around all day waiting for my groceries to show up.

1 year,26 days

Has Anyone Seen My Rabbit?

Cyko_01 Re:Really, rabbits for milk? (92 comments)

I have had several pet rabbits and yes, they most certainly do bite...and can draw blood if they want to

about a year ago

Google Starts Upgrading Its SSL Certificates To 2048-bit Keys

Cyko_01 more specific? (118 comments)

how is "by the end of 2013" more specific then "in the next few months". Last time I checked, 2 or 3 months is more specific then 1-5 months

about a year ago

Poll Shows That 75% Prefer Printed Books To eBooks

Cyko_01 10 reasons paper books are better then e-readers (312 comments)

1. You can take it to the beach (and not worry about getting sand in it)
2. You can read it in full sunlight
3. You can photocopy pages from a book
4. You can write in them, tear out pages, or cross out swear words so your children can read them (my school used to do this)
5. You can display them in your study to show off and look smart
6. They are more environmentally friendly then e-waste
7. You can take only one on a trip and not have your entire library list on displayed for anyone who uses your e-reader
8. They never need to be recharged
9. You can use them to level furniture in your house
10. You can kill bugs with them

about a year ago

LibreOffice Calc Set To Get GPU Powered Boost From AMD

Cyko_01 Re:Huh? (211 comments)

Good to see the "editors" are as incompetence as always.

There, FTFY

about a year ago



Mozilla Proposes Firefox ESR Versions for Business

Cyko_01 Cyko_01 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Cyko_01 (1092499) writes "Instead of supporting a particular browser version for just six weeks, an "extended support release" (ESR) would be supported for a total of seven Firefox release cycles, or 42 weeks. Mozilla would still be updating an ESR version every time a new Firefox is released, but would only apply security patches"
Link to Original Source


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