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Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?

DA-MAN Re:Windows 7 (965 comments)

I routinely use both OpenVPN and Junos Pulse on my Android. What are you talking about?

about a year and a half ago

Nexus 4 Includes Support For LTE

DA-MAN Re:Is the story correct? LG says no. (83 comments)

Apple's cheapest phone is $650. Google's is $299. You'd have to be a fool to expect that they would be treated the same with that price delta. Also just how much is Apple paying for their goddamn radio that a 32GB iPod Touch is $299, but it's $650 for 16GB iPod Touch + Phone capabilities (iPhone)?

about 2 years ago

34% of iPhone Owners Think the 4 Is 4G

DA-MAN It is 4G (306 comments)

Guys, I dunno how to break it to you but at least on AT&T it is 4G as it has been redefined. A 3G phone is incapable of doing more than 128kbps upstream on AT&T's network. When you negotiate your network connection, you set a hspa version. The iPhone 4 and the 4G Android phones negotiate the same way. They get the same transfer speeds.

Blame the FCC for allowing this to become so goddan murky. Reminds me of the old days when USB 1.1 got relabeled USB 2.0 Full-Speed, vs USB 2.0 Hi-Speed which was way faster than Full-Speed.

more than 3 years ago

68% of US Broadband Connections Aren't Broadband

DA-MAN Re:Meanwhile, in Japan (611 comments)

bzzt, wrong. 'Broadband' is a technical term that does not change in meaning. "[Broadband is] a term used to describe a network that can transmit a wide range of signals, including audio and video. Broadband networks are especially useful in the Networked World, as they can carry many signals at once, resulting in faster data transmission"

Words get new meanings over time. Organic has been supplanted to mean something other than "life". Get with it, because as much as I hate organic it is here to stay. So is broadband as a synonym for "big pipe"...

more than 3 years ago

Wikipedia Explains Today's Global Outage

DA-MAN Re:Wow! (153 comments)

Nah, its standard practice.

$ host is an alias for is an alias for has address has address

more than 4 years ago

No Business Case For IPv6, Survey Finds

DA-MAN Re:Let's flip the question.... (340 comments)

There is more than one protocol than http. Try ftp, imap, smtp, irc and https on for size.

more than 5 years ago

Dreamweaver Is Dying; Long Live Drupal!

DA-MAN Re:Content Management System is not a design progr (318 comments)

I use Drupal Joomla and Wordpress fairly regularly for different jobs/projects and most of my time is spent making the sites looks different from every other cms site out there

How about you learn to use a comma?

more than 5 years ago

iTunes DRM-Free Files Contain Personal Info

DA-MAN Re:Seriously... (693 comments)

i seriously doubt that an email which can be easily changed in a file can be used as the sole grounds for pressing charges. It ma however bolster a case where a user has been tracked by IP and the files have his email too.

As we're talking about purchased music, all Apple would have to do is lookup the record of the credit card used to purchase the song.

So unless you always use iTunes redeemable gift cards, it's probably fairly easy to track a user definitively.

more than 5 years ago

Running Android On Netbooks

DA-MAN Re:Perfect for in-dash navigational systems... (203 comments)

What can Gentoo do that Ubuntu can't do?


Oh come on, sure that initial compile is slow and heats up your processor big time, but it's still not capable of making cookies!

more than 5 years ago

32bit Win7 Vs. Vista Vs. XP

DA-MAN Re:Still making 32 bit? (641 comments)

Unless you have more than 3.5 GB of RAM

Unless you allocate more than 3.5 GB per process.

PAE has gotten around the 4 gig limit a long time ago.

more than 5 years ago

32bit Win7 Vs. Vista Vs. XP

DA-MAN Re:Still making 32 bit? (641 comments)

I agree. Nobody is selling 32-bit processors anymore.

Intel's Atom processor is 32-bit.

Linux can handle 32-bit applications on 64-bit OSes. Surely MS can do the same?

It's the proprietary drivers that make it hard for MS to do the same. In Linux the vast majority of drivers are maintained in source, so this isn't as much of a problem.

more than 5 years ago

Boot Windows Vista In Four Seconds

DA-MAN Re:Linux vs. Windows Speed boots (326 comments)

If they've found a way to boot Windows in 4 seconds, nobody other than haters is going to care how it was done. Calling the method an abuse of the hibernation system is as ridiculous as calling Jailbreaking an abuse of an iPod. It's your hardware.

I think you're missing the point. Since this is loading a hibernated image of a freshly booted system, this means that updates or changes in startup will be lost unless you remake the image. Since many Windows Updates require a reboot to take effect, this could result in remotely exploitable services running on your system.

more than 5 years ago



SysAdmin/Developer Rivalry

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN (17442) writes "I've been a SysAdmin for about ten years now. During this time I have gone from working at a small organization to a much larger organization. I work hand in hand with developers to debug, find bottlenecks and in general assist. During this time I have never had any issues with developers, in fact one lead developer went to management and had me issued a monetary award for my "work" on his project. In the much larger organization, I am one of many sysadmins but I see that my peers also have good working relationships with the developers they work with. My question is, does the sysadmin/developer rivalry still exist? Has it gotten better in the past few months or am I and every sysadmin I've worked with "one of the good ones"?"

Why do people tolerate false advertising?

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN writes "Why is it that we, in the US, tolerate deliberate false advertising? ISP's advertise unlimited use or don't advertise limits, yet they get away with it. Mobile carriers claim to give unlimited mobile to mobile, never stating that they really mean mobile to mobile within the same network. Why is it that we allow companies to redefine "unlimited" and so forth?"
Link to Original Source

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN writes "When I was a young lad, I had a few stories written about me in various papers. These stories were about the Cisco Networking Academy, the "Digital Divide" and success stories. All of these stories portrayed me as a bum who made good after taking Cisco in High School. These stories were just plagued with factual errors about my life, they basically made me into a loser who lucked out, when in fact the Cisco Networking Academy had little to do with my life or career (I'm a system guy, not a network guy). Recently I saw the media paying attention to something I knew a lot about. I was a fan of a comedy radio show that was crucified nation wide for racism over a prank call. Many important facts were left out, details exaggerated and other details just plain falsified in the reporting of this story. I was just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences? Is this the norm or the exception?"

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN writes "How come the same guy who rejoiced for the firing of Imus can get away with this? Isn't he the same guy who went after the "right wing" media for misspelling Barack Obama's name! Now he demeans Latino's of this country for cheap political shots at the Attorney General! So making fun of the Muslim name is taboo, but making fun of Latino's is okay? I believe the term racist is being thrown around far too easily these days. The media liberals who claim to be above this sort of thing are just as guilty as the rest. Yet they are the ones quick to throw stones at anyone who doesn't agree with their viewpoint. Comedy is not hate speech, and if you treat it as such expect to be called the racist as defined by you!"

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN writes "A Radio Duo was suspended on April 23rd for a prank call to a chinese restaurant. The Organization of Chinese Americans lead this offensive, including a protest in front of CBS HQ on April 27th, asking for the firing of JV & Elvis. During this protest OCA passed out this flyer which equated the prank call to Hitler, the KKK and Nazi Germany. Now HIAS, the group which asked for the firing of CNN's Lou Dobbs is taking OCA's Nazi references to task, calling OCA a racist organization. Am I the only one that finds this whole thing ridiculous from the start? First satire is lost, now the special interest groups can't even agree."

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DA-MAN writes "A group known as the Organization of Chinese Americans has called for the firing of two radio dj's in New York over a prank call. The prank call was to a Chinese restaurant using a computer generated voice during which they place an order for shrimp flied lice. Today they protested outside of CBS during which they passed out flyers equating said prank call to Hitler/KKK/Nazi Germany. Looks like comedy is no longer safe from attack, for you can be called a racist for a joke now. The OCA has called the DJ's racists against Asian's, ignoring such facts like one of the DJ's being married to Korean model Natasha Yi *NSFW*."

DA-MAN DA-MAN writes  |  about 8 years ago

DA-MAN writes "I am a current Tivo user, and I love it. The only problem is that Tivo bites on an HDTV. The output quality is crap, even using S-Video. In addition, I now have the HDTV service from my cable company. Now I don't like the idea of a box where I am not allowed to do anything, such as those provided by the cable company. My question is, what are my options? Do I just wait until Tivo releases the series 3 HD DVR? Are there any do it yourself boxes that support component in/out (my cable company has dvi, but it is disabled)? Are there any other options for DVR's with HD, or should I just go for the cable company box? The Tivo has changed the way I watch TV, and I don't want to go back to keeping schedules."


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