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Bill Gates Looks to Reinvent the Toilet

DIplomatic Summary Meta-Commentary Drives Me Crazy (471 comments)

The meta-comments in the article summaries is getting out of hand. I just want to read 2 sentences about the content of this article without kdawson or whoever throwing in their snide 2-cents and shitting all over stories. (pun intended)

more than 3 years ago

iBook Store Features Leave Indie Publishers Behind

DIplomatic And next week... (146 comments)

[Apple] is only providing information on how to create fixed layout ebooks for it's store to a select group of publishers and ebook producers."

And a week from now when that information finds its way to the internet the headline will be "All Authors Able to Publish Fixed-Width iBooks"

more than 4 years ago

Google Books Makes a Word Cloud of Human History

DIplomatic Naughty Words (127 comments)

I can't believe I'm almost 30 years old and the first thing I did was graph sex and f*ck. I guess some things never change...

more than 4 years ago

Gmail Creator Says Chrome OS Is As Good As Dead

DIplomatic Re:Nothing new (349 comments)

What a way to start the morning then with a crazy sensationalist headline. A guy that used to work at Google tweeted that in his opinion it's silly for Google to be working on 2 OSs. But then the anonymous reader that submitted this turns this into some kind of doomsday prediction from the Google Gods or whatever.

(The bold text is the AC putting words into Paul Buchheit's mouth)

Former Google employee, Gmail creator, and FriendFeed founder Paul Buchheit has come right out and said what many people are thinking (or hoping for). On his FriendFeed page, Buchheit made a post titled Prediction: ChromeOS will be killed next year (or "merged" with Android). In it, he bluntly says that Google's netbook-centric Chrome OS is as good as dead. Yeah, I was thinking, "is this too obvious to even state?"

To sum up: Man has opinion about ChromeOS, /. headline predicts earthquakes and fire, film at eleven.

more than 4 years ago

Pac-Man's Ghost Behavior Algorithms

DIplomatic Re:Always fascinating. (194 comments)

A 30-year-old game featured AI more sophisticated than what you'll find in most games today.

I'm not sure "deciding whether to turn right or left at the fork in a 2D maze" can really compare to the ridiculously complex AI behavior in many games today. Team combat, terrain navigation, etc. Advance-to-cover squad-based tactical combat is hardly If PAC_MAN_INVINCIBLE == FALSE; Chase().

more than 4 years ago

Canon's Image Verification System Cracked

DIplomatic Re:Wow (118 comments)

I didn't even know such technology existed!

I thought they just posted it on /b/ asking "reel or phake?"

And they just tallied the number of "Photoshoped" responses versus the total responses.

Yeah and what's even funnier is the sub-forum with Smiling Leo and Eating Keanu in all the backgrounds!

more than 4 years ago

US May Disable All Car Phones, Says Trans. Secretary

DIplomatic Re:Go for it (1065 comments)

How about we automate the cars instead of removing distractions for the driver? Then it would feel like we are progressing towards the future instead of slipping back to the past.

more than 4 years ago

200 Students Admit Cheating After Professor's Online Rant

DIplomatic Re:Wow. (693 comments)

So honest people have to do extra work, and cheaters get a second chance. What a great life lesson this school is teaching.

It's more like: honest people continue to display mastery of material they have learned and cheaters have to actually study or not pass the class.

more than 4 years ago

Amazon Patents Bad Gift Protection

DIplomatic Re:"With a Computer" (210 comments)

It's just like fortune cookies.

Append "in bed" and you get a laugh.

Append "with a computer" and you get a software patent.

Oh good call! **adds the word 'quantum' in between "with a" and "computer"**
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got about 10 million software patents to file.

more than 4 years ago

MS Adds Security Suite To Update Service, Antivirus Rival Objects

DIplomatic GOOD! (324 comments)

Good! I personally love Microsoft Security Essentials. It does exactly what you want in a Virus Protection Program: 1) Keep an icon in the system tray indicating that "You Are Protected" 2) Stay out of your way and use very few system resources.
In all seriousness, I am a corporate IT technician and I prefer MSE over any other memory-hogging, system-crippling, scaring-you-with-false-warnings virus program out there.
Plus it's FREE. FREE!

more than 4 years ago

Jammie Thomas Hit With $1.5 Million Verdict

DIplomatic Re:Is it not time to give up yet? (764 comments)

A reasonable fine would be on the order of $50 to $100 per song.

I see where you're getting at but in what world is $50-$100 a reasonable amount to pay for creating more of an infinite resource? Let's say you sell joke books. Now let's say I pick up one of your books in the store and read a joke. Later I repeat the joke to some of my friends and we all laugh. Have I stolen something? Am I a thief? Of course not.
The real issue is that computers and the internet have created a truly unlimited resource. When you think about it, copying an MP3 is similar to matter replication in Star Trek: At your command you can create an exact duplicate of something at no cost! Now many companies stand to lose their entire business if people realize the infinity in computer information replication. The only way they know how to survive is to perpetuate a fake sense of scarcity for their product. This is a comedy article that illustrates what I mean by fake scarcity.

more than 4 years ago

8pen Reinvents the Keyboard For Mobile Devices

DIplomatic Re:An Anonymous Reader Submitted This?? (214 comments)

What....??? ....I .... Wait.... Are you saying that a Slashdot news story covered.... an innovative piece of software that isn't free??? Well I never! This will not stand! Slashdot, I hereby tender my resignation, effective immediately!

more than 4 years ago

British Pizza Chain To Install Cones of Silence

DIplomatic Re:If there only was ... (122 comments)

A device that allowed you to listen to music without disturbing others. Some kind of very small speakers that you can put very close to your eardrums. Oh well, we'll have to do with freaking cones of silence.

The old micro-sized-speakers-in-close-proximity-to-the-eardrums ploy. That's the third time I've fallen for that this month!

more than 3 years ago

Inside Google's Anti-Malware Operation

DIplomatic URL Shortening (105 comments)

I find it ironic that at the end of this article on sneaky web malware, there is a link to email a shortened URL.

more than 3 years ago

Google Admits To Collecting Emails and Passwords

DIplomatic Re:Also (157 comments)

Ok hang on a second. Let's slow down with the inflammatory headlines here, okay? The Google Street View cars picked up partial hashes of data from unsecured routers. And as far as Google "admitting" to collecting the data, that was something they announced last May. So put down your rape whistle, kdawson, there's nothing sinister going on here.

more than 4 years ago

Comic Sales Soar After Artist Engages 4chan Pirates

DIplomatic Re:"Theft increases sales" (305 comments)

The summary tries to spin this story as "theft increases sales". In reality the theft just prompted the author to do the smart thing and talk to potential customers.

The word "theft" in your post really gets in the way of the point you're making. Also, the real takeaway here is that it made a huge difference when an artist acknowledged his fans for enjoying his art.

more than 4 years ago

Hobbit Film Finally Gets Green Light, To Be Shot in 3-D

DIplomatic Re:Anyone else (261 comments)

get the feeling that Hollywood is trying to shove 3D down our throats lately?

Here's the secret about 3D movies that the studios don't want you to know: THEY MAKE MORE MONEY. The ticket's cost more so the studio gets more money. Period.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu Won't Moan To EU About Microsoft

DIplomatic Re:Word of Mouth (248 comments)

A$ $oon a$ the revolution come$, we all know what to do with the Micro$oft marketing department.

You must be new here, so I fixed that for you.

more than 4 years ago

New York To Spend $27.5 Million Uncapitalizing Street Signs

DIplomatic I Think.... (322 comments)

...it's a CAPITAL idea!

more than 4 years ago

Senate Votes To Turn Down Volume On TV Commercials

DIplomatic Re:Tivo? (625 comments)

I thought that a similar law giving a maximum volume limit on commercials was already in place - the problem being that commercials generally always play at maximum volume while regular tv programs fluctuate between high and low volume.

more than 4 years ago



Live Human Birth Captured by MRI

DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DIplomatic (1759914) writes "Doctors at a Berlin hospital have made a medical breakthrough after capturing live MRI images of the miracle of birth.
The pictures, taken after a German mother agreed to give birth inside a magnetic-resonance imaging machine, could provide valuable new insights into the birthing process and allow future lives to be saved.
The creation of the live MRI images of a birth could prove vital in understanding complications during the birthing process and the need for around 15 per cent of women to have a Caesarian section due to the baby not moving sufficiently into the birth canal."

Link to Original Source

A Nude Awakening — TSA and privacy

DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DIplomatic (1759914) writes "The Oklahoma Daily has a terrific, well-written editorial about the current state of airport security. Though the subject has overly-commented on, this article is well worth the read.

          The risk of a terrorist attack is so infinitesimal and its impact so relatively insignificant that it doesn’t make rational sense to accept the suspension of liberty for the sake of avoiding a statistical anomaly.
          There's no purpose in security if it debases the very life it intends to protect, yet the forced choice one has to make between privacy and travel does just that. If you want to travel, you have a choice between low-tech fondling or high-tech pornography; the choice, therefore, to relegate your fundamental rights in exchange for a plane ticket. Not only does this paradigm presume that one'(TM)s right to privacy is variable contingent on the government's discretion and only respected in places that the government doesn't care to look — but it also ignores that the fundamental right to travel has consistently been upheld by the Supreme Court.
          If we have both the right to privacy and the right to travel, then TSA's newest procedures cannot conceivably be considered legal. The TSAâ½Â's regulations blatantly compromise the former at the expense of the latter, and as time goes on we will soon forget what it meant to have those rights."

Link to Original Source

HTML5 'Experience' by Google and Arcade Fire

DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DIplomatic (1759914) writes "If music videos were invented for the web, rather than for television, they might look something like this. The project uses the web browser itself as an artistic medium, showing off the HTML5’s potential for interaction and multi-paned viewing rather than just using the browser as a frame for a plain, television-style video.

“One of the biggest struggles for a director is to successfully create a sense of empathy with their characters and settings. Using Google Maps and Street View we’re able to tailor the experience to each person. This effect is a totally different kind of emotional engagement that is both narrative and personally driven.”

This experience is really neat, as mentioned, but the deeper angle here is HTML5’s viability as an interactive platform for next-generation media experiences — a standard that Google and others seek to back as a response to Apple’s closed-down, curated iOS app platform."

Link to Original Source

Warren Spector Wants to Make Duck Tails Game

DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DIplomatic (1759914) writes "From Deus Ex to Mickey Mouse to...Duck Tales? It may seem an unlikely career path, but it's the dream for Deus Ex creator Warren Spector.

Asked by IndustryGamers whether his upcoming Epic Mickey could pave the way for more Disney titles, Spector is unashamedly enthusiastic, saying "A day does not go by where I don't tell somebody at Disney: "Gimme the ducks. Gimme the ducks!""

Link to Original Source

AZ Allows Concealed Carry w/o Traning or Permit

DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DIplomatic (1759914) writes "The Wild West is about to get wilder — on Thursday, Arizona will join Alaska and Vermont as one of the states with the country's most liberal gun laws.
Senate Bill 1108 removes the requirement that gun owners must be trained and licensed to carry a concealed weapon.
DPS spokesman Bart Graves said the agency expects a decrease in applications for concealed-weapons permits once the law goes into effect. But he, along with many supporters of the new law, said he hopes people who want to carry weapons will still seek out some form of training.
Josh Katz, owner of The Armory on Pima, says he supports the new law because it strengthens the Second Amendment. But he urges people to get education and training in the use of their guns and their rights and legal responsibilities as gun owners.
"Let me be clear — I'm not opposed," he said. "The law passing is good, but people need to have some of the education involved in training for the license to carry concealed.""

Link to Original Source



DIplomatic DIplomatic writes  |  more than 4 years ago

I donâ(TM)t usually write about politics. Itâ(TM)s important, but something I want no part of â" kind of like a raw sewage treatment facility. But frankly, I havenâ(TM)t been this upset in a long time. And itâ(TM)s due to the logic-hating, herd-mentality rhetoric that some have been flinging in opposition to the so-called âoeGround Zero Mosque.â For the uninitiated, there are plans to construct an Islamic Community center in lower Manhattan. And, of course, lower Manhattan is where the World Trade Center stood before terrorists destroyed it, thereby murdering 3,000 Americans. I was working in New York City at the time. As was my father. As was my pregnant wife. I remember the day well. And the days that followed. I think most of all, I remember standing on the Staten Island Ferry, coming home with 200 other silent, reverent New Yorkers of every age, race, and religion, as we watched our city still smoldering a full week later. And it is with this backdrop that I can say to every politician spouting off and opposing the construction of this Islamic community center: âoeShut up. Go away. You hate America.â

Iâ(TM)m talking about people like professional political tumor, Newt Gingrich, and future worst President ever, Sarah Palin, who have both slammed supporters of the Islamic community center with rhetoric so flawed, Iâ(TM)m afraid even linking to it might impair your computerâ(TM)s higher functioning circuits. But itâ(TM)s not just them. Due to the wave of misinformation being spread, apparently 68% of Americans also oppose the mosque.

How did this happen? Well, basically a complacent or a complicit media helped perpetuate three ideas that are either outright lies or intellectually dishonest arguments designed to bring out the very worst in all of us. And as you continue to hear themâ"and you willâ"take out this column which you will have already printed and laminated, and recite thusly:

1. Itâ(TM)s Not at Ground Zero
The proposed structure is not on the hallowed ground of the former World Trade Center. Itâ(TM)s at an abandoned and private building blocks away that used to be the Burlington Coat Factory. That means that if every one of the âoegâ(TM)sâ that Sarah Palin drops when sheâ(TM)s talkinâ(TM) folksy were 10 by10 feet large, you could still stack over 120 of them from Ground Zero to this community center. Easy.

That sort of makes all the difference, doesnâ(TM)t it? I know, when I first heard they were building a mosque at Ground Zero, I literally said, âoeWhat the fuck.â Like out loud and everything. I didnâ(TM)t even pull a âoeWTFâ despite years of writing for the Internet. Thatâ(TM)s because for the last nine years, we New Yorkers have listened to countless proposals and plans and ideas of how to best rebuild the area while honoring the memories of those who died. And suddenly it seemed we were being told, âoeYep, itâ(TM)s all decided. Mosque. We want a mosque here. Just feels right.â

So yeah, of course, no one was on board. That just made no sense. What happened to that proposed waterfall and wall of names? Nothing happened. Because no one was ever building a mosque on that site. Itâ(TM)s just a lie that was told to you by people who wanted you to be afraid, upset, and hurt. People who wanted to manipulate your tender emotions to inspire contempt for the government. Itâ(TM)s about as intellectually dishonest as manipulating debate footage to make it appear that âoeDrill, baby, drillâ is Sarah Palinâ(TM)s stance on partial birth abortions. Itâ(TM)s just wrong.

And to those who say that any location in lower Manhattan is too close for a Muslim structure, let me remind you that right now, in the shadow of what would be the former World Trade Center, thereâ(TM)s a Halal Meat Hot Truck with a multi-denominational line that wraps around my building every day at lunch time. And Iâ(TM)m positive thatâ(TM)s owned by a Muslim. And Iâ(TM)ve even suffered at his hands. (Spoiler alert: avoid the goat rhoti). Should he move a few more blocks away too? Of course, not. That would just be silly, right? Is it different? Why? Because mosques are religious and the 911 terrorists perverted Islam into something violent and hateful? Guess what? Those knights did the same thing to Christianity for the 300 years of the Crusades, and no oneâ(TM)s saying that churches shouldnâ(TM)t be built anywhere in ⦠Europe.

2. Itâ(TM)s Not Strictly A Mosque
A mosque by definition is a purely religious structure. This is a large proposed community center, open to the public and set to house, among other things, a basketball court. Yes there will be a prayer space inside it as well, but you donâ(TM)t call St. Maryâ(TM)s Hospital a church because it happens to have a chapel inside it, do you? Well, maybe you do. You read about politics on the Internet from a guy who claims not to write about politics, so maybe youâ(TM)re functionally illiterate. But the point is, you shouldnâ(TM)t.

But âoeIslamic Community Center open to the publicâ doesnâ(TM)t have the same ability to scare people the way âoemosqueâ does. I mean, you hear âoemosqueâ you think mosquito, you think STING! You hear âoemosqueâ you think âoemask,â you think DECEPTION! You hear âoecommunity centerâ you think âoeOK. One more place Iâ(TM)ll never go.â So, yeah, clearly the decision was made by those who hate you to call this the âoeGround Zero Mosqueâ even though itâ(TM)s not at Ground Zero and not technically a mosque. Why are we still discussing this? Why havenâ(TM)t you already asked Sarah Palin if sheâ(TM)s the devil on her Twitter account? Oh, thatâ(TM)s right. Because the devil is supposed to be good at lying.

3. You Canâ(TM)t Simultaneously Acknowledge A Right And Insist That Your Government Suppress It
But the real reason Iâ(TM)m writing is not just because of people like Sarah Palin, but because of shameful, spineless panderers like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hereâ(TM)s a statement from each of them designed to give the appearance of being tolerant while adhering to good old-fashioned common sense values:

From Sarah Palinâ(TM)s Twitter Feed:

âoeWe all know that they have the right to do it, but should they?â

And from Harry Reidâ(TM)s spokesperson:

While respecting that Muslims have a First Amendment right to religious freedom, Reid âoethinks this mosque should be built some place else,â his spokesman Jim Manley said Monday.

Let me make something clear. In order to make these statements you must hate two things: logic and America. There is NO way to say that an individual has a protected right to do something and simultaneously criticize your government for not suppressing the execution of that right. There is no way for President Obama or any other president to put a stumbling block in the way of the free exercise of religion without violating the sanctity of that freedom. Should I say it more simply? OK.

You canâ(TM)t legally stop people from obeying the law.

The Burlington Coat factory is private property. Those who want to build on it are private citizens. They are violating no law in wanting to build a community center. Under what authority do you propose we stop them? There is no âoeunless youâ(TM)re a Muslim within X yards of a national tragedy exceptionâ to the free exercise of religion. Do the Gingrichs and Palins and Reids want to start a precedent where you can compel people not to exercise the freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution provided enough people donâ(TM)t like you?

And what are we saying to Muslims? That if they were good Americans they would willingly give up their rights? I canâ(TM)t think of anything less American than that? This is America. We do what we want. And all you have to do to have that right is be a citizen here. And if youâ(TM)re a traitor, well then we will prosecute you for treason and penalize you for taking up arms against the greatest country in the world, but we will NOT start curtailing your freedoms based on mere speculation fueled by lies about what youâ(TM)re building and where youâ(TM)re building it.

In the days following 911 it was very popular to say that we couldnâ(TM)t do anything differently in America or âoethe terrorists would win.â We canâ(TM)t stop driving gas guzzling cars. We canâ(TM)t stop supporting dictators in other parts of the world for financial or political gain. We canâ(TM)t vote for a Democrat. Most of that was rhetoric. Some of it was probably true. But one thing is definitely true: if we ask our leaders to start dishonoring the freedoms that make this country great, the terrorists surely will have won. And I donâ(TM)t want to see that. Because unlike those with power and influence who would lie to you, I love America.

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