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Stem Cells Cultivated Free of Animal Contaminants

DLR Re:Aborted babies are not human beings (444 comments)

Despite your predjudice this question does not involve faith, it's about science. At what point is an unborn human life worth protetcting? And you can't answer it. Neither can anyone else, through science. Because science, as worth a pursuit as it it, is unable to answer many of these questions. Can science define a thought, not brain activity but an actual thought? What makes one thought different from another, what differentiates Einstein's e=mc^2 from Bobo's mumbling and drooling in the cornor?

The problem is that science is great for observing the world around us, but it can't answer any of the more "complex" questions regarding our existance.

more than 9 years ago


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Over rated?

DLR DLR writes  |  more than 10 years ago Y'know, I'm getting sick and tired of my comments getting moderated Overrated. And the funny thing is that it's only the controversial topics that get modded Overrated. So, what will it take to at least get Overrated renamed to "-1 Politically Opposed"? Assuming we could be honest and objective on a controversial topic for once on Slashdot....

So here is my intention: All metamoderation I do of Overrated will be Unfair by default. And there had best be some very compelling reason that I will find something Overrated, or it will stay Unfair.


August 22, 2002 Richardson meetup

DLR DLR writes  |  more than 12 years ago

This entry is for people at last night's meetup to post their contact info and any thoughts regarding discussions last night.

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