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Stealth Sharks to Patrol the High Seas

DSL-Admin Re:This is what I want as an american. (331 comments)

Wow. Please don't bring up that garbage...

1st. Not everyone in America is convinced there's a real concern about Terror. Terrorism has always been around, so it's nothing new. Sadam and Osama aren't doing anything that hasn't been done by people of the past.

2nd. Maybe, just maybe, if the US would keep it's ideas out of everyone elses world, we wouldn't be protested so much. Just because the US has a certain view, doesn't mean it's the correct and only one that the rest of the world should follow.

3rd. G.W. isn't exactly liked by his own people right now. Most of the people that voted for him don't even like him and I suspect that most of the soldiers are just respectful because of their code of conduct towards the CNC.

--Anyways, it's a little stupid to enslave an animal to fight a political war. I agree with the original poster. The time and effort would be much better off in the hands of non-destructive people. Rememeber, we can just "listen in on phone calls" now anyways.

      --oh, and The Patriot Act is a joke, try actually looking in to the things that it's allowed that are in clear violation of everything this country was founded on.

Don't forget that the founders left a country because of the same crap our current leaders are doing. It's sad that it's only take this short while for all of them to forget that.

more than 8 years ago


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