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Ask Slashdot: Switching From SAS To Python Or R For Data Analysis and Modeling?

DaBombDotCom Re:Python FTW (143 comments)

Sorry but calling R from Python just doesn't cut it. Some of the best tools in R rely on complex data structures that are not compatible with Rpy. Plus Rpy support on windows is abysmal. You are better off using Python for all non-stats scripting, get your data set up, then analyze and plot with R.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Switching From SAS To Python Or R For Data Analysis and Modeling?

DaBombDotCom R is better for non-programmers (143 comments)

In my experience, R is better for non-programmers precisely because it doesn't often behave like a typical programming language. It is *designed* for statistical analysis and so for someone just starting out it can be very intuitive.

about 3 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov't Budget Crunch Affect You?

DaBombDotCom Re:Double slap! (1144 comments)

Anything on the domain is down, try it, you'll get redirected to

about a year ago

Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov't Budget Crunch Affect You?

DaBombDotCom Double slap! (1144 comments)

I work for the government half time and am a graduate student the other half. Of course I am furloughed, but on top of that, all the data for my research comes from NOAA which has shut down all its websites! Basically I am stuck doing diagnostics on data I happen to already have. Just loving my gov't right now....

about a year ago



R 3.0.0 Released

DaBombDotCom DaBombDotCom writes  |  about a year and a half ago

DaBombDotCom (1587833) writes "R, a popular software environment for statistical computing and graphics, version 3.0.0 codename "Masked Marvel" was released yesterday. From the announcement: "Major R releases have not previously marked great landslides in terms of new features. Rather, they represent that the codebase has developed to a new level of maturity. This is not going to be an exception to the rule. Version 3.0.0, as of this writing, contains only [one] really major new feature: The inclusion of long vectors (containing more than 2^31-1 elements!). More changes are likely to make it into the final release, but the main reason for having it as a new major release is that R over the last 8.5 years has reached a new level: we now have 64 bit support on all platforms, support for parallel processing, the Matrix package, and much more.""

TextMate 2 released as open source

DaBombDotCom DaBombDotCom writes  |  more than 2 years ago

DaBombDotCom (1587833) writes "Allan Odgaard, the author of the popular text editor for Mac OS X, TextMate has posted on his blog:

"Today I am happy to announce that you can find the source for TextMate 2 on GitHub.

I’ve always wanted to allow end-users to tinker with their environment, my ability to do this is what got me excited about programming in the first place, and it is why I created the bundles concept, but there are limits to how much a bundle can do, and with the still growing user base, I think the best move forward is to open source the program.

The choice of license is GPL 3. This is partly to avoid a closed source fork and partly because the hacker in me wants all software to be free (as in speech), so in a time where our platform vendor is taking steps to limit our freedom, this is my small attempt of countering such trend.""

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