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Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay

DaFallus Fuck TiVo (50 comments)

I used to have a TiVo, and I loved it. Then for various reasons I had to cancel my subscription. TiVo took it upon themselves to double charge me the cancellation fee. When they refunded my money, they withheld around $10 or so and claimed it was for taxes or something.

I didn't really care about the $10, it was about the principle of the matter. If you make a mistake and double charge me, you should give me back exactly what you took by accident, including any measly taxes. Instead the person I spoke to on the phone was incredibly rude to me and as a result TiVo lost a customer for life.

about a month and a half ago

The Least They Could Do: Amazon Charges 1 Cent To Meet French Free Shipping Ban

DaFallus Re: Not France vs US (309 comments) went online in 1995. I guess 1.5 decades still warrants plurality, so you are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

about 2 months ago

Cable Boxes Are the 2nd Biggest Energy Users In Many Homes

DaFallus Re:Here's an idea... (394 comments)

You still didn't really address the question. Reminds me of that stupid joke where a guy says to the doctor "it hurts when I do this" and the doctor responds "then stop doing that". And congratulations on finding a way to insult Americans at the same time, it certainly doesn't make you come across as a douche...

about 2 months ago

HR Chief: Google Sexual, Racial Diversity "Not Where We Want to Be"

DaFallus Re:They have to take what they can get. (593 comments)

I'd like to see figures regarding the available labor pool. Google's workforce is 17% female. What percentage of job applicants at Google were female? Google's workforce is 1% black. What percentage of applicants were black?

Precisely. These numbers are completely meaningless without data on what percentage of applicants are female, black, white, male, etc.

about 4 months ago

Google Using YouTube Threat As Leverage For Cheaper Streaming Rights

DaFallus Re:youtube is free advertising (197 comments)

There are a lot of different extensions that allow you to download videos from YouTube. If you haven't found one that is reliable, you haven't looked very hard.

about 4 months ago

Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

DaFallus Less money from tickets (626 comments)

Less money from tickets mean less money for toys like tanks, drones, GPS trackers, microwave based crowd dispersion devices, etc.

It also means more cops actually doing useful things like preventing/solving crimes, directing traffic around accidents and broken lights, etc. You know, actually being a benefit to society for a change.

about 4 months ago

Linux Sucks (Video)

DaFallus Re:Always videos :( (293 comments)

Text is almost always better, but even when a video is useful people almost always do it wrong. Instructional videos on YouTube are the worst. People always feel the need to yammer on and plug other crap for 90% of the video before finally getting to the point.

about 4 months ago

Will Peggy the Programmer Be the New Rosie the Riveter?

DaFallus Forced outcome equality (333 comments)

Only around 10.7% of murders are committed by women. What are we doing to close the gap and introduce more women into this male dominated field?

about 7 months ago

Animal Drug Investigation Reveals Pet Medication Often Doesn't Work

DaFallus Re:some people also need to accept... (279 comments)

I just put my 16 year old dog to sleep about two weeks ago because of seizures. The first time she had a seizure I took her to the emergency vet ($200 and no real answers), followed up by a trip to our regular vet the next day to get blood drawn for labwork. The labs all came back normal, which strongly suggested a mass in her brain was the cause. Our vet had suggested getting a $1500 MRI scan, but after three seizures followed by long periods of restlessness and the fact that her personality had completely changed over the past year, we decided that it was simply time to say goodbye. I was with her at the end, and it was by far the most difficult experience in my life so far.

about 8 months ago

Cartels Are Using Firetruck-Sized Drillers To Make Drug Pipelines

DaFallus Re:US jobs depend on cartels (323 comments)

The right expects that an ever-increasing crop of wastrels who do not work will be the result, increasing their tax burden and further damaging the perception that work is the correct pathway to life success

So the answer is to throw people in jail for doing something that most likely doesn't harm anyone else? Guess what that leads to: increased tax burden to pay for more prisoners, and damaging the possibility for people to ever hold down any sort of decent job through which they would have to pay income taxes.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Getting Exchange and SQL Experience?

DaFallus Re:[OT] A+ = F (293 comments)

Offtopic, but I'd drop the A+ certification from your resume. When we get applicants with A+ listed, then we assume that they don't know enough to know that it means nothing and we bin them.

Personally, I'd use your comment as a reason to keep the A+ on my resume. I'd never want to work with people who jump to such conclusions and discriminate over something so trivial.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Getting Exchange and SQL Experience?

DaFallus Re:[OT] A+ = F (293 comments)

Not sure who's rating this down but I agree with it. A+ screams geeksquad. We look at A+ as people who have low expectations in life. It's a pretty poor way to look at it, but that's life.

That is a pretty short sighted practice. Just because someone earned an A+ certification at some point in their career doesn't mean they don't know anything. When I was working at my first job, I was doing anything and everything possible to find a way out. One thing on that list was obtaining an A+ certification. Sure, it didn't really help me as I went the development route, but I think it is pretty stupid to write someone off simply because they achieved something that you feel is worthless. Sure, if the only thing on someone's resume is the A+ cert, that is probably not a good sign. But don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

about a year ago

EU Antitrust Chief: Google "Diverting Traffic" & Will Be Forced To Change

DaFallus Re:No google for u! (329 comments)

I hear a lot of praise about DuckDuckGo here on Slashdot. I had Linux Mint installed on one of my laptops. The version of Firefox that comes with Mint hits DuckDuckGo if you use the URL bar to enter search queries. I fucking hated it. DuckDuckGo easily took at least 10 times longer than Google to return results for me. Even if DuckDuckGo gave you absolutely perfect results (which from my experience is no more accurate than Google), I could search Google enough times to find the answer I'm looking for before DuckDuckGo ever responds. I'll stick with Google since their engine returns accurate results quickly.

about a year and a half ago

Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

DaFallus Re:Intentionality (1388 comments)

Let's not pretend that the purpose of guns is not for killing. They are a tool and that is their purpose. You can kill a person or an animal to stop an action but that is the purpose of the person, not the tool. If you fire a gun at a person your expectation is that you will kill. There is an intentionality to firearms. Firearms are a weapon and the purpose of a weapon is to kill.

I aim my gun at a piece of paper with a circle and some lines drawn on it. What is the intention of my gun?

about a year and a half ago

The Problem With Internet Dating's Frictionless Market

DaFallus Re:lube (453 comments)

I think frictionless sex would be pretty pointless. But I guess that is the most common type of sex for most Slashdotters.

about a year and a half ago

Judge Rules Sniffing Open Wi-Fi Networks Is Not Wiretapping

DaFallus Re:Odd... (308 comments)

Does the 4th amendment protect my privacy when I am yelling through the open window at my dogs for pissing on the lemon tree again? I'm certainly not doing it with the goal that everyone within earshot be free to listen...

about 2 years ago

How Apple's Story Is Like Breaking Bad

DaFallus Re:Samsung? (288 comments)

Obviously Samsung is Madrigal Electromotive...

about 2 years ago

Iranian Players Blocked From World of Warcraft Due To Trade Sanctions

DaFallus Re:When I was a kid we thought America was free (475 comments)

In the papers context, anyone authorized (police, KGB, GRU, etc.) could stop citizens at any time and ask for their papers

What do you mean, could?

I've been to Russia many times and many times I've seen police demand ID from random people on the street. These people weren't doing anything suspicious either, just walking around. I was asked, in Russian at first, to show my passport while I was simply browsing in a gift shop.

about 2 years ago

Sealed-Box Macs: Should Computers Be Disposable?

DaFallus Re:Alright, I'll play. (673 comments)

The T and W-series ThinkPads have socketed CPUs.

And the displays can be upgraded.

And the drive is removable, so you can add Blu-Ray or whatever you'd like.

And Lenovo publishes complete manuals with step-by-step instructions detailing how to disassemble everything and how to replace pretty much any part (along with a list of the FRU numbers for said parts.)

And they let you order individual parts (or you can just get them from any number of third party suppliers.)

And replacing CRUs doesn't void the warranty.

Your turn.

The WiFi card in one of my Lenovo laptops was defective, so I ordered a replacement mini-PCI Express card off of Amazon. Card shows up, I pop it in, and BAM, BIOS reports error 1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI network card.

Apparently (only some?) Lenovo laptops have a whitelist of approved devices stored somewhere in the BIOS. To get around this, I had to weed out a number of dead links (thanks a lot, Rapidshare) and find a modified BOIS update that removes the whitelist. Without the whitelist, everything works perfectly.

about 2 years ago


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