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Kent M. Pitman Answers On Lisp And Much More

DaaZ Scheme isn't dead? Then it should. (346 comments)

I say scheme because it's what I'm learning right but it could easily be extended to LISP in general.

The language has it's potential and I guess part of the reason why I hate it is because my scheme teacher is a complete moron who's exams are about verifying our ability to be a scheme interpreter.

But anyway I think it's an archaic language (it was invented in the 50's if I recall) and like anything invented nearly 50 years ago in the computer world, something better has evolved from it or was either created from scratch in a better way.

I hate the gazillions of parenthenses and especially the poor interface given to me by DrScheme (of course again there might be something better but it's our teacher's restriction).

I also don't think the language would have survived if it was not supported by universities morons who just don't want it to die. Leave it be! It's time is over!

Anyway... speaking about speed. We had a small project of doing fractals and compared it to a c++ program and the scheme program took nearly 20 times than the c++ to do the same recursion level.

So don't talk about nanoseconds here, we're more talking about days and months faster with a c++ program. (Btw the c++ prog took me 5 minutes to write while the scheme took me nearly 2 hours. Of course I'm advanced in c++ and was beginning in scheme but still, there's too much fighting with the language itself).

So in final words. Carry on. Nostalgia and the computer don't mix too well, once something is too old (and scheme was too old maybe 20 years ago...) drop it and go on to something else.

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