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FreeBSD 9.3 Released

Daeron Re:BIND??? SENDMAIL??? (77 comments)

FreeBSD 10.x comes with unbound instead of bind, however this change is likely not done in the 9.x series because it would be a large change that would go against POLA (the principle of least astonishment). FreeBSD tries to keep binary compatibility and a consistent base system throughout a Release-Branch.

This basically means 9.x and lower will stick with BIND whereas from 10.x onward the base system will come with unbound instead. Also i seem to recall there are efforts underway to replace the basesystem sendmail as well.

about 6 months ago

Firefox To Get Multi-Process Browsing

Daeron A much bigger advantage ... (383 comments)

What amazes me the most is how practically everybody looks at this from the "when it crashes" point of view, when to me personally the biggest advantage to all of this is that one can actually have 40+ tabs open and having the system need Only swap in the Current Tab instead of every single tab all at once after an extended period of browser inactivity (likely causing the system to swap out the currently single browser process).

I know people will say RAM is cheap and all that ... but still why should the system worry about swapping back in all 40+ open tabs when i am really only interested in the currently active one. Let it worry about swapping in another when i want it.

more than 5 years ago

OSDL and The Free Standards Group to Merge

Daeron OSD + FS != Linux (97 comments)

It keeps amazing me over and over again how "Open Source Development" and "Free Standards" somehow miraculously always seem to transform into "Linux" ...

All the world's NOT a Linux Box.

about 8 years ago


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