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Stanford Getting Rid of $18 Billion Endowment of Coal Stock

Daffy Duck Misleading headline (208 comments)

Stanford University has an $18 billion endowment, but only a fraction of that is invested in coal mining companies. They're not just dumping $18 billion worth of stock.

about 9 months ago

Site Copies Content and Uses the DMCA to Take Down the Original Articles

Daffy Duck Mod parent up (241 comments)

For the love of heaven, someone mod the parent up. They just have to file a counternotice and the material goes back up within 14 days unless this outfit in India is willing to ask a US court to issue a restraining order. Title 17, section 512(g)2(c).

about 2 years ago

8th Circuit Upholds $220,000 Verdict In Jammie Thomas Case

Daffy Duck Re:Due process? (285 comments)

Lets see: this court apparently thinks it would be "reasonable" to fine me 83 million dollars for that.

Nope, the court doesn't think that, at least not according to what they wrote:

we disagree that the validity of the lesser amount sought here depends on whether the Due Process Clause would permit the extrapolated award that she posits. The absolute amount of the award, not just the amount per violation, is relevant to whether the award is “so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportioned to the offense and obviously unreasonable.” Williams, 251 U.S. at 67. The recording companies here opted to sue over twenty-four recordings. If they had sued over 1,000 recordings, then a finder of fact may well have considered the number of recordings and the proportionality of the total award as factors in determining where within the range to assess the statutory damages. If and when a jury returns a multi-million dollar award for noncommercial online copyright infringement, then there will be time enough to consider it.

I.e., this very well may be unreasonble if extrapolated to thousands of songs, but that's not what this case was about, and it's not this court's function to rule on a hypothetical case that hasn't happened yet.

more than 2 years ago

Google Chrome Becomes World's No. 1 Browser

Daffy Duck Re:Well deserved (449 comments)

The fact is, Firefox is a browsing TOOLKIT. Chrome is a HTML TV.

Wish I had mod points today. Kudos, sir. :)

more than 2 years ago

Western Digital's Hitachi Storage Takeover Approved With Restrictions

Daffy Duck Re:Hitachi (IBM) Deathstars (156 comments)

Yeah, here too. Of 8 Caviar Blacks purchased a year ago, two have failed and a third is starting to throw errors.

more than 2 years ago

RIAA Lawyer Complains DMCA May Need Revamp

Daffy Duck Working exactly as intended...at the time (303 comments)

The DMCA passed in 1998. At that time, peer-to-peer file sharing wasn't even a blip on the radar (Napster started in 1999). So the infringement that Congress had in mind was that people would be posting files to their AOL accounts etc., and therefore it was the ISP's own servers that would contain the infringing content. That's why the DMCA as written pretty much excludes pure carriers from liability (section 512a). It would have been like blaming the phone company for blackmail since they make money off of the ransom calls.

Now, of course, the *IAA want a new P2P-aware DMCA to correct their mistake. The law they bought only defended against a threat that turned out to be irrelevant within a couple of years.

more than 3 years ago

Activists Seek Repeal of Ban On Incandescent Bulbs

Daffy Duck Re:Too costly, contains mercury, not too reliable (1049 comments)

There are a handful of manufacturers out there (among them Philips), and the bulbs are way more efficient than incandescents in terms of lumens per watt. But a big problem with them is that they're just not that bright yet, The brightest ones you can buy are not quite as bright as a 60W incandescent.

more than 3 years ago

Security Strategy: From Requirements To Reality

Daffy Duck Re:weirdly conciliatory remark (64 comments)

Oh, I am absolutely biased against Microsoft. Admitted freely, right here. In the aggregate, they suck.

And I'm biased against bland cheese, too, because there are so many hard-working cows, goats, and sheep out there making really delicious cheese that I don't want to see their efforts swept aside in a sea of mediocrity.

more than 4 years ago

Security Strategy: From Requirements To Reality

Daffy Duck weirdly conciliatory remark (64 comments)

While Microsoft is chided for creating more insecurity than security, it is worth noting that no organization in the world has spent more on training its staff and developers on security than Microsoft.

Is it worth noting that? To me, that just reads as "Microsoft is a very big company".

It could well be the case that no organization in the world has spent more on cheese than the U.S. government. That wouldn't make me want to eat it.

more than 4 years ago

Why Overheard Cell Phone Chats Are Annoying

Daffy Duck Re:Paying researchers (344 comments)

Hey pal, don't mess with me. I took an epistemology class in college.
You may think there's a difference between thinking and knowing, but I know there isn't.

more than 4 years ago

Position-Based Quantum Cryptography Proved Secure

Daffy Duck No, *not* proved secure. (45 comments)

From TFA:

"Unfortunately we do not have a security proof, and we leave it as an open problem to find an attack or prove its security," they say.

So how did the summary conclude "proved secure" from that?

more than 4 years ago

AMD Publishes Open-Source "ATI Evergreen" Driver

Daffy Duck Re:Name Says It All (159 comments)

Wow, attack the guy's name. Nice. Maybe he should go by "Anonymous Coward" like all the cool kids.

In fact, Alex has been developing open source drivers for ATI cards for years on his own dime, and AMD only relatively recently hired him to do the same thing for money. Would a little gratitude to either of them kill you?

Alex, the only reason I could see anything from my Radeon card for the last six years was because of your work. Thank you!

more than 4 years ago

Parallel Algorithm Leads To Crypto Breakthrough

Daffy Duck Re:How do you know when it's decrypted? (186 comments)

No, DES is not a group.

Let's say there was a 2-bit version of DES as in your example. For a 2-bit data block, there are 2^2 = 4 possible values. That means there are 4! = 24 possible permutations, but there are only 2^2 = 4 keys. So not all the possible permutations are generatable by a single key, and what Campbell and Weiner proved in 1993 was that successive applications of DES with different keys produce (in general) one of those "lost" permutations that can't be done with a single key.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu "Karmic Koala" RC Hits the Streets With Windows 7

Daffy Duck Please use the torrents (483 comments)

I live for high upload:download ratios

more than 5 years ago

First Electronic Quantum Processor Created

Daffy Duck Re:Problem Solved (205 comments)

when posed in evolutionary terms, the whole question comes down to a problem of the human desire for classification versus nature's complete lack of giving a shit about that desire.

You're my hero today. Wish I had mod points. :)

more than 4 years ago

Controversy Over San Francisco Public Transportation Data

Daffy Duck Re:Buy a car (111 comments)

You haven't been to San Francisco, have you? :)

Easy to buy a car, not so easy to park it. Friends of mine who realized their dream of moving to the big city ended up moving back to the suburbs after less than a year because the daily job of finding parking took about an hour and a half. That's 10% of your waking life gone with nothing to show for it.

Seriously, ask any San Francisco resident, a story about a great parking spot is enough to bring a tear to their eye.

more than 5 years ago

Sensing Technology As Open Source's New Frontier

Daffy Duck Re:I propose... (51 comments)

Let's get closer to the mark and make it a felony for a candidate to accept money from anyone who isn't eligible to vote for them. Fewer felons to keep track of that way. :)

more than 5 years ago

$1.9 Million Award In Thomas Case Raises Constitutional Questions

Daffy Duck Re:The amount shoudn't be set by a stupid-ass jury (439 comments)

The US system of justice gives the jury the authority to set the amount. The rule telling them what amounts are permissible is written into the DMCA. The DMCA was passed unanimously by the US Congress (except one abstention, I think). So that's who.

And since the statutory limits are between $750 and $150,000 per work infringed, the jury essentially answered the question "on a scale from 0 to 10, how willfully did she infringe the copyrights?" with a 5.3

So overall, I don't think it was the jury who was a bunch of dumb-asses.

more than 5 years ago


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