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High-Frequency Trading For Your Private Data

DalDei Economics wont reverse. Re:Only $0.0005? Great! (75 comments)

The economics don't work in reverse. Paying $0.0006 to NOT see an ad generates very little revenue and takes a lot of people to do it. The people paying $0.0005 to put an ad in your face are buying lots of millions at a time and are expecting to make much more then that in aggregate by you buying their stuff. So from the advertising company they would push back against this. And even if they didn't the web host wont reverse the economics. From the web page hosting company if they wanted equal revenue, to make it work you would have to get as many people to pay to NOT see ads as you get paid for each ad delivered. But the ads delivered are bought in bulk - only a few people to invoice and paying you checks. Scale of billing is painful when your billing millions of people $0.0005 instead of dozens of people $1000. The cost it takes to bill and collect is generally linear per invoice not per amount. And then there is customer management and service. How much money will you spend answering emails and phone calls about "But I paid you 10 cents to hide 1000 ads ! I saw one today !" ... just answering that call/email will have eaten your profit for 1000 customers. So no, your not going to see add free paid-for services anytime soon ... the only way I could see this work is at an ISP level where as part of your ISP bill you strip ALL ads out ... but then do you really want the ISP mucking with your data flow ? Really ?

about 9 months ago

Wikipedia Didn't Kill Brittanica — Encarta Did

DalDei Re:Finally - Citations (288 comments)

By 10th grade we weren't allowed to cite encyclopedias ... had to have Primary Sources.

more than 2 years ago

Commercial Suborbital Balloon Flight Facility Takes Shape

DalDei Re:Yeah, right...this project is rolling right alo (54 comments)

Are you living in the 80's or what. I don't bother getting off the couch to make a power-point ... I don't bother getting out BED for that.

more than 2 years ago

JRR Tolkien Denied Nobel Due To Low Quality Prose

DalDei Richard Feynman was right (505 comments)

The Nobel "prize" isn't worth the money its printed on. Its a popularity contest, not an honor.

more than 2 years ago

Firefox Too Big To Link On 32-bit Windows

DalDei Who the Frackin Cares (753 comments)

This only effects builders of FF not users. If they need a 64 bit system to build their own code who the hell cares ? Lame++

more than 2 years ago

Why Was Hypercard Killed?

DalDei Pass the tinfoil (392 comments)

A) Steve wanted world dominance and couldn't stand the thought of users doing actual programming ... OR B) Hypercard basically sucked as an application and wasn't going to make any money

more than 2 years ago

The Futility of Developer Productivity Metrics

DalDei Re:This is BS (203 comments)

As A coder I can testify that the metrics have very little to do with the end result meeting up with the specs. What the Managers (aka 'bean counters') want to know is who should be paid more or less for their contribution. You can fairly easily measure code product quality against specs, and there are a million ways to do that. ( and a million different interpretations but its doable) what has NOT been found, to my knowledge, is to measure the developer ... did he do it fast enough ? efficient ? Elegantly, if he spent more time would the result be better or worse ? If you put 10 paid people on it would the results be as good ? better ? Thats the hard part. Measuring the *developer* not the product.

more than 2 years ago

The Futility of Developer Productivity Metrics

DalDei Re:This is BS (203 comments)

No I mean real BS. The core problem is not measurement but defining *what* is to be measured. To my knowledge that has never been achieved. Focusing on measurement is BS until we can agree on what is to actually be measured. To use your analogy. What is the measurement of a good cabinit ? How about a good piece of art ? Good in what way ? Value ? Prettiness ? Novelty ? Usefulness ? Uniqueness ? Utility ? Color ? Mass productivity (cabinits built per hour by X technology) ? Weight ? Shipping cost ? Price to produce ? Sales ? Measuring software IS BS until we define what the metrics are.

more than 2 years ago

The Futility of Developer Productivity Metrics

DalDei Re:This is BS (203 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's a Good Tablet/App Combination For Note-Taking?

DalDei None (425 comments)

Technology inst going to save your a$$ Pay attention and write with pen and paper. If you think recording the audio will help, watch "Real Genius". If your not paying attention (and asking questions) while the lecture is going on , you wont do so later.

more than 2 years ago

Analysis of Google Dart

DalDei Re:What? (171 comments)

As another poster mentioned, its not the "main" class that takes time its all the other jar files a real world app needs. A detailed analysis of this was presented at Balisage 2009 by Norm Walsh and myself. Includes some pretty pictures and charts running tests across multiple OS's and platforms running real world XML processing in java, both by piecemeal (starting java for each operation) vs integrated into a single app (xproc and xmlsh). Results are 50x and up performance difference between having to start java for each operation or not. And these are pretty hefty operations to begin with (not "hello world"). -David

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Second Major For a Mechanical Engineer?

DalDei Re:My Advice (296 comments)

If you want the government to pay for you to "educate yourself" your in the wrong country. You may call it "bullshit financial reasons" but the the simple fact is that education in itself doesn't produce squat. It may be personally satisfying (and historically has been the Provence of the rich and aristocracy ) and if that's your goal then your on the right track. Work your 'day job' to pay for your 'hobby'. Its a great combination. You get paid and you get to enjoy your educational hobby. But if you that somehow you think academic ivory tower education is an actual economic benefit to society at large and deserve to be paid for it on its own merit without producing services of perceived value to society then you should stay in your tower. -David

about 3 years ago

Journal Editor Resigns Over Flawed Global Warming Paper

DalDei Re:Amazing - huh ? (396 comments)

Major ice sheets are evaporating, and there's someone in the wild that says, "hay, this is normal, don't worry." And then another person says, "Hay, this is great publishing!" It's like being in a theater and someone yells, "Fire!" and then a chorus of voices blocking the Exits screams, "There is no Fire!"

So who in this story is saying "Don't Worry" and who is "Blocking the Exits" ? I get the part about "Great Publishing" and "Fire" - end-of-the-world stories make great news. But the rest of your comment is way over my head ....

about 3 years ago

Only Idiots Don't Give Back To Free Software

DalDei Re:Awesome engineers (326 comments)

incredibly fucking awesome engineers get paid megabucks to do their job and then they jump in their Ferrari, go home to their lingerie model wife, get a blowjob right before their private chef serves them their meal, and then, if he's in the mood, bangs her sister - the swim suite model - while the wife watches and masturbates.

BTW, you'll never see them post on Slashdot because: They're creating awesome World saving software They're shopping for a new Ferrari Banging their model Wife or her sister or her lingerie model friends or all of them at once. Or he's reading tech journals while sipping single malt 500 year old scotch. Sleeping from all the work and model banging he has been doing.

So exactly whats the serial number of the universe your living in ? Great *salesmen* do the above. Great *Engineers* rarely ...

about 3 years ago

Only Idiots Don't Give Back To Free Software

DalDei Total and Complete BS (326 comments)

Great engineers write code because they love to and cant stop. Mediocre and lousy engineers write code (for some reasons) so they get ego points "contributing" to open source and hope to pad their resume. The great engineers then have to evaluate and fix their lousy code. Or it slips by and the whole suffers. I would love help from the great engineers for my open source projects but would prefer no help at all from the rest. Even then it will take work to make sure its up to my standards or biased egotistical opinions. "Its a cathedral not a bazaar". The best software I've ever seen and used was written by very few people, usually only one. A few exceptions (say Linux itself) but shouldn't be taken as the model for Open Source but rather a magical exception.

about 3 years ago

The Pirate Bay Founders Go Legit With BayFiles

DalDei Why not Amazon S3 ? (151 comments)

What purpose does this serve that Amazon S3 doesnt ? Is it the "free" part or is there a category/search/index to help find your "legitimate" files ? Amazon S3 even supports torrents. No takedowns required. Push files, make them public. Sit back. Oh you pay some $ ... but very little.

about 3 years ago

C++ 2011 and the Return of Native Code

DalDei Re:Yikes (616 comments)

C++ and Objective C co-existly about as cleanly as any two languages can. XCode natively supports both even intermixed within the same expression. In fact really OC is really C++ - some things + some things ... I find writing iPhone code much easier (and more efficient) when I stick to C++ for everything except where I have to communicate with the native OS API's ... Building, Debugging, Running ... all seamless ... as long as you follow a few constraints like not putting C++ objects directly in an OC class. ( pointers to C++ objects yes, actual objects no). A few other gotchas but very easy to deal with.

more than 3 years ago

GPGPU Bitcoin Mining Trojan

DalDei Re:From irrelevant to obsolete in one fell swoop? (258 comments)

It does take a bit of effort. About as much as setting up an ebay and paypal account. But it can be 'worth it'. I "Found" 50 BTC lying around which I had minted this year then lost when I got tired of the game. Then last month I read that the exchange rate was $20 USD/BTC ... It was worth the about 2 hours of work it took me to get a mtgov account, a dwolla account, track down my backup of my bitcoin DB and sell them. By then the rate had got to about $17 and I sold a few blocks as the rate further dropped ... but within a week I had > $800 USD of "Real Money" in my "Real Bank" ... for about 2 hours work (and 2 days CPU/electricity time). For me, it was "worth it". But now mining is so hard its not worth it anymore. I had lucked out in Jan and had gotten a block solved with only 2 days of CPU time.

more than 3 years ago

Gov't Funded Electric Car Company Goes Out of Business

DalDei California ... (195 comments)

I so bought into the California Liberal Philosophy when I lived there ... Da Evil Man, Green Green ! Down with Da Nukes ! Wicca Hippies with Tolerance (except towards anyone else) ... I still have my pony tail in my freezer to prove to the grandkids I was Cool Once ... Thankfully I moved out to the Midwest 10 years ago and met real people and came out of my lifetime of drug infused smokey haze and eventually woke up and realized "WTF" ? not that I'm apposed to drug induced smokey hazes ... but you should avoid making laws and spending other peoples money while so influenced. Drugs and Hallucinations are for personal enlightenment not fiscal policy. Salinas is a rich agricultural capital of he world ! whats wrong with that ? Now they are Green Techno-Bubble Idiots of the world. They should have asked the farmers if it was a sound investment. maybe they'd have sold some tulips instead and made a killing. -D -D

more than 3 years ago



HP to Acquire Palm for $1.2 billion USD

DalDei DalDei writes  |  more than 4 years ago

DalDei (1032670) writes "It looks like HP is buying PALM. Officially announced on the HP website ( and on palms blog (

What does this mean for Palm Web/OS ? Will HP embrace it or kill it ?
Is HP going to drop Windows Mobile in exchange for Palm's Web/OS ?"

Link to Original Source

Best Open Source repository for new projects ?

DalDei DalDei writes  |  more than 6 years ago

DalDei writes "I am working on an Open Source software project which is getting near ready to submit to the public. I'm looking at a repository or site to host the project. I've looked at both Google Code and SourceForge and they seem perfect. How do I choose ? It seems that SourceForge is more commonly known, but is that important ? I'm not looking for the repostory to do the "marketing". Google code seems simpler and cleaner but maybe that might turn off prospective users? Are there other well know or not so well know Open Source repositories I should consider ? The basic requirements I belive I need are

* Bug tracking
* Source repository (I'm using perforce now but I dont want to open that to the public)
* Binary repository (place to put pre-built release packages)
* Area to link to my own wiki / documentation
* Discussion forum

Any suggestions greatly appreciated !"

DalDei DalDei writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DalDei writes "Developers following the BeanShell language got some excitement last week as a slew of posts on the beanshell-users forum brought up the old topic of updates. Beanshell hasnt had an update in several years, causing many users to feel concerned with known bugs over 170 and very little comments from the authors. Suggestions about forking the source so that bugs could be fixed by the community brought the attention of the author, Patrick Niemeyer who commented about BeanShell's future. Userlist messages can be found on the Beanshell Archive. Particularly notworth are comments from Patrick namely,
=== Quote ======
Here are some things that have happened in the past few months:

1) We added a new member to the JSR-274 expert group: Tom Copeland, who recently wrote a book on JavaCC.

2) Oracle negotiated a non-LGPL license for BeanShell for use in their products.

3) Dan Leuck and I have resumed planning for a BeanShell book.

4) I have continued to make plans for how we're going to approach BeanShell 3.0. I want the next release to be a significant refactoring that rebases BeanShell on a newer Java version and makes it much more accessible and easier to work on for everyone.
========== End Quote ===========
The pace of progress, however, has not satisfied everyone so a BeanShell fork has been created at for the purpose of bug fixes and enhancements of BeanShell. Only time will tell if this garners enough userbase to become successful."

DalDei DalDei writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DalDei writes "There is a new evil in the making and its creeping onto your next flash drive. Of course they call it a "feature".

I'm talking about U3. They call it "smart" (
I call it Evil.

Who would guess ... I bought what I thought was a simple 1G USB flash drive from SanDisk ("1g Cruizer"), plugged it into my Desktop and ... what ? programs start launching ... programs I don't want, didn't ask for and cant kill or uninstall. If this was an Email or Sony CD they would call it a "Virus", but no, I'm supposed to get on my knees and thank them for this. A few minutes later (YES minutes ... on a 3Ghz dual processor system) it finally starts up and wont go away. Its the "U3" program launcher. What does it do ? First off it eats up 2 (not 1, but TWO) virtual drive letters. One "looks like" a CD ROM ... and has an autorun.inf file which runs a launcher program. This program lives in the task bar, and if you click on it, tells you about all the cool software you should buy for this flash drive. What it doesn't tell you is how to get RID of it.

First I poke around and try to simply remove what I presumed was simply pre-loaded software on my flash drive. Nope. Its read only. The entire "CD" fileystem. You cant get rid if it. What a feature.
Next I start googling around and think I found something useful. A page on SanDisk for "Remove U3 software" ... great ! ... nope
Doesn't work. All it does is ask you to put in the U3 capable drive. ... but it is never recognized. Finally after a LOT of frustration, and much more effort then any non-geek would ever do, I ran across a "universal U3 uninstaller" ... great.
Finally 4 prompts later and lots of comments to the effect of "Why would you ever want to remove the best software in the world, you must be insane" I was able to neuter the device and make it what I thought I had bought ... a flash drive.

Who do they think they are fooling? Do they really believe people want to have a bunch of non-removable trial applications and advertising on an expensive flash drive? This is insane ! Boycott U3 before they become what they claim they want to be ... The next "standard" of USB drives. Yikes ! Just what we need, the drive manufacturer dictating to us what software we have to run, and forcing it on us with no way to remove it. See this for what it is: Spamware — A way to force marketing on people where they least expect it and least want it ... on their storage systems. Whats next ? A blank DVD+R that installs software before you get a chance to disable it ? Hard drives pre-formated with your NOT-favorite OS that you cant write over ? SD cards that overwrite your hard drive with the latest PS3 marketing campaign ?

Who asked for this ? Can we shoot them ?"


DalDei has no journal entries.

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