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What Is Your Favorite Ancient Olympic Game?

Damien Clauzel Boxing, or more precisely pugilat (207 comments)

In ancient Greece — when contests were closer to daily life than today's abstract simulations — pugilat was made with leather strips covered with metal bands. Combat ended on KO or forfeiture, no points. If a combat was too long, a procedure called "klimax" (héhé :) was activated : in turn, each fighter was given a free punch to his opponent that couldn't be blocked or dodged, until only one fighter remained.

Now get of this silly balance beam and run the marathon, please ! Oh, and don't forget to wear your full armour and weapons : you would not dare to arrive naked before the gods, don't you ? :)

more than 2 years ago

Portugal Is Considering a "Terabyte Tax"

Damien Clauzel Same in France, with average success (353 comments)

We have the same here in France, for years, with average success.

Every couple of years, the administration has to completely adjust those taxes because of the market evolution (new category of devices : think smartphone, tablet, NAS, digical video recorder, hard drive based TV recorder, internet-modem-with-nas-but-only-for-catchup-tv, etc) and the technological improvements (DVD, blueray, SSD, hybrid storage, cloud, etc). Basically, it is a mess and nobody is happy : the entertainment industry says it gets not enough money from it, the citizen are against it, ISP say that content is none of their business, companies pay for taxes that don't concern them, etc.

The final result is that the money doesn't go to the right persons, the average customers are taxed, and all the rest are buying their hardware in other European countries where the products are not burdened with those taxes.

more than 2 years ago

For 1 kWh of electricity, I pay ...

Damien Clauzel Me, in France (216 comments)

Therefore, partly in French :

I am a customer of EDF (Électricité de France; a now private company owned and managed by the state. Yes, I know it make no senses, but that's a trick to counter European regulations), like more than 90% of the population.

  • - puissance souscrite : 6 kVA (max power available in household)
  • - abonnement mensuel : 7,84 € (monthly subscription)
  • - prix du kWh :
    • * Heures Pleines : 0,1311 € (price per kWh during the day)
    • * Heures Creuses : 0,0893 € (price per kWh during the night : 23h00-07h00)

about 3 years ago

For Security, My Wi-Fi Access Point Relies On:

Damien Clauzel Open wifi for me in France (458 comments)

No restrictions, I broadcast my wifi access point to the complete city block. People are free to use it for accessing the net.

It is the same network that I am using for my personal use, I am only applying QoS for granting me the full bandwidth that I need and for preventing somebody for swamping the line so everybody can use it.

I am using a mix of secure (ssh for work and data exchange between my computers) and unsecure connections (browsing /. :). Other people can do whatever they prefer.

Here in France, more and more citizen and non-profit organisation are willing to explicit put into the law that access to the internet is a basic right, such as healthcare and pension. Actually, the law is confused about the fact that people can share their internet connection with other people, so we need a clarification.

more than 3 years ago

Could You Pass Harvard's Entrance Exam From 1869?

Damien Clauzel Re:Nope (741 comments)

It is, in France, in most of the collèges . But I chose Latin instead and studied it for 2 years.

more than 3 years ago

My phone is ...

Damien Clauzel Missing option: not locked (274 comments)

My cellphone, in France, is simply not locked. Where is my option poll ? :)

more than 3 years ago

The Beatles On iTunes

Damien Clauzel Re:Cheaper to buy CDs (551 comments)

No, this is just the "international Apple taxe" :/

Forcing single price when you don't have single monnaie is silly.

more than 4 years ago

The Beatles On iTunes

Damien Clauzel Re:Cheaper to buy CDs (551 comments)

$150 in iTunes US, and 149€ in iTunes France for the CD Box Set?

Damn you Apple and your currency rate! $1 != 1€, and the music files are the same all around the planet.

more than 4 years ago

Cheap ADSL Holds Up 802.11n Router Design

Damien Clauzel No problem in France (268 comments)

In France, we get one (and sometimes two (tv decoder+recorder), depending of the provider) free modem-routeur from the ISP, for 30€/month.

more than 4 years ago


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