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Exploiting Wildcards On Linux/Unix

Damnshock Question... -- ? (215 comments)

After years of using command line programs daily I never heard of -- before today. It was never brought up in school, nor did I see any specific thread / blog post on the subject. So to answer your question, I don't. I've never heard about that before. Where did you learn about that ?

man bash:
"-- A -- signals the end of options and disables further option processing. Any arguments after the -- are treated as filenames and arguments."

about 3 months ago

Spanish Chatbot Hunts For Pedophiles

Damnshock Re:Hey, great.... finally an AI... (186 comments)

It's still 13 legally. What you are refering is a proposal to change it.

If aproved, it can show up curious situations when you can legallyl get married at the age of 12 and you won't be able to have sex until you are 16? (in case you married an older and adult partner)

about a year ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

Damnshock Re:Kindle - publishers can allow lending (581 comments)

I remember buying a Kindle ebook. I remember wanting to read it on my computer. And I remember not being able to read it (unless without some tricks).

That's when I decided I wouldn't be buying any Kindle ebook again. If the same happens with Xbox I'm sure I won't be buying one

about a year ago

Most IT Admins Have Considered Quitting Due To Stress

Damnshock Re:IT admins are special (397 comments)

$48k terrible? I really need to move to the US. Definitely Spain is a "third world" country

about a year and a half ago

Can You Really Hear the Difference Between Lossless, Lossy Audio?

Damnshock Re:Depends on the source (749 comments)

Humans can usually listen to sounds from 20Hz to 20kHz but that doesn't mean than there might be some people that are able to listen to higher frequencies, say 22,5kHz for example

Now, as per the Nyquist-Shannon theorem we need to sample at double the bandwidth ( f>2B ) in order to get *all* the information from the source. 22,5*=45 which is higher than 44,1... therefore, there are few people that *do* actually notice the difference between 44.1kHz sampling and 96kHz ( although that is very very rare).

about a year and a half ago

GNOME 3.6 Released

Damnshock Re:Happily running KDE (230 comments)

Why don't you just use one of those "Window Managers" in KDE? you do know it's possible and easy to do, don't you?

about 2 years ago

Are 12-16 Hour Workdays Productive?

Damnshock Re:What Longer WOrk Days Get You. (615 comments)

1. Sloppy work.
2. Work filled with errors (not just sloppy, but defective).
3. Resentment.
4. It puts the company as risk of sabotage and theft.
5. A bad reputation....does anyone really want to work at Dell?

I think that in all likelihood the vast majority of achievements in the world came from people who were NOT compelled to work 12 hour days. They may have been working long hours, but they did that because of their passion or competitive drive...they wanted to.

But unless you are on some legitimate high states deadline, long days for the sake of longs days is a bad idea all the way around.

Please come to Spain and tell that to all (well, almost) "bosses" in this country.

8h contracts and 12h workdays are *very* common here.

I'm not surprise we are in the situation we are nowadays... :S

about 2 years ago

The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

Damnshock Just make the competition (559 comments)

Just make the competition *GENDERLESS*

It is really *THAT SIMPLE*.

No controversy, no "machismo", no... nothing!

more than 2 years ago

Oracle Claims Dramatic MySQL Performance Improvements

Damnshock Re:MySQL Cluster != MySQL (168 comments)

We currently run two masters without problem...

more than 2 years ago

Spanish Extremadura Moving 40,000 Desktops To Linux

Damnshock Re:Europe is broke , Linux to the recue (137 comments)

They're not moving to Linux though, they are simply moving from a customer Linux distro (called "Linex") to Debian, purely because they were finding maintaining their own distro too much of an overhead.

Pitty that a comment that is wrong is scored "5, Informative"

They're moving computers with privative software on them, not the thousans of machines that already run Linex (or Debian or whatever you want to call it)


more than 2 years ago

Faster-Than-Fast Fourier Transform

Damnshock Re:Security (271 comments)

Multiplications in time domain = convolution in transformed domain

Sometimes it's easier to go to the transformed domain, convolute and then go back to time domain :)

more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 9.0 Released

Damnshock Re:Apple and "forced" sharing: I call BS (418 comments)

I'm sorry but I totally disagree here.

How many of those opensource projects where GPL? (yeah, that licence that forces you to provide the source code under certain circumstances...)

Out of that list I can see some: bash, cups, gcc, tar (and the others I do not know but I could expect something similar).

My assertion migh not be true always (haven't check everything ;) , but it's generally true: Apple only shares code when it's forced to.


PS: maybe we don't need to use such offensive words like "BS" and "ignorants" (and yes, I'm saying that to myself as well :) )

more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 9.0 Released

Damnshock Re:CUPS is GPL! khtml (origin of webkit) is GPL (418 comments)

I agree with most of what you say. Both closed and open source are respectful (we are not arguing about this here, right? ;) ). However, my personal taste is that I do not like being "locked-in" neither in hardware nor in software (and Apple is widely know for using such practices ;) )

Anyway...I'll just bring up something for you to think:

"How was Apple "forced" to share CUPS after buying the code?"

Maybe the necessity of sharing the code was one of the agreements of the deal?


more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 9.0 Released

Damnshock Re:CUPS is GPL! khtml (origin of webkit) is GPL (418 comments)

I don't think anything, I'm just pointing out facts: Apple only shares code when it is forced to. Period.

The amazing thing is that Apple manages to make everyone believe they're a "good" company taking profit of the situation and getting PR about "we share code, we are good" when that's *false*: again, they only share code when they're forced to.

  Companywise it's fantastic, ethically.... debatable to say the least.

Anyway I'll leave your feelings about it to yourself ;)


more than 2 years ago

FreeBSD 9.0 Released

Damnshock CUPS is GPL! khtml (origin of webkit) is GPL (418 comments)

CUPS is still opensource because of being GPL!!!

From the CUPS website:
[quote]CUPSTM is provided under the GNU General Public License ("GPL") and GNU Library General Public License ("LGPL"), Version 2, with exceptions for Apple operating systems and the OpenSSL toolkit[/quote]

(notice the "exceptions"? pfffffffffff)

And webkit comes from khtml which is GPL as well, that's why Apple was *forced* to release the source code (and yes, it was forced)

They just managed to make you believe that they're good and share code with everyone but that's just *MARKETING* (and I'm amazed how many people fall in their lies :S )


more than 2 years ago


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