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Vonage Settles Patent Suit With Sprint-Nextel

Dan Slotman Re:Massive insider trading Vonage? (45 comments)

I think you have missed the original poster's main point. The news was out today Monday. Thus stock activity today makes sense, but unusual stock activity on Friday, before the settlement was general knowledge, could imply that insider knowledge was at work.

I think your point about the low price is good, but you ignore the point about volume that the parent made. Since the price increase went hand-in-hand with a high volume of trading, I would say that the evidence points more toward insider trading than to a vanilla stock-market day.

about 7 years ago



Dan Slotman Dan Slotman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Dan Slotman (974474) writes "A Christian video game based on the book series Left Behind has been criticized for encouraging religious violence.

From the article:
Players are charged with recruiting, and converting, an army that will engage in physical and spiritual warfare with the antichrist and his evil followers... "After you kill somebody you need to recharge your soul points and to do that you need to bend down in prayer. ... I think the message is extremely clear," said Clark Stevens, co-director of Campaign to Defend the Constitution.
It certainly should be noted that not all Christians are happy with the game. "'We are trying to tell families that this game is faith-based violence and is not suitable for families,' said Rev. Timothy F. Simpson, a Presbyterian minister and the interim president of the Christian Alliance for Progress."

It has been argued that violence in videogames doesn't matter because it isn't real. Faith in video games doesn't seem like a very loaded subject. Does the combination of faith and violence justify a different reaction?"

Dan Slotman Dan Slotman writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Dan Slotman (974474) writes "CNN covered an AP story about the utility of mainframes in what commonly regarded as the PC age. The story focuses on IBM and their success in continuing to market their line of mainframes, which according to the article is their most profitable line of hardware."


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