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Amazon Kindle DX Details Revealed

DangerTenor Re:backporting pdf functions (312 comments)

> Does anyone know if there are any plans to add full PDF support to the orriginal Kindle and Kindle 2?

I doubt it. The Kindle/Kindle2 screen is 6" diagonally, and you just can't see an 8.5x11 formatted PDF well enough on a 6" 167 ppi e-ink screen. There are a number of mechanisms for converting PDF to Kindle's format already, and they're mostly free. You can send the PDF to [username]@kindle.com and it will be converted and delivered directly to your Kindle for a fee... Or, send it to [username]@free.kindle.com and it will be converted and mailed back to you, where you can copy it on via the USB interface for FREE.

The best conversions for PDFs with images / detailed or complicated formatting is to do something which involved converting the PDF to 1/2 page images and displaying them in landscape on the Kindle. There are a few options for this here at Mobipocket.

more than 5 years ago

Did Bat Hitch a Ride To Space On Discovery?

DangerTenor Bat toast (422 comments)

The bat's fate is pretty much guaranteed, mentioned in this article on UniverseToday.

Unfortunately, holding onto the fuel tank spelled certain doom; it is doubtful he would have been able to remain attached as the violent shaking and g-forces took hold. Although he made it as high as the launch tower, it is likely the bat dropped off and died in the searing 1400C exhaust of the throttling boosters.

more than 5 years ago

YouTube Bans Terrorist Training Videos

DangerTenor Re:Maybe a dumb question, but... (391 comments)

If YouTube/Google really wanted to help stop terrorism, then they would work with Government officials to collect information on the whereabouts and identity of those posting 'terrorist' videos.

Then the problem quickly becomes, what is a terrorist video? Is my video about a remote control car shooting fireworks ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YfDiHIeLGk ) a terrorist video, and are the CIA/FBI going to pay me a visit?

I certainly hope not. But, I wouldn't be surprised.

more than 6 years ago



DangerTenor DangerTenor writes  |  more than 8 years ago

DangerTenor writes "What's in a name? A great deal, indeed, for those who choose to take that final, fateful step and join the dark side. Each Dark Lord of the Sith must leave behind their old identity — and old name — in order to assume a moniker befitting their fearsome new status. In the fifth book of the new Legacy of the Force series (now in its second book), Jacen Solo (son of Han and Leia) will reveal his Sith name — a name that Star Wars readers will supply. Submissions are being accepted now and the winner will be recognized on the acknowledgement page of the book."


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