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Mars Rover's Epic Trek For the Crater Endeavor

Dannkape Re:A case for manned exploration (145 comments)

...which is why the rovers already there can do quite a bit of steering themselves, and I guess they would stop and wait for instructions if they encountered anything too complicated.

more than 6 years ago

Royal Society and Creationism In Science Classes

Dannkape Re:First (892 comments)

While a very good description of "science" indeed, you should look into the personal lives and believes of several of the "greatest evolutionist" through history. Terribly many of them haven't merely been "noble scientists", on the search for "thruth", ready to accept whatever that might be, but rather been die-hard anti-christians, searching for something to justify their believes, (and having realized better than most christians where to best attack Christendom.)

(On a side note, of course Creationism isn't "science", by science' definition. The Bible says there is a spiritual realm as well as a physical one. But science can't deal with anything beyond the physical one. As a result scientist easily conclude that as they can't "put God in a box", He cannot exist.)

more than 6 years ago

Royal Society and Creationism In Science Classes

Dannkape Re:You are using "theory" incorrectly. (892 comments)

Where is the evidence to support Creationism?

It's called "evidence that contracts evolution". Creationism is then offered as an alternative.

more than 6 years ago


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