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Interviews: Ask Bjarne Stroustrup About Programming and C++

DaphneDiane Future of C++ Standard Library (425 comments)

One of the recent concerns raised with C++ compared to other popular languages is the breadth of the standard library. I know that the C++ standard committee was looking at adding a C++ transformed version of Cairo to the standard. And of course their is boost. What else do you see coming to address the perceived API shortcomings?

about a week ago

Unicode 7.0 Released, Supporting 23 New Scripts

DaphneDiane Re:Middle finger (108 comments)

I believe you are referring to U1F595.

about 2 months ago

Big Telecom: Terms Set For Sprint To Buy T-Mobile For $32B

DaphneDiane Re:I don't get it (158 comments)

The T-mobile that sprint wants to buy is "T-Mobile US", the T-Mobile that is trading stakes is Deutsche Telekom and their T-Mobile International AG holding company.

about 3 months ago

Heartbleed Bug Exploited Over Extensible Authentication Protocol

DaphneDiane Confused (44 comments)

While Apple discourages OpenSSL, it looks like there are using freeradius which does use OpenSSL instead of own open source Secure Transport library ( of goto fail fame ). However it seems like it is using version 0.9.8, i.e. heartbleed free.

$ otool -L radiusd | grep -e libssl -e libcrypto
/usr/lib/libssl.0.9.8.dylib (compatibility version 0.9.8, current version 47.0.0)
/usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib (compatibility version 0.9.8, current version 47.0.0)

about 3 months ago

Emory University SCCM Server Accidentally Reformats All Computers Campus-wide

DaphneDiane Re:Backups (564 comments)

Data that is legally obligated to stay on one specific computer in one specific room and never leave; under penalty of legal action.

That level of insanity is why I am laughing. The bold parts specifically. When you allow people who have no clue how a system works to legislate how it works, you get this.

And sometimes they understand and it's intentionally awkward. For example if you want to prohibit certain types of research instead of just legislating directly against it and appearing anti-science, just add a whole bunch of red-tape and difficult requirements. Bonus points if they appear to have a pseudo-valid alternate purpose such as increasing data security. Consider how the restrictions on steam cell research were implemented.

about 3 months ago

WebKit Unifies JavaScript Compilation With LLVM Optimizer

DaphneDiane Re: Cool but not finished yet (170 comments)

While V8/Blink are currently faster it was Safari that started the the speed race. Yes chrome (v8) jumped way ahead, so its nice to see Safari catching back up.

As an aside while I understand part of the cause of the WebKit / blink split is Google not letting WebKit merge some of there features back into the main line leading to Apple redoing them for example WebKit 2; the split is a good thing as it leaves two strong teams both focused on improving and competing with each other vs the mono culture that WebKit was becoming.

about 3 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

DaphneDiane Behind the daisy (2219 comments)

Looks like they hid the comment threshold menu behind the cog to the right of the Funny tab.

about 6 months ago

Amazon Uses Robots To Speed Up Human 'Pickers' In Fulfillment Centers

DaphneDiane Re:Dice Strikes Again... (184 comments)

I'm curious as to why it's more efficient to bring the shelf to the picker than take the picker to the shelf.
Those robots could just as easily be ferrying around the pickers.

They could but that would make the process into a serial process. Why waste the time bringing the picker back and forth from the shelves to the belt? If you have enough or fast enough robots, it is more efficient to have them timed so that another shelf arrives just in time for the previous shelf to be removed.

about 8 months ago

Can the US Be Weaned Off Ethanol?

DaphneDiane corn vs algae (330 comments)

The real question to me is why corn is used for Ethanol instead of say algae?

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

DaphneDiane Re:Paid app switching to adware are what I uninsta (243 comments)

It's not really the ads themselves, or even ad-based apps. ( Though I do prefer paying directly for my apps versus being the price for them. ) It's that once an app that was originally a paid app is redesigned to be ad-supported, the focus and quality of the app tends to change. If I really wanted to block ads that way I'd could just tweak my DNS server.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

DaphneDiane Paid app switching to adware are what I uninstall (243 comments)

Biggest one for me is when a formerly paid app switches to being advertising base. What I've found is that even if they offer a way to remove the ads by paying again, or grandfather the original purchases into an ad free mode that the apps tend to suffer redesigns that are motivated to support advertisers and that many of these redesigns impact the use of the apps even for paid users. I've already uninstalled a bunch of apps for this reason, such as Quickoffice Pro, OneTap, etc. and have been considering uninstalling apps like The Weather Channel.

about 9 months ago

The last time I used a dial-up modem was...

DaphneDiane Re:Can I piggyback that over VOIP? (410 comments)

Yes. As someone that works in telephony industry the amazing thing to me is how many modems are still in use. And the fun of making sure that modems, faxes and the like continue to work even when the device plugged into a VoIP line ( SIP, H.248, or MGCP ) and/or going over IP trunking. There are actually protocols designed to recognize fax data and process it differently so that it still works, see T.38.

about a year ago

Can Even Apple Make a Watch Insanely Smart?

DaphneDiane Re:missing the point (196 comments)

Just click the big blue circled arrow to the right of the names in recent calls list to views the contact entry to send text, pick different numbers etc. Seems like Apple made the right choice here. 99% of the time I want to call the recent callers back, but if I need to send a text or call a different number it is easy.

Likewise, for messages there are the "Email", "Facetime" and "Contact>" buttons at the top of the window. You might need to scroll to the top to seem them if you have a long conversation.

about a year ago

Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014

DaphneDiane Re:context consumption vs creation (393 comments)

Apple says that certain features require a complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud membership, but Adobe lists such membership at $49.99 per month.

There are two levels of creative cloud memberships, one includes subscriptions to a bunch of apps ( that's the $49.99 / month ), and the basic level which is sort of like an icloud / dropbox service for storing files ( which is free for 2 GB worth of storage ). The feature that requires creative cloud is that dropbox-like service.

Also the descriptions on appstores are written by the developers, so is what Adobe is saying, not what Apple is saying. I just checked on my Nexus 10 and the description is pretty much the same in the Google Play store.

1 year,24 days

Every Public School Student In LA Will Get an iPad In 2014

DaphneDiane Re:No programmers from LA schools (393 comments)

Um there are tons of programming apps available in the iOS store, including apps designed to teach programming. For example Codea.

What Apple restricts is easily exporting/importing code written by others into those apps. They have required developers of such apps to disable iTunes file drag and drop input/export as well as other easy ways to move code about. Though stuff like iExplorer can be used to move files and works even if the tablets are not jailbroken.

1 year,24 days

Bad Grammar Make Bestest Password, Research Say

DaphneDiane Re:Randomized passwords are the best (193 comments)

I also store my passwords in an encrypted keychain, but sometimes it's nice to be able to get some passwords without having to look it up. For example both iTunes and Windows RT require me to enter passwords when buying new apps or add-ons. Switching to another app to cut & paste in the password will often cancel the sale. So I memorized those passwords because it's simpler. Likewise when administrating machines at work I don't want to have to dig up my keychain just to log into the server farm, especially if I'm logging in at someone else's desktop—which won't have my keychains—to fix a toolset problem.

about a year and a half ago

Bad Grammar Make Bestest Password, Research Say

DaphneDiane Re:Randomized passwords are the best (193 comments)

I tend to use random passwords myself. The trick I've learned to memorizing them is to take advantage of the fact that the human brain is good at seeing patterns even when there aren't any. So I just look at the password for a bit, let myself come up with a pattern or way to describe it and memorize that. I'll often think of a password as chunks of 3 or 4 letters and just remember the junks normally associated with a thought phrase. If I can't come up with something I'll just hit regen again til I get something that my brain clicks onto.

For example I just now used a generator to create the password: zyZtgQkAJH2)rw

My thought process would be something like:
Hmm there two Z's... I can use that to help me remember....Oh I can use the word zygote to remember... so the first two letters.... change things up so cap the Z and reuse the tg from zygote backs.... okay I have zyZtg memorized.... now I need to think of a quick way to get .... oh I can use Quick to remind me. AJH... that can be an acronym for "as just happens." Got a number 2) so I think "list" and twice to behind to just happens... rw that's obviously read/write... So I just have to remember "zygote Quick As Just Happens twice list read/write" ( I mentally imagine shouting the parts of the words for caps ) and I can turn it back into the password zyZtgQkAJH2)rw...
then I just force me self to log in a few times while thinking that phrase and I'm all set.

about a year and a half ago

Feature Phones Make Java ME, Not Android, the #2 Mobile Internet OS

DaphneDiane Holiday impact? (286 comments)

I wonder how much Christmas played into those little bumps. It's almost like people head off buying expensive new phones during that period, possibly in hopes in getting them for gifts. Possibly to afford more gifts. Would have been nice to see back one more year. Because otherwise looks like JavaME is steadily losing share, but had a bump the last two months.

more than 2 years ago

Malicious QR Code Use On the Rise

DaphneDiane Some scan apps can show URL and ask first (234 comments)

The QR scanner app that I use has an option to show the URL before going to it which seems like a good approach, though it's not on by default. Seems like having the a such an option be the default would be a good first step, perhaps with a straight through exception for sites already visited.

more than 2 years ago



DaphneDiane DaphneDiane writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DaphneDiane writes "Blizzard announced that they are suing one of the annoying heavily spaming gold sellar peon4hire. Peon4hire had recently been blanket spamming players in World of Warcraft with multi-line messages advertising their power leveling and gold selling business. With the advent of the recently released 2.1.0 patch Blizzard made it easier to report and block these spammers. I've noticed a large decrease in spam while playing since the patch. It used to be that I would get nearly a dozen spams a night but I barely have seen any since."


DaphneDiane has no journal entries.

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