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FBI Need Potheads To Fight Cybercrime

DarkSage Re:I call BS (319 comments)

Yeah, I am gonna go ahead and have to disagree with that. Non-statistical personal experiences are worth just about as much as opinions.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Do Any Development Shops Build-Test-Deploy On A Cloud Service?

DarkSage We Dev/Stage/Prod in AWS (119 comments)

We moved our development and production systems to AWS in 2008 and have been quite happy. It has allowed us to grow and scale with load on production and quickly test things in development. There a few things to keep in-mind. First, if you know your usage pattern and can drop some money upfront then utilize the reserved instances to save some money. Second, you will need a script management system of some kind to run on the virtual servers at boot/shutdown, I recommend using something like Rightscale or Scalr. Most importantly, don't do it without some experienced help for the setup, a day of a consultant's or system admin's time to walk through your migration plan with you will save you a lot of help down the road. Lastly, aws has a cost estimator that is quite helpful.

about 10 months ago

Average Web Page Approaches 1MB

DarkSage My homepage is 66.7k (319 comments)

Wonder if i can cut 1k somewhere to make it 66.6k just for fun.

Its a personal site, with just a picture of me, and lots of text. Runs Drupal 7 theme based on Stark.

more than 3 years ago

"They Are Watching Everyone"

DarkSage Re:The Moscow Times? (166 comments)

Russia is known for its "inside" and "outside" views. People on the outside are only given specific information that is ment for people not living in russia. This is true nowdays just as in the KGB days. For example there is a news television station in moscow called NTV, and there is an international Russian Moscow news TV station called NTV. They are both owned by the same company and one brodcasts almost the same material as the other, key word in that is almost. Both channels are in russian, and the international is broadcast through a satallite. Why two? Probably same reason the Moscow times webiste is in english. 1. It can be accessed by those outside russia and there for can have an creat an opinion either bad or good And they have the power to alter it. 2. Their "Free Speach" and "Free Press" arent all free. Free in English means free. Free in russian means free aslong as it does not show us in a bad light or contradict the government. -DarkSage

more than 14 years ago


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