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155 MPH Biofuel Truck Breaks Speed Record

Darkfred Not very impressed, am I missing something? (105 comments)

Wow little did I know I was withing spitting distance of the World record on the Autobahn with a Passat TDI using biodiesel from a standard gas station. This is a weak record. The taureg v10 can do 230kph stock with bio diesel. And the Baja racing v12 with !!6X!! as much Horse power and half the weight of the standard edition (and 200% the horsepower of this 'record winner') would crush this record.

more than 2 years ago

Human Powered Helicopter Aims To Break Records

Darkfred Re:So it doesn't do anything yet. (87 comments)

Yes because 250k is going to completely pay for 3 years of aviation and materials science work. Less than the cost of a single small assembly line built aircraft. We should have thought of this earlier. I am sure companies would be willing to put up a cool 2 million for passenger jets. We've been doing it wrong.

more than 3 years ago

Fukushima Radioactive Fallout Nears Chernobyl Levels

Darkfred Re:Warning! Prospective alert. (537 comments)

In Chernobyl 28 workers died of acute radiation poisoning within weeks. Within the first few years another 15 first responders died of direct effect cancers, thyroid cancer etc. 100,000 people were within the radiation zone and the rates of cancer among the population are 1% above normal. Of the 4000 people who died of cancer from the elevated radiation level population we can only attribute 30 of those deaths to the increased radiation level based on general population cancer rates.

So It was not a disaster in slow motion. The majority of the deaths from Chernobyl happened within the first week. Deaths in the first week in Japan, 0.

more than 3 years ago

Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax

Darkfred Re:Because syntax is _everything_. (444 comments)

I was implying that as you progressed in your career you would learn more than your starting language and stop being confused by the different syntax's used. Once you pick up 5 or 10 and can filter what was once noise all functional languages start looking the same.

more than 2 years ago

Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax

Darkfred Re:Pry my curly brackets from my cold dead hands (444 comments)

Blocks: I don't care how you denote them but DENOTE them. Seems that language developers these days are trying to reinvent fortran. Not exactly the model of fast error free programming.

For scanning speed I would prefer a single character bracket, quote, parenthesis whatever vs multi character tags. But as long as there is some opening and closing for which I can receive syntax errors rather than silent bugs I am happy.

more than 3 years ago

Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax

Darkfred Re:Because syntax is _everything_. (444 comments)

No, all functional languages are basically the same.
Syntax is 5%.
95% of understanding a program is well labeled functions and data structures.

Syntax only matters early in your career when everything is still greek, even your own language.

more than 3 years ago

Mirah Tries To Make Java Fun With Ruby Syntax

Darkfred Re:hahah what? (444 comments)

There are more than 5 natively compiled languages. You lose.

more than 3 years ago

Blizzard Unveils Custom StarCraft 2 Game Types, Encourages Map Design

Darkfred Re:Blizzard s*cks! (83 comments)

You are not an RTS fan. You are a linux guy. Can you be both? I don't think you can, not in today's game market. Perhaps you were an rts fan years ago and still have nostalgia for the genre, but you have chosen to remove yourself from the evolution of the genre and the pc game playing playerbase in general.
You can look down on us from your high, and game free ideological throne. But the pragmatic, actual game fans, have long since switched back to windows. Or at least dual boot. Or a hackintosh if you are willing to wait for your games and still want to make an OS statement.

more than 3 years ago

Ubisoft's New DRM Cracked In One Day

Darkfred Re:People are always in denial (678 comments)

Your analogy is backwards.

The slot machine that the publishers keep pumping money into is the PC game industry. Developers want to release PC games, but doing so is just not profitable and piracy takes sales away from the SKUs that are actually profitable (consoles). If DRM fails they will just stop making PC versions.

This is a last ditch effort to save pc gaming. But pc gamers keep piling on the hate, trying to make this fail.

I think you are just waving farewell to pc gaming. Good going.

more than 4 years ago

DNA Bar Coding Finds Mislabeled Sushi

Darkfred Re:So..?? (285 comments)

Ahh i see we have a liberatarian here. When the revolution comes we are going to remove the FDA. Instead we will make idiots like you line up to test all the canned food for botulism and meat for salmonella. You see this way we kill two birds with one stone.

Seriously though? how the hell do you think this would work? Regular people are not equipped to do testing of all their food. There are contaminents that are tasteless and don't kill for months or years. (iron, mercury etc.)
And the concept of an anarcho-capitalist honor system is complete fantasy. In real life companies have only to change their names and move on. These rules are there for a reason.

about 6 years ago



Efficient way to Archive Snail mail

Darkfred Darkfred writes  |  about 3 years ago

Darkfred (245270) writes "I have a decent printer/fax/copier that can take stacks of paper and spit out pdf files. I would love to be able to use this to archive my snail mail in a semi-automatic fashion. I am looking for software or a web service that will Split, OCR, Date and Search these letters with minimal prompting. I know it's possible to make a tool chain of free software to get basically this functionality, with a huge time investment, but I would be willing to pay for a turn-key solution."



My Posts Part 2

Darkfred Darkfred writes  |  more than 10 years ago

After last months journal entry, regarding the inflamatory nature of most of my posts on slashdot, I have finally been modded down as flamebait. There is at least one person on slashdot who actually reads posts all the way through before moderating.
However I still gained quite a bit of karma from this post.

Since my last post, I have grown more comfortable in the realization that all my old posts seem to be flamebait or trolls. I am probably just a jerk, and slashdot readers seem to enjoy information mixed with snarky insults to other posters.


Darkfred Darkfred writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I have been reading my posts from previous years and have found, much to my dismay that I appear to be a troll (albeit uncaught) and a karma whore.

On the plus side though, some of the stuff I wrote was hilarious, insulting and trollish, but pretty damn funny. I don't remember writing anything this funny. But I probably think its funny just because I have the same sense of humor as the author. :)

In related news, my tagline is not funny, I originally meant it to be annoying I think. After reading m posts I am sure I have achieved this. It is like a beautify poem composed entirely of pure annoyance. It no longer even amuses me. But I am too lazy to change it.

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