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Ford developing anti-hacking technology

Darkn3ss And we thought Toyota had problems... (3 comments)

Now when you fast forward your music, it will continuously speed up until the song is over. :-(

more than 4 years ago

Did Chicago Lose Olympic Bid Due To US Passport Control?

Darkn3ss Re:Good for Rio (good for Chicago) (1040 comments)

Living in the Milwaukee area, I am very glad that the Olympics are NOT going to Chicago. Chicago is a land of garbage and destruction, and doesn't deserve the Olympics. Obama just wanted it there because he lived there once. I will be glad to never see the Olympics in America again. The Olympics just beg for terrorist attacks, and I would prefer to keep those in other nations.

more than 5 years ago

Woman Banned From Driving Until The Year 3000

Darkn3ss Time for a dirt nap (5 comments)

And if she's caught driving again, the judge will make her sleep underground for 1000 years in a small box, a la Demolition Man and every other movie like it, just so that she can see her one true love again, the automobile. Maybe in 1000 years GM can make a car profitable.

about 6 years ago

Hardware Is Cheap, Programmers Are Expensive

Darkn3ss Software costs money once (465 comments)

Every time you buy hardware, you pay for it. Software can be copied an infinite amount of times for the price of the developer. If you are selling things in quantity, it makes sense to always solve problems with software and not hardware. If you're buying one or two, then hardware can be cheaper.

more than 6 years ago

How Do I Manage Seasoned Programmers?

Darkn3ss Re:be them (551 comments)

This is definitely the best advise (other than mine) in this thread. The best managers manage by doing, whether they do 1%, 10%, or 50%, if you do some, they will respect you. The problem with seasoned programmers though is the inability to learn new things. I would first start by analyzing the code that they have written, and suggest improvements to them where applicable. You can stay on the business side of things (everyone who switches there does it because it's easier than programming) because that will give you maybe 10 hours of real work a week, and then do another 10 hours of programming a week, and you'll still live up to your manager title by not doing anything for 20 hours or more a week. Best of luck friend, you'll need it. To me, seasoned typically means, head in ass and scared of ideas they didn't think of themselves.

more than 6 years ago



The Real Rain Man dies

Darkn3ss Darkn3ss writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Darkn3ss (812009) writes "Copied from the article for your convenience:

SALT LAKE CITY — The man who inspired the title character in the Oscar-winning movie "Rain Man" has died.

Kim Peek was 58. His father, Fran, says Peek had a major heart attack Saturday morning and was pronounced dead at a hospital in the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray.

Peek was a savant with a remarkable memory and inspired writer Barry Morrow when he wrote "Rain Man," the 1988 movie that won four Academy Awards.

Fran Peek said his son met Morrow at a convention in the early 1980s and the writer was taken with Peek's knack for retaining everything he heard. Morrow wrote the script, and the movie went on to win Oscars for best film and best actor for Dustin Hoffman, whose repetitive rants about being an excellent driver and the "People's Court" about to start were a hit with moviegoers.

Although the character was technically fictional, Fran Peek said his son was every bit as amazing as Hoffman's portrayal of him. And Kim's true character showed when he toured the world, helping dispel misconceptions about mental disabilities.

"It was just unbelievable, all the things that he knew," Fran Peek said Monday. "He traveled 5,500 miles short of 3 million air miles and talked to nearly 60 million people — half have been students."

In his later years, Peek was classified as a "mega-savant" who was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. But his motor skills were limited; he couldn't perform some simple tasks like dressing himself.

NASA scientists had been studying Peek, hoping that technology used to study the effects of space travel on the brain would help explain his mental capabilities.

Fran Peek says the funeral will be next Tuesday in Taylorsville. Details were pending."

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