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Linux 3.11 Features Fall Into Place With Merge Window

DarthBart Re:Holding out for... (70 comments)

I'm holding out for Firefox 98.

At this rate, it'll be sometime next week.

about a year ago

AT&T Rolls Out iPhone Wireless Emergency Alerts

DarthBart Re:Not Big Brother, and long overdue EAS extension (199 comments)

If only there were a button in the "Govermnent Alerts" part of the "Notifications" menu that allowed you to turn off AMBER alerts separately.

And if only there were another button that allowed you to turn off the rest of the Alerts as well.

about a year ago

Dashcams Going High-Def, High-Tech

DarthBart Re:WOW! (93 comments)

What the dashcam world needs is this:

I envision a dash cam system that has two modes:

Normal operation is "record to disk" and then you can recover the video later off the disk.
Panic operation is "Dump recorded data to an 'offsite' server over high speed cellular data as well as start streaming current video to same server".

That means you've got your day to day stuff recorded, but in the event you get pulled over by an asshole cop who decided to swipe the memory card out of your dash cam after he pulls you out of your car and tasers you for resisting arrest.

about a year ago

Banking Malware, Under the Hood

DarthBart Re:Well, you were dumb enough (92 comments)

That's why phishers either send out very generic messages (from "The Bank") or messages from the big banks (BoA, Chase, etc). The majority of the recipients will say "I don't have a [BoA|Chase|Citi] account" and discard it. Among those who do have an account, most of them will throw away the message as a phish. All it takes is 1 user to fall for it to make the whole effort worthwhile.

I get email from my bank all the time, so I wouldn't immediately disregard it as a fish. However, I *never* click on the link from the email. Open up a new browser tab, directly enter, and go from there.

Same reason that should you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from a bank (or your specific bank), you call them back on their published customer service number.

about a year ago

World Press Photo Winner Accused of Photoshopping

DarthBart Re:Happens All the Time (182 comments)

There's a joke that goes something like this:

"If you have a choice between saving a man's life or taking a Pulitzer prize winning photograph of him plunging to his death, what shutter speed and aperture settings should you use?"

about a year ago

Why Bad Directors Aren't Thrown Out

DarthBart Re:The deck is stacked in director's favor (205 comments)

I get a yearly ballot for directors for the Lee County Electric Cooperative. You can vote yes or no for each candidate. I always vote no for everyone.

Doesn't make a difference, but I feel better.

about a year and a half ago

PayPal To Replace VMware With OpenStack

DarthBart Re:Lesson: Licensing costs suck (286 comments)

I virtualized a Windows system a few years ago via Parallels Workstation. Application A ran on the host machine under server 2008. Application B ran on the virtualized machine under server 2008 as well. Application A talked to B and vice versa. *Every* problem with either application was immediately blamed on the virtualization. And a good portion of any other network problem in general was blamed on that one virtualized system. There was one afternoon where the satellite we were using decided to lose lock and go for a spin and before anyone even bothered to look at the spectrum analyzer, they called me and said "There's something wrong with Vipersat, are you sure it isn't that virtualization stuff you're doing?"

about a year and a half ago

MasterCard Forcing PayPal To Pay Higher Fees

DarthBart Re:Card to Card payments (260 comments)

That wasn't viable until the Check21 act was passed in October of 2003. Paypal was already 3 years old by that point. And really, it wasn't until the past 2 or 3 years that banks have been accepting customer-side deposits by scanning.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Rolled Its Own 0Day For Red Team Exercise

DarthBart Re:not really a zeroday exploit... (40 comments)

This is Slashdot, where every exploit is a zero-day exploit. I could release a patch to TRS-DOS 1.3 that makes it ignore passwords and someone here would post it as a zero-day.

But I believe that patch already exists.

about a year and a half ago

Of the Love of Oldtimers - Dusting Off a Sun Fire V1280 Server

DarthBart Re:Not that old. (281 comments)

I want a Sparcstation ELC to run as a serial console/network admin console in my server room.

And for a while I had a Sparc20 with a pair of dual Ross Hypersparc-150s and 512MB of RAM. Stupid fast for a Sparc machine, but you could cook an egg on the chassis.

about a year and a half ago

Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You've Had Enough Alcohol

DarthBart Re:Or, you could not drink yourself into Oblivion (167 comments)

I've never understood this either. My sister used to go out on Friday night, come home drunk and promptly throw up all over the place and wake up with a nuclear hangover, swear that she'll never do it again and then go right the fuck back out the following Friday and rinse & repeat.

I *loathe* vomiting. I really don't like the idea of going home with a random skank from a bar and "going to bed at 2am with a 10 and waking up at 10am with a 2". One of the reasons I never went to college, I didn't want to be roommates with some fratbastard who I'd have to come get or muck out the stall after he deposited a fifth of Yaeger and a pizza onto the floor.

about a year and a half ago

Worldwide IPv6 Adoption: Where Do We Stand Today?

DarthBart Re:IP6 addresses are a pain (327 comments)

That's this biggest bullshit excuse I've heard in my life, and I've heard it on multiple occasions both for forward and reverse DNS.

What does tell you about a device? Not a damn thing.
What does tell you? Jack and shit, other than it *might* be a loopback address.
How about Sure, its a switch. Maybe. It might be an ethernet switch. It might be a remote power unit. It might be an Asterisk based softswitch. Or it might be someone's IPv6 enabled light switch. Again, jack-point-shit. You'd still have to do a portscan of some sort against it to see what it is and if your admin is worth a shit, that won't get you anything either.

And DNS has no safeguards? Built in? Sure, no more or no less than any other protocol, but my DNS servers that serve the zones are 1) Firewalled off from the outside world. 2) Also told to ignore anything not coming from an address inside my network. Now, if you're sniffing around from inside my network, I've got bigger problems, but problems that I can solve with a pair of wirecutters or a baseball bat.

about a year and a half ago

Canada To Stop Producing Pennies In 2013

DarthBart Re:Excellent; (362 comments)

Nevermind the fact that the sacred phrase of power is written on the side of the coins.

about a year and a half ago

Canada To Stop Producing Pennies In 2013

DarthBart Re:Excellent; (362 comments)

No, because the DERP squad is pumping out many megabytes of emails and Facebook postings that say "FWD: FWD: FWD: RE: RE: FWD: FWD Don't accept the dollar coins because they don't have 'In God we Trust'' on them!!!!!!"

about a year and a half ago

Old Electric-Car Batteries Put Into Service For Home Energy Storage

DarthBart Re:Doesn't add up (198 comments)

Wiring a delay between the compressor start and outdoor blower would be trivial and thermostats with even a small amount of smarts delay starting the indoor airhandler a few seconds after the outdoor unit starts. But, no matter how you slice it, a motor just starting up is effectively "Stalled" and draws a crap load of inrush current. There's designs to reduce that a bit, but they're expensive to build.

about 2 years ago

Green Grid Argues That Data Centers Can Lose the Chillers

DarthBart Re:Are building owners really overheating? (56 comments)

A data room can get hot in a hurry without A/C and if you're running at 65, you get to 95 much less slowly than you do when you're running at 82.

That really depends on the size of your datacenter and your server load. If you've got a huge room with one rack in the middle, you're good to go. If you've got a 10x10 room with 2 or 3 loaded racks and your chiller goes tits up, you're going to be roasting hardware in a few short minutes. Some quick back-of-the-napkin calculations show that a 10x10x8 room with a single rack pulling all the juice it can from a 20 amp circuit will raise the temperature in the room about 10 degrees every 2 minutes. From 82 to 95 is about 3 minutes, from 65 to 95 is about 6.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Going To a Technical College Worth It?

DarthBart Re:School is worthless... (309 comments)

That's where social networking (and I don't mean Facebook) come into play. And not just in technical circles either. I attended ITT straight out of high school, mostly because I thought I would need a piece of paper to prove what I knew.

I made friends with the placement director at the school and so she knew who I was when a company came by and asked for qualified people to fill PC tech support spots. She put me on the top of the pile and I got an interview. I passed the HR interview without a problem and then I got to meet with the manager of Network Services. Turns out that he was former business partners with the scoutmaster I worked with when I was assistant scoutmaster at a troop. One quick phone call to said scoutmaster and I was asked if I could start that night.

Out of all the jobs I've had, almost everything else has been 'a friend recommended me' or I had some sort of "in" with the company. One job was a direct call to a staffing company to inquire about a posted position and the other was a one week Asterisk contract that turned into a full time gig when I impressed the hell out of them.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Were You Taught About Computers In High School?

DarthBart In high school, nothing unless... (632 comments)

You took one of the business classes. Then you got to learn how to be an applications jockey for Wordperfect and PFS: First Publisher. There were some simple computer literacy classes during middle school, but it was a semester of "spend 4 45 minute classes during a week listening to lectures and 1 45 minute class actually punching keys". There was a second semester elective class of "computer programming" in Apple BASIC and there were 4 people in that class.

The heaviest use of computing in the high school was the yearbook and newspaper staff trying to get their feet wet with desktop publishing using Pagemaker and the only reason those got done properly is because I plowed through Pagemaker to learn it and ended up teaching the rest of the staff (and I got made Editor senior year...woo me!).

For time reference, I graduated in 1993.

about 2 years ago

They Work Long Hours, But What About Results?

DarthBart Re:One way to do this... (285 comments)

Nobody "codes" in Perl. Perl programs are written by eating a bag of alphabet pasta and then chasing it with ipecac.

about 2 years ago

LightSquared Wants To Share Weather-Balloon Frequencies for LTE

DarthBart Re:Just pay for proper spectrum already! (141 comments)

LOL, budget owned. A Global Hawk costs $104 million. $104 million * 122 WFOs = $12.6 billion dollars. Somehow I think they'll stick with cheap radiosondes twice a day.

about 2 years ago



Ask Slashdot: Organizing documents and receipts

DarthBart DarthBart writes  |  more than 2 years ago

DarthBart (640519) writes "I have a filing cabinet full of bills, documents, and assorted whatnot. I'd really like to go with the whole concept of a paperless office. Not so much destroying things after I scan them, but to be able to pull them up via browser on my Linux box, Windows box, or iDevice. I've found lots of commercial apps that support multiple users and collaboration, but that's overkill. I just need something where I can feed it PDFs (or optionally directly interface with my scanner), mark it as "water bill" and be able to later pull up "all bills" or "all water" or "water between December 2010 and January 2012". I'll roll my own if I have to, but reinventing the wheel is not something I want to do."


DarthBart has no journal entries.

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