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Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As Northfield/Norwood

Darxus Re:what's wrong with X? (252 comments)


1 year,17 days

Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As Northfield/Norwood

Darxus Re:Why was he banned? (252 comments)

--- Day changed Tue Mar 12 2013
12:28 I DONT GIVE A SHIT what you ignorant people think about attitude, politics and a bunch of crap that doesn't even matter ...
12:32 soreau: FYI, not giving a shit about people is exactly your problem.
12:32 Darxus: You're a fucking idiot



Just a couple nice, recent examples.

1 year,17 days

Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As Northfield/Norwood

Darxus Re:More information (252 comments)

Nobody is asking him to keep it out of the core forever. Just making his modifications in an extension so they can be cleanly added to the core (or his extension can become the core), instead of breaking things as he changes it.

1 year,17 days

Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As Northfield/Norwood

Darxus Re:More information (252 comments)

Linus' behavior is also shameful.

Nobody is badmouthing him for forking. And I never claimed anybody was being accommodating - the wayland project is handling new contributions badly, and a fork was exactly the right way to handle the situation.

We did say he's free to fork things. He still is. We're all still happy he's doing the work he's doing. He's just obstinately insisting on doing it in a way that breaks compatibility with no stated reason.

He's not a bad egg for forking things. He's a bad egg for being constantly abusive to everyone involved in the project for the last year, which he has admitted.

1 year,17 days

Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As Northfield/Norwood

Darxus More information (252 comments)

Everybody involved with the wayland project is happy to see weston (the reference display server) get forked to be developed into a more usable desktop environment. That's basically what it's for, and this is far from the first (ubuntu forked it, ADWC was another fork).

This entire article argued he couldn't do what he needs with a plugin alone, which is not relevant to his problem with the wayland community. The problem was his refusal to use the existing mechanism to retain protocol compatibility by copying the existing protocol code into a new extension and modifying in there: http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/wayland-devel/2013-March/008172.html

In four pages, he didn't address why he didn't feel like doing that.

1 year,17 days

SSH or VNC From Your Cell Phone?

Darxus Re:Cute... (222 comments)

Bluetooth keyboards exist, of course, but I think the bigger question is if the phones know how to listen to them. I'm also hoping it's possible to port a java ssh client to the sony ericsson t610.

more than 10 years ago


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