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The Electronic Bastille

Das Modell Re:Truth: (267 comments)

France, along with most other Western countries, is like a fire department in the middle of a forest fire who can't use water because it would be politically incorrect. This database will never solve the problem, but I guess it's all they can do under the circumstances. Might as well go ahead and do it, it's not like it'll make things any worse.

about 6 years ago

Top Technologies of Next-Gen Gaming

Das Modell Re:I am a bit surprised... (77 comments)

Well sure, it's a good engine... but I don't think there's anything remarkable about it (compared to Crysis for example).

about 6 years ago

Slashdot's Disagree Mail

Das Modell Re:Epimenides would be proud (426 comments)

How is pointing out a fact useless? This thread proves me correct without a shadow of a doubt. I've been downmodded over 10 times for no reason.

about 6 years ago

SPORE Released 5 Days Early In Australia

Das Modell Re:Good luck to australian gamers (179 comments)

And now this gets modded troll? What the fuck.

Anonymous Cowards get a lot of flak but they're about a billion times better than moderators. ACs at least have to post something. Moderators just push a fucking button because they're too fucking stupid and lazy to come up with counter-arguments.

about 6 years ago

Newark and the Future of Crime Fighting

Das Modell Re:Crowdsource it! (172 comments)

Don't bother. It's not notable enough, we're deleting it.

about 6 years ago

Too Human Meets Mediocre Reviews

Das Modell Re:Don't get it. (195 comments)

Contrary to what it's become popular to spout, gamers today aren't a bunch of fuckin' morons.

Very seldom is there an actual, valid, reason to back these sentiments up.

Clearly you have never visited forums populated by gamers, such as Steampowered. The average gamer is so stupid that no amount of science and philosophy can explain how they're able to even turn on a computer.

Nor, for that matter, is Halo a bad game.

No, but it's got a really shitty fanbase.

about 6 years ago

Too Human Meets Mediocre Reviews

Das Modell Re:Don't get it. (195 comments)

Well, not necessarily. If you released Grim Fandango or Fallout today, I bet there'd be a lot of Halo kiddies who wouldn't "get it."

about 6 years ago


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