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Irish Reject E-Voting, Go Back To Paper

Dash_Rantic Re:that's some nice rationalizations there (154 comments)

Not true. I've heard of voting machine attacks where the compromised voting machine will accept a person's ballot, print out a paper copy asking for verification. Now normally if there's an error, the person can go back and void that paper copy and re-vote. However, with this attack, the voter will verify the paper ballot, the machine will tell the voter that everything is done, and then after a few seconds the machine will go back, void the ballot, change a candidate, and print a new paper ballot. Everything looks fine and official, and nobody could ever tell something went wrong, though both the machine and the paper trail have both been cheated. Doing this attack on only a few percent of the votes wouldn't set off any warning signs for anyone looking at the votes after the fact, but would be enough to throw an election.

I don't think there's any way that e-voting can be secure than plain paper voting.

more than 5 years ago

My primary computer has N screens, with N being ...

Dash_Rantic Variable Screencount (503 comments)

I'm surprised to see "variable" at such a low percentage (4% right now). I've got a laptop as my main computer, which I do have an extra screen for at home, but I also do a lot of my work *not* at home, leaving me with the one built-in laptop screen. Are there really so few people with good-quality laptops that they can use as a main computer here?

more than 5 years ago

LifeLock Spokesperson's Stolen ID Inspires Lawsuits

Dash_Rantic Re:ID is not stolen until... (217 comments)

Troll, it seems...

A Google search for that address turns up no useful results, Google Maps/Mapquest/what have you cannot find the address either.

Fake name, fake address, AC commentator. Fake troll.

more than 6 years ago


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