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Telecommuters May Owe Extra State Taxes

Datafage Re:Good news for ending offshoring? No, not really (617 comments)

His comment is not "You're in the 100th percentile so you should pay 100% of your income as taxes," and to construe it as such is misleading. He was saying that if YOUR BRACKET controls 10% of the money then YOUR BRACKET should pay 10% of the taxes.

The point of taxes, despite what Repbublicans want you to think, is not to let the government spend it on the same things you would (tuition in your example), it is to let the government spend it on things for the greater good. What the greater good is is up for debate but don't pretend that if you pay 5000$ in taxes you should get 5000$ of direct benefit.

Further, those higher up the income bracket SHOULD pay a higher rate of taxes. This is a progressive, civilized concept, and if noblesse oblige weren't dead this wouldn't be debated. It's called "helping your fellow Americans, especially those worse off than you." However, as it is this is the opposite of what happens, with those less able to afford it paying MORE of the burden. Stop complaining.

more than 9 years ago


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