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Raspberry Pi Sales Approach 4 Million

Dave Whiteside Re:More memory faster cpu & keep price under $ (146 comments)

why do you need more memory ?
that would need a new SOC
or the memory option only would need some memory manufacturer to retool to make a 8Gb POP module [old tech no one is going to do that now]

about 2 months ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

Dave Whiteside from Notch (330 comments)

to quote :-
I'm leaving Mojang

I don’t see myself as a real game developer. I make games because it’s fun, and because I love games and I love to program, but I don’t make games with the intention of them becoming huge hits, and I don’t try to change the world. Minecraft certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it’s changed games. I never meant for it to do either. It’s certainly flattering, and to gradually get thrust into some kind of public spotlight is interesting.

A relatively long time ago, I decided to step down from Minecraft development. Jens was the perfect person to take over leading it, and I wanted to try to do new things. At first, I failed by trying to make something big again, but since I decided to just stick to small prototypes and interesting challenges, I’ve had so much fun with work. I wasn’t exactly sure how I fit into Mojang where people did actual work, but since people said I was important for the culture, I stayed.

I was at home with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago when the internet exploded with hate against me over some kind of EULA situation that I had nothing to do with. I was confused. I didn’t understand. I tweeted this in frustration. Later on, I watched the This is Phil Fish video on YouTube and started to realize I didn’t have the connection to my fans I thought I had. I’ve become a symbol. I don’t want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don’t understand, that I don’t want to work on, that keeps coming back to me. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not a CEO. I’m a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.

As soon as this deal is finalized, I will leave Mojang and go back to doing Ludum Dares and small web experiments. If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I’ll probably abandon it immediately.

Considering the public image of me already is a bit skewed, I don’t expect to get away from negative comments by doing this, but at least now I won’t feel a responsibility to read them.

I’m aware this goes against a lot of what I’ve said in public. I have no good response to that. I’m also aware a lot of you were using me as a symbol of some perceived struggle. I’m not. I’m a person, and I’m right there struggling with you.

I love you. All of you. Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can’t be responsible for something this big. In one sense, it belongs to Microsoft now. In a much bigger sense, it’s belonged to all of you for a long time, and that will never change.

It’s not about the money. It’s about my sanity.

about 3 months ago

Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards Show Up In Germany

Dave Whiteside Re:AMD vs. Nvidia mining (76 comments)

Nvidia for FP usage - ATI for integer, seriously !

it's horses for courses

if you want bitcoin mining now you have to use ASIC but previously the integer cores in the AMD units where the dog's dangleies

about 4 months ago

Alleged Massive Account and Password Seizure By Russian Group

Dave Whiteside Now's a Good Time (126 comments)

to change all your passwords
use something like keeppass or lastpass


about 5 months ago

The Rule of Three Proved By Physicists

Dave Whiteside Ummm Pi(e)! (80 comments)


about 7 months ago

Online Skim Reading Is Taking Over the Human Brain

Dave Whiteside TLDR (224 comments)


about 8 months ago

Silk Road 2.0 Pledges To Compensate Users For Stolen Bitcoins

Dave Whiteside we know where from (84 comments)

By Buying them on MTGox

but GOK when you'll see them ... i.e. never

Stolen by the makes of SR2 IMO

about 10 months ago

Gnome 3.12 Delayed To Sync With Wayland Release

Dave Whiteside Re:I'm sorry I'm an idiot (204 comments)

X11 low level is such a huge mess of everything from text to pixels to anything higher
wayland is a much better step up to modern display tech

about a year ago

Mark Zuckerberg Gives $990 Million To Charity

Dave Whiteside Re:so he gave (230 comments)

best way to avoid tax

1 year,3 days

German Scientists Achieve Record 100Gbps Via Wireless Data Link

Dave Whiteside Re:Speed? (67 comments)

is that an African or European ....
Unladen or laden ...

about a year ago



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