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EA Responds To Its Appearance In the 'Worst Company In America' Poll

David89 Strictly DRM (208 comments)

There was plenty of proof that the Always Online was purely a form of DRM not necessary for the gaming aspect of the product.

about a year and a half ago

21st IOCCC Source Code Released

David89 endoh2.c (24 comments)

I didn't look at all the entries, but endoh2.c is beautiful!!

about 2 years ago

Windows 7 Overtakes XP, OSX Struggles To Beat Vista

David89 The Others (540 comments)

Keep going "Other" team!!

about 2 years ago

Arch Linux For Newbies? Manjaro Is Here!

David89 Re:Ubuntu (120 comments)

He's obviously an expert

about 2 years ago

A New Glider Found For Conway's Game of Life

David89 Inspiration (50 comments)

Stuff like this toinspires me everyday

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft: Windows 8 To RTM In August

David89 August (343 comments)

The beginning. The year of the Linux desktop. Not

more than 2 years ago

Japanese 13-Year-Old Arrested For Virus Creation

David89 Re:BAT Virus (150 comments)

You skipped "Open notepad and type these lines in."

more than 2 years ago

Nexus Q Stretches "Made in USA" Label

David89 Re:No, it isn't misleading (241 comments)

Some US production is way better than none

more than 2 years ago

San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

David89 Re:No Sound (241 comments)

My bad... Didn't fully RTFA

more than 2 years ago

San Diego's Fireworks Show Over In 15 Seconds

David89 No Sound (241 comments)

The video in TFA has no sound...

more than 2 years ago

Diablo 3 Banhammer Dropped Just Before RMAH Goes Live

David89 Petition (540 comments)

There is a petition over at asking Blizzard to release an offline mode path. It would be nice if we could reach the 100'000 signatures necessary

more than 2 years ago

Hungarian Sequencing Company Vets DNA For 'Gypsy Or Jew' Genes

David89 But.. (467 comments)

Why would the ETT want to start a prosecution? Oh yeah, didn't RTFA

more than 2 years ago

Gamer Keeps Civilization II Game Going for 10 Years

David89 1984 (219 comments)

This reminds me of 1984 actually, right down to there being three superpowers left in the world. For those who haven't read it, perpetual war is fought over border zones that constantly change hands, with each power too strong to ever be defeated.

more than 2 years ago

ICANN's Brand-Named Internet Suffix Application Deadline Looms

David89 How about (197 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's

David89 Re:What about games? Consoles... (461 comments)

We are victims of the console gaming age.. Most computer games are being held back because of this (game developing studios won't write 2 separate versions, one for consoles and one for computers). Notice how a 2 year old graphics card is able to play recently released games? Remember when you had to buy a graphics card every six months in order to keep up with the latest game releases?

more than 2 years ago

DC Comics Prevails In Batmobile Copyright Dispute

David89 From their forum (115 comments)

Batrodz llc. now has confirmation that we are US Patent pending on our hand sculpted '66 Gotham Roadster design. The hardest part is getting the application accepted. We have crossed that bridge, and our patent is pending approval. Thanks to good friends with powerful lawyers, They got my application, declaration, design illustrations, and filing fees accepted by the us patent & trademark office. We were also able to get a unique design trademark classification code 12 (vehicles) that certificate has been issued to Batrodz llc. Some people need to realize, don't mess with the bull, or you'll get the horns.

more than 2 years ago

Anonymous Takes Down DOJ, RIAA, MPA and Universal Music

David89 As time goes by it all seems like a plot (649 comments)

How are these attacks going to help our cause? The more I read about this the more I believe it's all a cover up by the government or some other pro SOPA force. Makes it seem like these bills really need to get passed.

about 2 years ago
top Shut Down, Founder Charged With Piracy

David89 72 Minutes of silence (1005 comments)

I will miss you

about 2 years ago


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