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Urban Terror Code Stolen

Dbryce Re:Well what do you know.... (264 comments)

Zynga made the graphics for the Ville game much better than the Sims Social and their platform base was much stronger. That EA lawsuit really crippled them. Zynga is not the company it used to be. It's a shame, they had a very loyal customer base but not enough manpower behind them to keep on top of bugs and customer support issues.

about a year ago

Identity Fraud at a Three-Year High

Dbryce The sad part is (1 comments)

that new movie Identity Thief almost glorifies it. Now some kids who think it's "ok" to do this will just run with it.

about a year ago

Astronomers Find Planet Barely Larger Than Earth's Moon

Dbryce Not really a new discovery then (71 comments)

If it has been known to be around "for some time" then I don't understand why they are calling it a new discovery- it's more like their decision to formalize their acknowledgement of its existence to the public.

about a year ago


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