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X.Org Server 1.16 Brings XWayland, GLAMOR, Systemd Integration

DeHackEd Re:Systemd? Not on my system... (226 comments)

Here's a true story. I was in a CentOS 7 system via chroot and trying to troubleshoot some problems. If it were CentOS 6 I would just run "service rsyslog start" and have syslog running in the chroot so I can get the diagnostics I was expecting, but since systemd wasn't actually running I couldn't do that. I had to launch rsyslog directly by command-line, but then it didn't listen on /dev/log like it's supposed to and I had no logging. After all, it's systemd integrated now and gets its listen socket a different way. And this is just the most recent incident.

Systemd may be technically better than sysvinit but the latter is just shell scripts which are sufficiently independent of anything else and just work. Systemd takes over your machine and wants to get its hands into everything to the point that you can't even use it anymore without systemd. This is what we're worried about what will happen to X.Org and other software.

about 2 months ago

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released

DeHackEd Re:Not the same LXC (231 comments)

I guess I didn't explain that very well.

Libvirt provides its own container launcher under the name "lxc". As I understand it this software is developped and maintained with libvirt. This is different software from the standalone project known as "LXC" as linked in the article.

about 3 months ago

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Released

DeHackEd Not the same LXC (231 comments)

There's two projects named "lxc" - the one linked in the article ( ) and one that's part of libvirt as a hypervisor driver. RHEL 7 includes the latter.

Now, time to download it and see how much has changed since the RC.

about 3 months ago

NFTables To Replace iptables In the Linux Kernel

DeHackEd Re:drunken troubleshooting in 3 years (235 comments)

> [root@wang]# iptables -F

Suddenly your INPUT chain policy of DROP kills all traffic and your ssh session drops. (You do have a default policy of DROP, right?)

Seriously, don't do that on an unknown system.

(I post this because I've had vendors' support try to remedy problems by disabling the firewall. :/)

about a year ago

The FCC Says ISPs Aren't Hitting Advertised Speeds

DeHackEd Sync vs Useful rates (228 comments)

I know DSL, being an ATM-based technology and often subjected to PPPoE overhead, will score lower than rated. I have a 5 megabit connection but that's the sync rate. You can realistically expect to lose 9-10% just from the above overheads. That rather fits with the graphs I'm seeing.

I've seen some ISPs compensate by setting the sync rate above the advertised rate but most don't.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Laptops Vulnerable To Battery Firmware Hack

DeHackEd Write protect required (272 comments)

I would argue that everything with writable firmware should have some kind of jumper on it (default: on) to write protect the firmware. Thus you can only patch firmware by inserting a jumper on the right pins.

Still, anyone should think twice before being told "short these contacts on your battery in order to enable firmware updates."

more than 3 years ago

Build Your Own 135TB RAID6 Storage Pod For $7,384

DeHackEd Re:Again? (239 comments)

Ugh, replying to myself. I missed the link in the post.

But nothing's changed, right? It's the same chassis, same diagrams from backblaze. Only ~2 years of bigger drives is new.

more than 3 years ago

NoScript Awarded $10,000

DeHackEd Recognition vs usefulness (178 comments)

Does this mean web designers will start making their web sites actually work when users without javascript try to use them?

(The list of offenders is too long to name.)

more than 3 years ago

Visualizing Behavior-Tracking Cookies With Firefox

DeHackEd Or use Ghostery (85 comments)

Ghostery is another Firefox add-on that does much the same, except also supports blocking the cookies.

more than 3 years ago

NESBot: Tool Assisted Speedrun On Real Hardware

DeHackEd Re:Ok, what? (101 comments)

Not officially, but collision detection can be abused to trick the game into believing a solid wall is ground beneath Mario's feet, allowing him to jump. Frame-precision is needed, hence the tool-assisted aspect of it.

The page has more info in their wiki.

more than 3 years ago

Slashdot Launches Re-Design

DeHackEd Broken CSS in FF2 (2254 comments)

I'm a firefox2 user (laugh it up, I'm not switching on this machine) with noscript. The CSS horribly broken, the sidebar follows me around cutting off content (as other people have said), there's a huge screenful of empty space on the homepage, content is fairly obviously in the wrong location and... oh god, click if you really want to see it. Turning off styles makes it slightly less painful.

And I just noticed the copyright on the bottom of the posting page here says (c) 201, Geeknet

more than 3 years ago

Icons on my (computer) desktop:

DeHackEd Zero, and it stays that way. (384 comments)

I deleted nautilus (the Gnome program that manages those). Never liked it. Now my desktop is completely clean.

Even if I had them I wouldn't seem them very often anyway. There's always something open on my screen covering most/all of my screen area. It's better this way.

about 4 years ago

Browser Private Modes Not So Private After All

DeHackEd Don't forget about flash (198 comments)

Flash cookies, or even any temp files left behind by video playback. I've heard it happen. See if anything was left in your Temp directory matching "Flash*" and play it back as .flv or .mp4. Very incriminating evidence

more than 4 years ago

HDD Manufacturers Moving To 4096-Byte Sectors

DeHackEd Re:Care to provide examples? (442 comments)

I just checked my system. /dev/sda1 is /dev/sda + 32256 bytes, which is 63 512-byte sectors. /dev/sda2 is also on an odd-numbered sector alignment.

Fedora 11 fresh install, which is less than a year old.

more than 4 years ago

CRTC Issues Net Neutrality Rules

DeHackEd Blocking access? (184 comments)

Hypothetical scenario: an ISP is under DDoS attack originating from some fixed foreign IP. Since it becomes impossible to "block access" without CRTC approval, does that mean the ISP has to take it like a bitch while waiting from the OK to have it blackholed? What about any other kinds of attacks? What about Spam filtering?

I really don't think the CRTC really understands the issue. I should know, I listened to some of the public hearings a few months back.

Disclaimer: I work for an affected ISP.

more than 3 years ago

Using Encryption Garners Exemption For Data Breach Notification

DeHackEd Re:Who is advising these guys? (101 comments)

It's pig latin. Like the GP said.

1) Drop the "ay" suffix: Anc ouy eadr isth?
2) Move the last letter to the first: cAn you read this?

There's other rules, but this'll get you by. Apparently it's stronger than rot13.

about 5 years ago

Kernel 2.6.31 To Speed Up Linux Desktop

DeHackEd Even minor releases? (360 comments)

At this rate I'm starting to question if we'll ever have a 2.7 "alpha/beta" series since all the major new features above and beyond stand-alone device drivers seem to be going right into the current branch.

about 5 years ago

Yahoo Revives Pay-Per-Email, With Charitable Twist

DeHackEd Re:Good idea. Who pays the bill? (287 comments)

From my interpretation, you buy stamps first and send mail later. This isn't a case of botnets racking up bills, this is a case of credit card fraud fueling spam.

more than 5 years ago

Study Shows "Secret Questions" Are Too Easily Guessed

DeHackEd Re:What I do (303 comments)

Hate to reply to myself, but I just remembered a good site I once registered with and I thought others might find it interesting or amusing. It asked me for a security question, but when I checked the headers at the top of the page it said I was already logged in and there was a View My Account button. Curious, I tried it and it worked and I didn't need to enter a security question. Awesome.

Obviously, I tried logging out and in (asked me to set a question, ignored it) and tried a password reset. The reset failed because I didn't have a security question set. Even better!

more than 5 years ago


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