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Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

DeTech Re:Scan here for a free 'whatever' sucker. (729 comments)

Wasn't the fingerprint scan cracked 45min after it was released last announcement? Is that ample evidence of foolproof authentication?

5 days ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

DeTech Toss up (701 comments)

Between, "I'm getting too old for this shit", and "hold my beer and watch this".

about 2 months ago

First Phone Out of Microsoft-Nokia -- and It's an Android

DeTech Re: So what? (193 comments)

I know, when I read that they created their own ap store I first thought, what a terrible Idea... Unless you wanted to restrict the aps to make the windows phone store look better.

about 3 months ago

Interviews: Forrest Mims Answers Your Questions

DeTech Forest Mims is a classy Guy (161 comments)

These are thorough, well-thought answers. It's a shame more pop idols can't be more like Mims.

about 3 months ago

The Brakes That Stop a 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC

DeTech steel is stronger than carbon... (262 comments)

A better way to make the comparison would be to say, "steel is a better material choice in this application".

about 4 months ago

Really, Why Are Smartphones Still Tied To Contracts?

DeTech Re:and always end up with $X99/month, coincidence (482 comments)

"leasing is fleecing!" consumers that end up paying more in the long run, provided they have the buying habits of the majority of Americans - replacing their vehicle every 4-6 years.

Correct. you are being fleeced and you're replacing your car too often. By your logic renting an apartment is cheaper than buying a house, as long as you move every 4 years...
Try saving you money and/or building equity.

about 4 months ago

David Auerbach Explains the Inside Baseball of MSN Messenger vs. AIM

DeTech This is how it's supposed to work (86 comments)

Big Slow Giants squabbling over long rotten carcasses leave room for small flexible innovators with disruptive tech. Although, It's a shame them roped creative people into participating in their access control war...

about 5 months ago

The Dismal State of SATCOM Security

DeTech Re:As a SATCOM professional... (54 comments)

Well, unless you can point someone at this list of vulnerabilities and say "it's not meant to be secure", and still make your sale, of course.

That of course is the kicker. The customer base for Inmarsat and Iridium is not the SHIELD/HYDRA community the OP has in his head. This is more the western union /pay-as-you-go-phone crowd.

about 5 months ago

The Dismal State of SATCOM Security

DeTech As a SATCOM professional... (54 comments)

LDR services like Inmarsat were never meant to be secure. Now if this was about AEHF that would be news.

about 5 months ago

Humans Are Taking Jobs From Robots In Japan

DeTech Breaking News (80 comments)

You have to know how to do something before you automate it effetively.
more at 11.

about 4 months ago

Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

DeTech Re:Wait... what? (641 comments)

Linus seems more perturbed about the lack of accountability. Own your mistakes, Then fix them. If you can't, then ask for help.

about 5 months ago

Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

DeTech Re:informal poll (641 comments)

Ubuntu @ home.

about 5 months ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

DeTech Re:From the Oculus VR Forums on Markus (300 comments)

I'm not surprised that the argument is more nuanced than "fb is evil, i'm out". Notch is a smart man, and he loves making games... he just doesn't want an unknown actor influencing his decisions.

about 6 months ago

How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

DeTech Hoaders, digi-edition. (983 comments)

I thought I was bad with my media consumption. 5TB of visi media, 3TB of audio, 2TB of um... not porn. I really only back up the audio. Do you really expect to rewatch all of the other stuff? If you did how hard would it be to reacquire?

about 6 months ago

Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox

DeTech Shocking! I Had No Idea! (306 comments)

People still buy Dells?
Dell still exists?
People who buy Dells know enough not to use IE?

about 6 months ago



Harvard's Robobee learning to fly

DeTech DeTech writes  |  about 2 years ago

DeTech (2589785) writes "Harvard researchers are getting closer to their goal of developing a controllable micro air vehicle called the Robobee. The tiny robot was already capable of taking off under its own power, but until now it was completely out of control. By adding two control actuators beneath its wings, the robot can be programmed to pitch and roll."
Link to Original Source


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