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Is This the End of Splitscreen Multiplayer, Or the Start of Its Rebirth?

DeanCubed This whole thing seems like an ad for the Wii U (126 comments)

While pretending like the Wii U doesn't exist. Yes, I'm sure 2014 will be the year where having a second screen off the TV is a gaming essential for the next generation of gamers. Unlike 2012/2013 when everyone hated that idea and thought Nintendo was stupid for trying it.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

DeanCubed Steam (531 comments)

Of course. Steam.

about 7 months ago

Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

DeanCubed Enough with the cake analogy :P (917 comments)

I'm a DJ - I like a certain type of music, but if I get hired to DJ a dance, and the people are requesting Justin Bieber songs, who am I to tell these people that Bieber sucks and refuse to play their requests? I can hate Bieber all I want at home, but when I'm working - dammit I'll sing along to every Bieber song out there if that's what the guy paying me and his guests hire me to do!

about 7 months ago

Nintendo Could Base Comeback On Improving Peoples' Health

DeanCubed Re:Feels pretty backward (129 comments)

The latest Call of Duty is on the Wii U, though. Feel free to have a Wii U and also play CoD if that's what you want.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Nintendo App Store (559 comments)

They have an online store, and they do a great job of getting indie developers to put games on it. They also invest in good developers and publish games from those developers, like the upcoming X by MonolithSoft, Bayonetta 2 by Platinum, Lego City by TT Fusion, etc.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Not really meaningful to compare those numbers (559 comments)

Uh, there are no games that use more than one Gamepad. And there won't ever be. You are missing the point entirely. Also, there is a Madden game on it.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Here's another thought (559 comments)

They do? Also, the Mario games are all different from each other. Also, you don't have to buy them! There are in fact, other games Nintendo makes. Really! In fact, they have like 2 dozen developers all making Nintendo published games all the time. And many of them have no Mario in them!

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Port properties to other consoles (559 comments)

"I want to play all of Nintendo's great games! But I don't want anyone to know I have a Nintendo!"

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Im pretty sure... (559 comments)

Why not just get a Nintendo system then, and enjoy all those games? Why force them to come to your android?

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Lack of clear plan (559 comments)

The Wii U is a Wii with a better processor/graphics, yes.

The Xbox One is a Xbox 360 with a better processor/graphics.
The PS4 is a PS3 with a better processor/graphics.

That's good enough for most people to buy an Xbox One or PS4, why does Nintendo have to do some crazy out there extra thing for you to want it?

And why is everyone complaining about launch software? It's been out over a year, there's lots of games out now. I really don't see why you care which Mario game came out first. Buy the games that look the most fun. If you don't want Mario or Zelda, Nintendo also makes other games, some of which will be coming out in the coming months, like Bayonetta and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensai. There's also - get this - OTHER COMPANIES making games for the Wii U. And they are all available on the download store or in real life stores. If you take 3 seconds to google, I'm sure you could find 4 or 5 games that YOU would like. Need for Speed? Call of Duty? Watch Dogs? Scribblenauts? Trine 2? What kind of games do you WANT?

The problem is, if it doesn't have Mario or Zelda in the title, people who do no research will never find out about these other games. And Nintendo does a terrible job and reminding people that "hey, the new Call of Duty is on our system too!" "Oh by the way there's an online store!" and "Yes, we have more than 4 franchises that we make games about!"

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Wii U is decent, but needs quality games (559 comments)

What's a junk game? Apparently Mario games are junk? Even the ones that are high budget and highly reviewed? There is a BIG difference between "Mario And Sonic At The Olympics" and "Super Mario 3D World".

Anyway, I don't know how many dozens of games i would need to list for you to convince you the Wii U has "quality games", but I can list like 8 off the top of my head, and I wouldn't consider any of them 'junk'. And if you need more than 8 games for your kids, in addition to whatever they play on PC, then maybe you are doing it wrong... And I won't even list a single Mario or Zelda game, to make it that much easier.

-Need for Speed Most Wanted U
-Pikmin 3
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
-Lego City Undercover
-The Wonderful 101
-Rayman Legends
-Batman Arkham City
-Scribblenauts Unlimited

There you go - 8 kid-friendly games, most of which adults will enjoy as well.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Living in the 80s (559 comments)

They also make other games, but no one buys them. There are 3-5 games not based on 80s IP every generation from Nintendo. They never sell well. Played much Pikmin, Chibi Robo, Dillon's Rolling Western, Steel Diver lately? Of course not. Because those games have no Mario in them.

about 8 months ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

DeanCubed Re:Better Hardware (559 comments)

It's just as good as Galaxy, without the 'Galaxy' name on the box, although there is a Galaxy themed level and you can play as one of the Galaxy characters. But of course people without a Wii U have never played it and just assume it's crap without that Galaxy name on the box.

about 8 months ago

How would you use science to innovate upon sports?

DeanCubed E-Sports (253 comments)

I'd rather watch League of Legends than football.

about 8 months ago

Man Shot To Death For Texting During Movie

DeanCubed Ban texting! (1431 comments)

Yes, let's all talk about TEXTING in this story, instead of the more obvious: "Why are there not more strict gun laws that prohibit people from bringing guns into public places?"

But no, TEXTING is the NEW DEVIL.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Will You Start Your Kids On Classic Games Or Newer Games?

DeanCubed Re:B.A.S.I.C. Games (285 comments)

My kid won't get to flake off in the Rebellion until he can peg Wamp Rats in my old T-16.

about 9 months ago

Memo To Parents and Society: Teen Social Media "Addiction" Is Your Fault

DeanCubed Re:True but not true (271 comments)

The road to El Dorado was Dreamworks, not Disney.

about 9 months ago

Scientists Says Jellyfish Are Taking Over the Oceans

DeanCubed Places you would never expect! (274 comments)

Hawaii, The Carribean, Florida, Nevada, Alberta, The Congo, The White House, On A Plane, In Your Fridge...

about 10 months ago



Iwata confirms Nintendo Network, new Wii U control

DeanCubed DeanCubed writes  |  more than 2 years ago

DeanCubed writes "In a Nintendo investor meeting , Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed a new Nintendo Network for the company's 3DS and upcoming Wii U game systems. This includes multiple user accounts per console (not tied to hardware, a first for Nintendo) and digitally distributed retail software releases for their online store.

Iwata also noted that the Wii U's tablet controller will feature NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality, allowing the ability to use figurines and cards to input visual data to the console. They are hoping to use this to make micro-transactions for paid DLC easier."

Link to Original Source

Smash Bros. Brawl to include level creator!

DeanCubed DeanCubed writes  |  more than 6 years ago

DeanCubed (814869) writes "From N-Sider's summary (
  • Start by choosing the size, background, and music of your choice.
  • Once on the editing screen, choose parts from the palette. Flip pieces, change their size, zoom in and out, and swap palettes, among other things.
  • The stage editor is compatible with SD cards—save as many stages as you like!
  • Share stages with friends by registering them with both the Wii System and SSBB friend codes.
  • Submit stages to Nintendo, and they will choose one stage a day to send to everyone. The stages will disappear after the day is over. Players can also submit their Snapshots in a similar fashion.
  • Sakurai and his team are striving to take advantage of WFC in more ways than just battling, and sharing is a key part of that strategy.

Link to Original Source

Nintendo announces some Megatons

DeanCubed DeanCubed writes  |  more than 6 years ago

DeanCubed writes "Nintendo has just made some major announcements this morning!

First of all, Sonic the Hedgehog is now in Smash Bros. In addition, they have unveiled the WiiWare service which allows Wii owners to purchase and download original games from various developers. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and an online multiplayer Dr. Mario headline the launch of the service.

Two new Channels have also been announced — one to compare and vote on Mii creations, and a demo/minigame download channel for the DS. Next, motorbikes have been added to Mario Kart.

Mario Baseball for Wii was announced.

The latest firmware update has enabled full USB keyboard support for the Wii, and Logitech has announced a Wii keyboard. Finally, one of the huge upcoming blockbusters in Japan, Monster Hunter 3 from Capcom, has been changed from PS3 exclusive to now appearing on Wii.

Check or for all the stories."


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