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Luxury Yachts Offer Pirate Hunting Cruises

Deathdonut Only a matter of time... (13 comments)

...before a few enterprising young pirates book some tickets and take over the ship with its own AK's.

more than 5 years ago

Sarah Connor Chronicles — Why It Died

Deathdonut Re:The babe from Firefly? (834 comments)

Lost was originally written to be resolved in a single season. The fact that the "long term game plan" was rewritten repeatedly based upon actor negotiations and popularity doesn't mean that it was wandering randomly.

The difference between Lost and shows like Terminator is not one of planning but rather subplot encapsulation. Once Terminator reached the level of maturity it had in season 2, most single episodes were written with individual plot lines, themes and even styles. These were often intertwined with extended plotlines, but watchable with their own climax and resolutions.

While there were exceptions to this formula, this is the type of serial television that impresses me in the writing department. Most shows that attempt this format have "filler" episodes that alternate with "progression" episodes. The former have their own plots (frequently cutesy) while the latter are watchable only in the context of the entire show. Terminator was one of the few shows that did a good job of breaking this mold.

Am I a fanboi? Maybe against my will. First season was mediocre at best, but in the second season it seemed to come into its own from a writing standpoint.

more than 5 years ago

When watching a movie, I like to add calories via ...

Deathdonut Re:Popcorn and Only Popcorn (457 comments)

Fresh eggs definitely help. If you get the water just starting to boil (but consistently at boiling temperature at all levels), you can poach with just a good crack directly into the water. You may end up with a couple of "streamers", but 90% of the egg should stay in tact.

more than 5 years ago

College Police Think Using Linux Is Suspicious Behavior

Deathdonut Re:sure it is (1079 comments)

The concern isn't that he committed libel (crime) by sending out email to a list of people that outed the informant by linking him to a gay personal ad that he probably created (fraud). The problem is that he a suspect in several other crimes including a stolen laptop as detailed in the motion to quash:


While there is probably quite a bit for the defense to attack in how this warrant was obtained, my biggest concern is how it was handled. I suspect the following description is more common than we would like to know:

"... seized, among other things, Mr. Calixte's cell phone, his iPod, computers, disks, and "postit" note on which Calixte was in the process of taking notes about the officers' actions during the search. Christopher left a Property Receipt with Mr. Calixte listing items seized during the search. (Kessel Decl. Ex. C.) The seized post-it note does not appear on that receipt."

That's the type of bullying that makes me sick.

more than 5 years ago

The Art of The Farewell Email

Deathdonut Obligatory Office Space quote... (703 comments)

When I was given the news, I was able to tell the head of the department:

"Good luck with your layoffs, alright, I hope your firings go really, really well."

Others weren't so glib, but then others hadn't already planned to quit and secured a 40% raise elsewhere. For me, the severence was a bonus.

more than 5 years ago

Four In Ten People Will Laugh At Anything

Deathdonut She should start by definging "funny" (16 comments)

The joke that she used as a baseline test could easily be considered funny in the context it was given. Context such as expectations of the audience, empathy with the teller and private musings are all reasonable circumstances that can move a joke from "meh" to "lol".

about 6 years ago

The Event Time Forgot

Deathdonut Unkown event? (2 comments)

It even predates spellcheck.

more than 6 years ago

EA Hit By Class-Action Suit Over Spore DRM

Deathdonut This seems pointless... (538 comments)

How exactly is the DRM portion of the install any different than any other part of the install? I hate heavy-handed DRM as much as the next guy, but to make a class action claim over this is as rediculous as expecting an MMO to refund half your money if you don't want the updater installed.

more than 6 years ago


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