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Pumpkin Pie increases Male Sex Drive

Debello Re:Do not eat pumpkin pie with your relatives. (173 comments)

Given this new information, you should never eat pumpkin with your relatives, it may give you the urge to pump-kin.

As one of your relatives, I can confirm this.

more than 4 years ago

Chip Guru Papermaster Loses Signal At Apple

Debello Re:Apple Vs BP (374 comments)

Really, the financial meltdown was because of Wall Street and the business community and not because the Federal Regulators were asleep at the switch? Someone was supposed to be watching the level of risk that banks take because they will take as much risk as gets them high bonuses that quarter. That is why banking is a regulated industry. Sure you can believe that no one took a bullet if you arel drinking the US Government kool-aid on that issue. The last people to ever take any blame are Congress and the White House. And, yes, after you are through gargling with kool-aid, someone actually did take a bullet on that one. They are called taxpayers. Sheeesh.

more than 4 years ago

Killzone 3 Announced

Debello Re:Beta tested the First Killzone. (58 comments)

The one thing I just could not handle about that game. No way to step over a log. Seriously! A two foot log stops me completely? I have to go around? So I kinda said fuck this game really fast.

A comment on the beta test for the first game which is not even close to the second game in scope or technical achievement is hardly relevant to the announcement of a game that in its alpha is already more technically powerful than virtually any game ever made.

more than 4 years ago

Killzone 3 Announced

Debello Re:Whatzone? (58 comments)

Is this some kind of Halo clone?

No, it's not. Although I haven't played Killzone 1, Killzone 2 is more akin to the Call of Duty franchise than it is to the Halo franchise, but with the important difference of it not being dumbed down or gimmicky.

For one thing, the weapons are actually balanced. It's not like the Call of Duty games where there are scores of guns but everyone ends up using only one or two from each weapon type. In KZ2, they fix this problem by having one or two of each weapon type, and each distinct enough from the other so there's no overlap. The amount of balance between weaponry is incredible - there is no one yelling "you noob grenade launcher user!" over the mic like people do in Counter Strike with the AWP. Not only that, but shooting the weapons feels right. You're not a floating gun like in Halo 3 or CoD - there's weight to your movement, and your guns have real kickback. But in addition to real kickback, they also have real power - a handful of shots from any gun will kill an enemy.

Even more, the animation and graphics are incredible. Even without them it'd be a good game on account of the meticulously balanced and exciting shooting gameplay, but with it you've got excitement and awesome eye candy. The ragdoll physics makes the enemy die in a way that reacts to where you shot them, and even beyond that the character movement is believable and great. Very few games have character walking over environment and shooting their gun and straining against the recoil and knifing another enemy so realistically. Whereas Halo 3 has Master Chief stiffly hold his gun and his upper body looks up and down while his lower body can just jump and run.

And not to mention the AI! KZ2 has AI that is leagues beyond its competitors. Try playing the game on the harder difficulties and you'll find that the enemy Helghast will flush you out of cover with grenades (but not spam them, like in Call of Duty), they'll give their advancing allies covering fire while they try to flank you, if two are chasing you they'll both split up and try to catch you on both sides, etc.

Not that Killzone 2 doesn't have its weak points - short, and although visually great singleplayer, had a disappointing and boring story to go with it. Lack of splitscreen support also has a lot to do with how this game wasn't a major hit up there with Halo 3 and MW2 - even though on every level it is a better game, graphically, gameplay, and engine-wise.

But at the same time it's one of the most critically acclaimed games ever made. And for good reason.

So personally? Even though KZ2 is not my favorite game by far, I can appreciate it for being the best recently released shooter. I can forgive it for its lack of splitscreen. And I am certainly looking forward to KZ3 with great anticipation.

more than 4 years ago

Augmented Reality In a Contact Lens

Debello Re:Science Reporting At Its Best (196 comments)

They've put a single LED in a contact lens, so now we have Augmented Reality.

In your attempt to seem clever and witty, you have misunderstood the title.

The title was not that "They added the LED into the lens, therefore we have augmented reality," the title was that "Augmenting Reality through Contact Lenses is the subject," and the body is: "here is the beginning of this possible trend toward augmenting reality through contact lenses." You've mistaken the title for being exactly what the body is. For example, the famous novel "The Grapes of Wrath," does not contain any grapes that are very angry. It is merely the idea of the Grapes of Wrath that are presented in the novel.

Honestly, did you ever take Reading Comprehension?

more than 5 years ago

Violence in Games, Once Again, Not That Compelling

Debello Re:If Games had REAL violence they would do less h (191 comments)

You might have a point with the last part about violence fantasies, and the indulging in them.

Except that the study showed that there was no correlation between enjoyment and violence levels, but rather with immersion and intelligent gameplay mechanics.

Interesting as it is, your theory doesn't seem to hold up too well with the current study.

about 6 years ago

Congressman Wants Health Warnings On Video Games

Debello obligatory (421 comments)

"This entails that, like lemmings, without proper guidance/responsibility, they will most likely attempt (and fail) to pick up a hooker and shoot her in the face to avoid paying the fees, following an uninterrupted session of GTA."


about 6 years ago

Otherland MMO Announced

Debello Re:.hack anyone? (142 comments)

The first Otherland book was published in 1996, the first .hack franchise piece started in 2002. If chronology is a good means of inferring who beat who, then Tad Williams beat .hack.

more than 6 years ago



Robin Hood Impulse Found in Humans

Debello Debello writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Debello writes "From the article: "A pioneering experiment by an American team suggests that people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor. They do so without any hope of personal gain, acting, it seems, out of a taste for equality and sense of fair play.... A total of 120 volunteers took part over six sessions, playing the game five times in groups of four. Group composition changed with each game and players' game histories did not follow them. In other words, reputation and retribution were not allowed to play a role. Participants were randomly allocated different sums of money. They were shown what each player got and presented with a choice to do nothing and maintain the (unequal) status quo or to reduce their own real takeaway pay by one monetary unit in order to either increase or reduce another player's income by three units." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/connected/main.jhtml?xm l=/connected/2007/04/12/echood12.xml"
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