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Debian Troll Returns The only way SCO can save itself (687 comments)

SCO is obviously in some pretty serious trouble here. Lawsuits are expensive, and they seem to be fighting them on every front. Even if they achieve a degree of legal success, their core product (SCO Unix) is obviously under serious assault from the various Linux vendors.

My question to the directors of SCO is this: Is Debian GNU/SCO out of the question? Is sco-apt-get not a possibility? Could Bruce Perens be potentially offered a position as a Linux evangelist to bring credibility to this endeavour? Could RMS please take a shower?

Thank you.

more than 11 years ago


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phear not! the development of win-apt-get WILL continue!

Debian Troll Returns Debian Troll Returns writes  |  more than 11 years ago

my previous incarnation, Debian Troll was temporarily banned from posting my weekly updates to the win-apt-get faithful, the true believers of the quality of GNU/debian.

but even the fascist censors of /. will not keep Debian Troll down! the development of debian's #1 strike weapon against the capitalists of the West, win-apt-get will continue! the editors of /. know that once such a simple and elegant tool arrives on the win32 platform that slashdot's niche position as a haven for spotty under-laid open source bigots will be undermined by hoards of windows weenies posting questions about how to use the FULL POWER of the win-apt-get tool! noone can resist its simple yet elegant interface, it's sublime text-based download progree meters, it's subtle and quirky error messages!!!

win-apt-get will prevail!!!

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