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Scientists Create Sheep That Are 15 Percent Human

Decaff Re:This worries me (475 comments)

Can you spell "GERMS"? :-)

Can you spell "MICROSCOPE"? :)

Even with a microscope, we don't see God.

The germ analogy is a good one, but for me too. People claimed to have seen/experienced God before telescopes and microscopes. So, presumably God is not undetectable or invisible like germs were then (because if he was, then, by definition, no-one could have known about him - unless, of course, he was imaginary).

You are getting into the same discussion again. So I ask you: can you disprove it? (just to feed this fire)

Disprove what? I could (given time) list an infinite number of deities, all but one of which (I assume) you don't believe in. I am guessing you aren't going to ask me to disprove God number 23, or God number 99,232,872, or many others. So why should I bother disproving your God?

more than 7 years ago


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