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Cracking Atlanta Subway's Poorly-Encrypted RFID Smart Cards Is a Breeze

Deemus NYC born, recently moved to Atlanta (139 comments)

MARTA - Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta (or so the locals call the system).

It's probably wrong to, but I applaud the hackers. It's really only the poor folks in Atlanta that use the system (everyone else drives) and every little bit they can save helps.

about a year ago

Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

Deemus Re:The map one was prickish. (1440 comments)

In Georgia, talking on your phone without a hands free device is perfectly legal. Only texting is forbidden.

about a year ago

NYC Is Tracking RFID Toll Collection Tags All Over the City

Deemus Re:Time for a tinfoil hat for your EZ-Pass... (314 comments)

I used to live in NYC. When you're shipped an EZ-Pass it actually does come with an RFID blocking bag and since it's attached to the windshield with velcro it's not really a problem to block the signal. Many rental car companies use an RFID blocking box on the windshield that you have to slide open to use the EZ-Pass (which they charge you 10x the toll for the convenience).

Down here in Atlanta (where I live now) they have a similar system called the Peach Pass however it's a sticker you put on your windshield that you can't block and can't remove without destroying it. I'd say New Yorkers have the better deal.

about a year ago

SSD Failure Temporarily Halts Linux 3.12 Kernel Work

Deemus Re:Really? (552 comments)

I'm sure the NSA has a copy somewhere. :)

about a year ago

First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess

Deemus Atlanta, GA (380 comments)

The system works fairly well here in Atlanta. I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and when the alerts come in it buzzes and it's quite loud with it's own alert tone similar to the one you hear during emergency broadcasts. The message appears over the lock screen and the screen automatically turns on for about 2 minutes.My wife has an iPhone on Sprint and gets very similar alerts at the same time mine does. We've noticed that if I'm at work 30 miles away she may get a message and I won't so the geographical locating is pretty good. While I have seen it for Amber alerts they most frequently use it for tornado warnings and flash floods. Both of which Atlanta gets a lot of each year and a recent one gave me enough warning to seek shelter when a tornado was spotted so I welcome the system and hope they get the bugs out in other areas of the country.

about a year ago

UCSD Lecturer Releases Geotagging Application For "Dangerous Guns and Owners"

Deemus Good intensions, bad idea. (976 comments)

Criminals rejoice! No longer do you have to randomly break in to houses to see what there is to steal. There's now an app to tell you exactly which houses to rob.

about a year and a half ago

Operation FastLink Yields Three Arrests

Deemus Historical note: (555 comments)

Also of note, this is the second time they've been busted for the same thing. The last time was in the early 90s then The Humble Babe(old member of The Humble Guys) got poped with the sysop of BBS-A-Holic for using stolen credit cards to by software and hardware. They used to be called USA/FLT (fairlight).

more than 10 years ago



Bionic cat with new legs created by Irish vet Read more: http://www.irishcentra

Deemus Deemus writes  |  about a year ago

Deemus (115875) writes "Irish vet Noel Fitzpatrick, from Mountmellick, County Laois, performed the first operation successfully fitting two bionic back paws to a very lucky black cat, Oscar. This is the first surgery of its kind in the world."
Link to Original Source


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