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Fedora To Get a New Partition Manager

Dekonega Fedora's Partitioning UI (170 comments)

I sincerely feel that Fedora's Partitioning UI is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. It was the biggest *huh* and *ugh* when I installed Fedora 19 and 20. It made no sense what so ever. I remember using Anaconda like in early 2000 to install Red Hat 9 and Fedora Core something and that UI worked just fine. The new UI in my opinion only confuses users and is clearly tuned towards formatting everything the HDD might already have such as Windows NT based OS.

OpenSuse has a reasonably good partitioning UI. YAST isn't the best thing out there but gets the job done. Ubuntu had the best one last time I checked. It actually told you everything you needed to know and expressed that with smart well designed visual cues. Ubuntu's partitioning UI isn't imho perfect and it could use an "advanced mode" but so far Ubiquity is the best I've seen around in Linux world. The best "advanced mode" ships with the Debian-installer as it allows some really wicked and truly flexible partitioning schemes to be made.

about a month and a half ago
top Announces Linux Support

Dekonega Re:Assets and third-party libraries are non-free (81 comments)

Id had to rewrite the Doom 3 engine to eliminate a patented "depth fail" shadow volume processing technique invented by William Bilodeau and Michael Songy of Creative Labs before its source could be released.

Those guys invented nothing. They were allowed to patent mathematics. Carmack's Reverse was independently discovered by John Carmack. He didn't know that the principles of his algorithm, the idea, had been patented. Besides he had an actual implementation of the thing. The version of z-fail in Creative's overly broadly worded patent isn't even a thing. Creative then used this as a leverage to blackmail id Software to include their EAX stuff into the game. This is a yet another good example why software patents need to die. Software patents are killing the economy and poisoning the academic circles. Copyright is sufficient protection.

about 3 months ago

Is LG's New Ultra Widescreen Display Better Than "Normal" 4K?

Dekonega TV/Movie-Widescreens fcksck! (304 comments)

I want 24' IPS 4:3s or 16:10s. Especially 16:10 is a beautiful widescreen aspect ratio. It's very good for working on a computer. 16:9 is only good for watching movies and perhaps some games which are in a movie aspect ratio. Try doing work with one and you'll get frustrated and annoyed. Even if you turn it 90 degrees it's still horrible. 16:10 for life! (If you absolutely need widescreen). Now excuse me, I need more beer.

about 5 months ago

Mysterious Disease May Be Carried by the Wind

Dekonega Interesting (72 comments)

Hmm... that's pretty interesting. I hope they can find the source and I do hope that some kind of Chinese factory isn't the cause because that would make the relationship between the two countries worse. But on the otherhand the China's leaders have been pretty public about the environmental issues lately. If the cause is indeed in China (although the researchers in the article doubted this) there's a good chance that this might offer the kind of catalyst to make Japanese industries more invested in helping Chinese industry to be more environmental friendly and for example share the green technology.

about 5 months ago

FCC Votes To Consider Next Round of 'Net Neutrality' Rules

Dekonega Re:The Democrats killed Net Neutrality !! (182 comments)

Some guy who seemed to be educated in this matter wrote ( ) that the republicans wanted to stall the situation and keep it as it is where no solution can be reached which allows the ISPs to misbehave while the FCC cannot enforce the rules. Democrats voted to open the conversation for public and they're playing a bit dangerous game where they're betting that public will now go and comment and give their piece of mind at and that way prevent the proposed "fast lanes", and get the ISPs reclassified under tier-2. But if that fails then the real shitstorm begins.

With that said I didn't quite understand why they cannot do so in the first place. In 2002 when they changed the classification to tier-1 it wasn't a big deal to them. But then I saw this article at Arstechnica...

Yeah... gg USA... gg...

about 5 months ago

VHS-Era Privacy Law Still Causing Headaches For Streaming Video

Dekonega A Good Law (62 comments)

That's a good law. We need more of those.

about 6 months ago

To Save the Internet We Need To Own the Means of Distribution

Dekonega IMHO (338 comments)

"Is the Internet essential infrastructure? Should local governments step in to preserve equality of access?"

Absolutely. As for the second question... Presuming that government will not start using the network to their own purposes. I'd say yes. But no matter who's in charge of the internet connections, there are always going to be organizations that will want to control it. Best way would be ensure in legal ways that there are lots of service providers, and laying cables on ground is cheap. Power should be in hands of the many rather than in hands of the few and selected.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Dekonega My answer to the question (452 comments)

I'd suggest the Fedora 20 and Gnome 3.10 as a desktop environment. I'd normally suggest to install Debian with Gnome or KDE, but Debian Jessie is only a year away, and current stable Debian is horribly out of date with the horrible Gnome 3.4 release.

As for tip for introducing Linux to people... It's important to make a clean break from Windows instead of trying to imitate Windows using for example KDE and skin it to look like Windows. That allows the people to open their minds for the fact that they're now dealing with something new and different. It might cause attitude problems at first. But those attitude problems are less problematic than the "why this doesn't work the way it works on this new version of Windows" problems when they're talking about the Linux you've installed. (I've noticed that quite many people equal OS with Windows and anything else doesn't exist in their minds even if you explain to them that GNU/Linux is a different operating system and that there are several operating systems in the world). It's also easier to tech and explain them things around the system.

It's also important not to lie about what they're using. Renaming desktop shortcut icon to Firefox into "Internet Explorer" only serves to cause confusion in people. This is especially bad since they're expecting to see "a familiar user interface" but when they see something completely different they start thinking that "I must have done something wrong" and that's something you want to avoid at any cost.

I personally use KDE as my desktop environment but, as much as it pains me, I'd never recommend KDE to a somebody who is a new Linux user. KDE just has too many things to adjust and it's unreliable desktop to use in the hands of the beginners. KDE is a powerful collection of tools no doubt about that but it has several things that work against it. KDE doesn't have a good reliable native web browser at the moment. Closest thing to that is Rekonq but it's too unstable and young project. Konqueror is also horribly out of date and it's web-browsing functionality is subpar when compared to other browsers. Opera doesn't care about their Linux port anymore but it's the closest good Qt based browser KDE has to offer. KDE also doesn't have a easy to use capable suite of office applications. If you think that Calligra is good enough, then you're lying to yourself. Skype for Linux uses Qt and is probably the best native application on the Qt side of things. Well, there's also KINO. KDE has three to four different native text editors that ship within the KDE suite, each with different levels of functionality, an tons of duplicated functionality. KDE in general has tons of dublicated functionality. Oh and we should probably talk about the KDE Wallet someday too... KDE is a very good desktop for power users but unsuitable for beginners. KDE's graphic design is also questionable because integration of components fails to meet some of the basic standards, and the Plasma is still a piece of junk. Everyday I hope that KDE project would reintroduce, bad as it was, the Kicker, back into the package. It was just way more reliable. I like KDE because it's flexible desktop but that flexibility is a very negative thing when a beginner starts to use Linux. For beginners KDE only serves as a demonstration that you can do whatever they want to do if and when they later require more functionality.

Gnome 3 as a desktop might be shit and Gnome Shell have some questionable design choises but there are several things that work for it's benefit when it's introduced to beginners or elderly. Gnome 3 has a limited amount of things to adjust in plain sight, Gnome has several native web browsers which are very capable, secure, and up to date (Epiphany (Gnome Web), Firefox and Chrome), native fully functional easy to use office suite in form of OpenOffice and LibreOffice, and let's not forget that the best image editor at the moment on Free Software camp is GIMP and it's a native GTK application. And Gnome 3.10 provides one basic application per one task to do. There are exactly one basic text editor, one basic photo library application, one basic music library application, one basic photo editor, and so on. This makes Gnome 3 easier to explain and to teach to people. Gnome 3 also comes with excellent documentation and helper applications with clean and easy to understand tutorials for everything. Gnome 3's Keychain application also better and is more transparent to user, exactly like comparable software in the Mac OS X.

Sorry about the fact that this became a rant about desktops. It wasn't my intention.

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Asks: Will You Need the Windows XP Black Market?

Dekonega It will finally happen! (245 comments)

The year of the Linux desktop is finally here!

about 6 months ago

MtGox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins In Old Wallet

Dekonega Remember guys (227 comments)

"It was an inside job, Like it always is, Chalk it up, To business as usual..." -- Don Henley

about 7 months ago

IBM Looking To Sell Its Semiconductor Business

Dekonega Re:Fun Fact about IBM (195 comments)

IBM helped the Nazis with the punchcard technology used to keep track of prisoners in concentration camps during WWII:

Not IBM itself but its german daughter subsidary at the nazi germany. Parent company probably did knew what their subsidary was doing but since it was profitable for them they didn't ask unnecessary questions. Officially the machines were used in a similar manner in all over the world to count population. There was nothing suspicious about that. I mean, it was a complete surprice for the allied troops to even find out that there were such work camps in existance. Retropespectively IBM did wrong though. And its undeniable that they had a role in the big picture. But stating that IBM directly took part in the genocide by helping nazis and knew about that on top of that too is just stating too much. Where's the evidence to support that?

about 8 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Dekonega Re:Hey theres a new beta slashdot? (2219 comments)

I hear it's best viewed in Internet Explorer.

Don't forget that you also need Windows 8 and Surface RT for the optimal reading experience.

about 8 months ago

SteamOS Will Be Available For Download On December 13

Dekonega Let's build our own SteamMachines (211 comments)

The beta is U.S. Only, and that's a shame. I was hoping for the world wide beta test. But I guess they had their reasons. But at least the SteamOS will be downloadable so I can build my own device. I probably won't be investing too much time or money into it. If I buy Antec ISK300-150 and make a ~400€ AMD APU powered indie game device it would probably serve its duty well (and afterwards be a nice tiny server box). You people can probably recommend something better if this idea seems bad. Or share suggestions for others to read.

about 10 months ago

Nokia's Elop Set To Receive $25 Million Bonus After Acquisition

Dekonega Stephen "The Microsoft Mole" Elop (196 comments)

Since he went and revealed to be part of the Belluzzo club of moles, it would only the fair and just if Elop was awarded title of "The Microsoft Mole". Don't you agree?

about a year ago

Official: Microsoft To Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business

Dekonega Re:Hmm... (535 comments)

How about... the IBM? Man, that would be funny.

about a year ago

According To YouGov Poll, Snowden Support Declining Among Americans

Dekonega A Hero (658 comments)

Snowden is a Hero. And Americans are stupid to believe the propaganda their TVs tout at them. And by stating this I probably will be unable to travel to USA just like those two British tourists where not able to travel there.

about a year ago

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

Dekonega Re:I look forward to hearing about why this will f (782 comments)

Xbox One / 10 will fail because...

No games. No seriously. Microsoft doesn't have anything to show us. They don't care about gaming at all. It took them 30 minutes to even mention games and gaming on Xbox One. And even when talking about games they just talked about their intentions. Microsoft only displayed three games on stage. And two of which were not even real gameplay but a prerendered video. Remedy's next game was sneak peeked and offered at least little bit of actual gameplay from an actual game. But then again the Microsoft caused a huge disappointment, a huge disappointment, among the fans of Remedy. Remedy's core audience consists mostly if not only Windows-PC gamers. There's just no way they can make their game exclusive and get away with it. Alan Wake was released for Windows too and so will this Quantum thing. We just have to wait during which Microsoft will do their best to promote the game as Xbox exclusive title. Nobody will buy a device based on a single title.

DRM - The Game Console. There's some trick going to be involved regarding selling and buying used games. What that trick is we don't know yet. But EA dropping their online pass was probably something they did in preparation for this. Microsoft spesifically says that buying used games is possible but ther aren't "disclosing more information about this at the moment" which is very suspicious. At least Microsoft's officials confirmed that you can go to a friend's house with the game, and once you've logged in with your own account and installed the game then you guys can play the game. Microsoft is not going to ask a fee for additional installs of game unlike the various sources reported. However Microsoft didn't confirm if the accounts which are associated with the device ID of the device your game is initially registered with can also run the game without asking you to login to your account first. Technically this could mean that not all the family members can even launch the game. Microsoft also essentially admits that you cannot borrow a game from your friend. Probably the most essential aspect of the closed gaming platforms and now you just cannot do it anymore. This is going to cribble Xbox One so badly that we can essentially already make the call that Xbox One will be the loser of the upcoming generation.

Always on-line not required but for all pratical purposes it has to be always on-line. If you buy a new game from a shop, you will not be able to play it unless the first time you play it you're connected to the internet so that the game's content ID can be registered with your account ID. Game developers and publishers are given tools to enable always on-line for their games. Xbox One games don't have to be constantly on-line, but if for example the publisher decides that the game has to be always online to function, then they are able to do it. Which is pretty much line with Microsoft's alignment with region-locked content. Game developer and publisher are given choise to region-lock their game if they so want.

Xbox One is made by Americans for Americans. The TV stuff only works in the USA. The content services tied to the Xbox One only work in USA. And most of the functionality Microsoft spoke of will only work in USA. This will restrict the sales of the new Xbox dramatically.

Every game is installed into the HDD in the name of "progress". Xbox One has an HDD users cannot replace. But Microsoft offers two USB 3.0 ports which you can plug-in external HDD and at least Microsoft claims that users can use the external HDD just like the internal e.g. installing the games, profile management, etc.

Kinect is a requirement. This is not just creepy but probably a outright violation of digital rights. First of all Kinect will always be monitoring the room for "Xbox on" command. Even when it seemingly is not powered. Since we know that the device's user agreement will contain something alone the lines of "submitting audio samples to microsoft for improving the service quality" the thing stinks already. Call me a tinfoilhat person but that's out right ridiculous if you can't operate the device without Kinect like they claimed during the presentation.

No backwards compability with Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live Arcade games. I think that deserves an archievement that they apparently aren't able to bring native execution of Xbox games to Xbox One.

Hardware is less capable than in PS4 and in current Linux/Windows/OSX PCs. But on the otherhand it's much more than what Nintendo has in their WiiU.

Xbox One is a silly name which will cause confusion among the people about the difference of Xbox and Xbox One.

And now I need to hit back to write SQL stuff. Otherwise I'd add even more stuff about why Xbox One will fail.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Securing a Windows Laptop, For the Windows Newbie?

Dekonega Sometips to beginning Windows user. (LBs included) (503 comments)

I try to keep this short...

#1 The Lenovo T400 will not run the World of Warcraft or the League of Legends. It doesn't have the needed hardware to do so. Check the recommended hardware requirements for both of these games, and make sure the computer you'll give him has a decent CPU, enough RAM and, this is important, a good GPU. Your problems with World of Warcraft and WINE probably were caused by the insufficient hardware.

#2 Windows installations these days are theoretically pretty safe to use. But you still want to install anti-virus software such as F-Secure, or Microsoft Security Essentials. You can fill up the Windows with tons of free software including the browser and the necessary utils. It's important that you at least install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I recommend Google Chrome because it comes with it's own Flash, and is updated automatically without user interaction, and because it has way better user interface than what Firefox has.

#3 Also get a disc image tool. I know from experience that after everything has been set, it takes maybe two months and the kid might make the system go into such condition, that it will not boot up, or might require huge clean up operation. HDD cloning makes it easy to restore the system in case of a failure.

#4 Give your kid freedoms! Let him experience and experiment with all kinds of software and operating environments. Make him understand that nothing he does, will break the system. It's also important to teach that if the system breaks down, he has to be able to restore it by himself. And don't let him use the HDD image. Make him do it the complete Windows installation process.

#5 To fight against Blizzard account hacking, make sure your kids use Blizzard authenticator.

about 2 years ago


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