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Driver's Licenses with Digital Watermarks

Delphis Re:Great Move, With a Caveat (373 comments)

As someone who is on the downhill stretch of dealing with the INS (permanent resident with 10yr green card now), I can tell you that yes, it is already illegal if you do keep the INS informed of your current address within about 2 weeks after you move (I think it's 10 days, but I could be wrong). Those laws were pre 9/11 too.

If it was tied in with drivers license... bleh, okay.. I ALREADY have to carry my green-card with me everywhere I go, so that's no big deal to me. The only thing different is that my green card does not have my address on, my drivers license does. So that would be additional pressure to get the drivers license renewed.

The only time that MAY be a problem is if you move somewhere temporarily, like I recently did. I called the INS and sent in the form both times, but I only changed my drivers license once we were in our house, i.e. not the temporary apartment. So if it were law that you'd have to change your drivers license both times, that would SUCK since it costs money to do so. Mailing a form and a toll-free cost nothing but time.

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