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Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

Derekloffin Re:The nanny state continues (518 comments)

Even if you check every mirror religiously, unless you are Superman and come equipped with X-ray vision or some equivalent, you still will have blind spots including, very importantly, the area this camera system is meant to cover, and even more importantly it is the path you are moving in. Even if you go the extra mile and circle check your vehicle before getting in, that only tells you nothing was behind you when you did the circle check. Due diligence will not eliminate the problem, it can only reduce it. This camera also won't eliminate it, but will likely do a lot more to reduce it.

about three weeks ago

Programmer Privilege

Derekloffin Don't think this sort of thing is limited to CS (353 comments)

I got my CS degree and by Biology degree and I can attest at times there were lectures or meetings where stuff was flying miles over my head, but that was true in both departments. The general assumption, I think, in any department is that once you get by the entry level, you're assumed to know stuff, sometimes way beyond what you probably actually know. I think it is just human nature. You go into a group of people that you figure know a topic, you don't give them all background checks to ensure they do actually know the topic, you tend to assume it. The best you can do as someone bringing the topic up is ask if people are really following you and hope they are honest.

about 3 months ago

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Ban On Licensed Gun Dealers Unconstitutional

Derekloffin Re:Wrong target (934 comments)

I agree that a city ban is useless. Geography and the realities of enforcement make any such ban on firearms pointless as they are easily avoided. However, the point that it is the illegal owners is rather pointless too. At one point, pretty much all guns were legally owned, whether by their manufacturer or some individual. The problem is that it is painfully easy with that many guns out there circulating to get one of those legal guns and have it become an illegal gun. And so far, no one has come up with an even modestly effective means of stopping that conversion process so people naturally look to the next thing up the chain which actually could be enforced if it weren't for a certain amendment.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

Derekloffin Re:Two things: (465 comments)

I remember seeing a job add long time ago that required 5 years experience with Java... when Java was 3 and a bit years old. That was amusing.

about 5 months ago

Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple, Google and Others Given the Green Light

Derekloffin Re:Where's the union? (172 comments)

Don't get ahead of yourself my friend. This is just the start of the suit. Nothing says this suit will be successful, or that the resolution will be helpful to the employees even if it is successful.

about 6 months ago

Elon Musk Making a Working Version of James Bond's Submersible Car

Derekloffin Re:impossible (91 comments)

I don't think it is impossible, but there will definitely be a lot of hurdles. If I recall, to get it to transform, you'll need the planes to somehow come out from the wheel wells and be controllable. You'll need the shutters to slid into place over every window. Keeping the cabin water tight will be fun while still having it function properly out of the water (most subs don't have conventional doors for instance). Of course you need air supply and ballast control, as well as the rudders and props. Definitely not an easy project.

about 6 months ago

Obama Administration Refuses To Overturn Import Ban On Samsung Products

Derekloffin Re:Rightly So (298 comments)

Indeed, while the situations aren't the same, the situations speak to resolutions that we're getting the opposite of. The FRAND patents are very important tech patents, the very fact that they are vital speaks to their importance, while the design patents aren't, yet, the design patents are getting more protection than the tech patents. That really makes no sense. Maybe Samsung was abusing things, I can't really say for sure, but the reasoning that they are FRAND therefore they should be bypassable is just destructive.

about 7 months ago

Could IBM's Watson Put Google In Jeopardy?

Derekloffin Re:Better searches no good if they're too slow (274 comments)

This, this, and more this. People seem to always forget that you don't get exclusive access to something like this on the net. It is like guys going gaga over the cloud and misapplying the possibilities, completely ignoring that you have to server thousands, perhaps even millions of requests at once.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is Patent License Trading Not Trolling?

Derekloffin Re:NPEs truly aren't the problem (191 comments)

Pretty much. Put another way, the Patent system is being gamed now. It is like a really old server running old software, all the hacks are known and it will be serving porn within the hour. Patent system really isn't much different. The law is really old. All the cracks and exploits are now well known by the legal community, and it is now not doing its intended job, instead of the legal hackers are exploiting it.

about 7 months ago

NRA Joins ACLU Lawsuit Against NSA

Derekloffin Re:This just in: (531 comments)

Well, I'm not so sure. Although it is wholly illogical, there is a common issue of human perception that having X associated with Y when you view X negatively, makes Y seem negative as well. I must admit, that the NRA's case is so... sloppy, it kinda makes me feel like the whole issue is likewise overblown, even though it isn't.

about 8 months ago

Federal Judge Rules NYC "Stop and Frisk" Violated Rights

Derekloffin Re:I don't understand (308 comments)

That depends. Several things play into crimes that are even difficult to conceal. Just because we know Joe was murdered doesn't mean we find his killer. Just because we find Joe's killer doesn't mean we can get a conviction. Even if you can get a conviction doesn't mean the crime is punished in the same way. Add to that that in the long term, a bias in enforcement can cause behavior shifts in the populous and that further complicates the matter.

about 8 months ago

Federal Judge Rules NYC "Stop and Frisk" Violated Rights

Derekloffin Bloomberg, I have a great PR idea for you! (308 comments)

Just have a directive that all city officials will be frisked at least once randomly each day. I'm sure once people see their public officials undergoing the same unwarranted searches they will be perfectly fine with it... assuming the public official don't quit first.

about 8 months ago

Campaign To Kill CAPTCHA Kicks Off

Derekloffin Re:Good riddance (558 comments)

Indeed. A couple sites I visit have captcha's on their login pages, not account creation, login, and the really annoying ones that even I, a well sighted person, can't read about 1/2 of them. I know they want to avoid spambots, but seriously, why do I need this stuff when I already have an account? You afraid someone is going to hammer the login? Well, I can tell you implementing a simple couple second timer is far less annoying than those captcha's are.

about 9 months ago

Lawmakers Try To Block Black Box Technology In Cars, DVR Tracking

Derekloffin Re:I wouldn't mind it if... (167 comments)

Just to be a bit silly: Actually, you'd still be a contributing factor to the rear-ender. If you are close enough that a low speed collision pushed you ahead into the car ahead of you, you are too close. If you are speaking of a high speed collision, then I'm pretty sure the damage to the rear of your vehicle would speak just as well to the point that it wasn't your fault.

about 10 months ago

Comcast To Expand Public WiFi Using Home Internet Connections

Derekloffin Re:Comcast Router? I think not (203 comments)

That all depends. Don't know about Comcast, but both my local providers, the modem and the router are the same thing. They are a combined device. Not even sure you can get separate ones anymore.

about 10 months ago

Researchers Are Developing Ad Hoc Networks For Car-To-Car Data Exchange

Derekloffin Re:Hacking potential (126 comments)

My thoughts exactly, this sounds great in theory until you realize that the driving populous is no where even remotely responsible or consistent enough for something like to work. Add deviants deliberately sabotaging the system in and this is just a pipe dream at best.

about a year ago

Hands-Free Or Voice-Activated Texting Not Safer

Derekloffin Re:Passengers vs. cell phones (157 comments)

Apparently not, but they figure the reason for such is the passengers tend to compensate with their own awareness for the distraction they add. Remote people can't compensate in this manner, and obviously the phone itself does not either.

1 year,1 day

Some Windows XP Users Can't Afford To Upgrade

Derekloffin Re:Disable Networking (953 comments)

You assume that is an option. Many of these are have network components and require network access. You can probably do some heavy duty port blocking and such, but even that assumes the user has enough knowledge to know what they can and can't block.

1 year,2 days


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