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Kids With Operators Manual Alert Bank Officials: "We Hacked Your ATM"

Destined Soul Operator Mode (378 comments)

I wonder what actually is accessible via operator mode. Changing text and the fees is one thing, but can it actually give the 'operator' any money by either changing the account where fees are deposited and/or by directly 'withdrawing' the money on the spot (without a bank account).

about 3 months ago

Newspaper "Hacks Into" Aussie Gov't Website By Guessing URL

Destined Soul Re:Proposal for Australia (271 comments)

Now /. needs a "Informative yet Funny" mod, if not at least for the above comment.

Next thing they'll be banning IE, Firefox, et al, for making one-click hacking software. Retarded* politicians.

(* I have a Down's syndrome brother, so I liberally apply the word retarded for those who act worse than my brother.)

more than 4 years ago

Newspaper "Hacks Into" Aussie Gov't Website By Guessing URL

Destined Soul Re:As long as the URL is secret, it is an attack (271 comments)

I know I RTFA, but I haven't had my coffee yet. I had thought they guessed URLs within the site to see if there was something new but they just clicked on a link.

On that I change my tune a bit as I think of regular pings as normal knocks on the door. Answer and expect to get a visit from a salesman. Just because I only gave out my domain name to my 10 close friends doesn't mean that I don't expect others. However, I start for my phone/baseball bat when someone tries to get in after they've been denied regular access.

more than 4 years ago

Newspaper "Hacks Into" Aussie Gov't Website By Guessing URL

Destined Soul Re:As long as the URL is secret, it is an attack (271 comments)

I was thinking along these lines. I remember coming across the following in my linux apache logs and definitely thought of it an attack probe: "GET /c/winnt/system32/cmd.exe?/c+dir HTTP/1.0" Surely this can also be done via just an URL but that doesn't make it right.

Just because you leave your door open doesn't make someone going through it not trespassing, lock or not. Checking all of the windows and doors to see if there's a way in also doesn't really help with the "I wasn't trespassing" argument, either.

I do admit it should have been locked down, though. At least IP filter access to the site if you're still in testing.

more than 4 years ago

Rockstar Employees Badly Overworked, Say Wives

Destined Soul Re:Only 6 days a week? (633 comments)

Okay, you got me curious.. are you working 7 days a week at 12+ hours each day? Or is it a lot fewer hours just over the entire week?

If so, do you have a happily married wife and kid(s)? I know a few people that would be fine with working solid 10+ hour days a week all week but they have no life nor significant others.

I'm not trying to argue that it's wrong but I am curious how you would do it. I've done 55+ hour work weeks for months in a row and it was starting to take its toll on my family.

more than 4 years ago

Office Work Ethic In the IT Industry?

Destined Soul Re:IT vs. factory (709 comments)

Oyes, welcome to the IT = {Support, Programming} pairing. From what I read, I thought the original question was referring to programmers.

more than 4 years ago

Office Work Ethic In the IT Industry?

Destined Soul Re:People aren't robots (709 comments)

I agree. For me, the shower is one of the best places and usually the most consistently productive. I think you nailed it on the head with your mind not having to get hung up on solving it so the pressure is dropped. *wishes he, or someone reading this, could mod you up*

more than 4 years ago

Dad Delivers Baby Using Wiki

Destined Soul Re:He did what? (249 comments)

Or, if not the midwife, why not 911? That was the first thing that came to my mind once I read that it was on a friggin blackberry. I'm not sure which bothers me more: the fact that he didn't CALL a medical professional OR that he (and a lot of others here) seemingly think there is nothing wrong with googling for medical directions for something this critical? I can just see the next incident now: "oh, no, I fell into a ravine and broke both legs. Good thing I have my cell phone, I can google how to make up some splints to get out of here." Maybe then again there are websites that are fully sanctioned sites that give proper, legally approved medical advice (ie: the types that aren't likely to get sued into oblivion if something went wrong)? That or the blackberry has WiFi / data but no voice plan?

more than 4 years ago

Cooling Bags Could Cut Server Cooling Costs By 93%

Destined Soul Re:Doesn't look practical (135 comments)

Actually, it looks fine after some initial glances. They put up a video on youtube here where the interior is liquid filled for direct contact with all of the components, then a secondary liquid system (it seems) outside uses the plating case as a heat exchanger and takes it away to the central lines out of the cooling system.

more than 4 years ago

Bad PC Sales Staff Exposed

Destined Soul It's not just Dell... (650 comments)

as a friend was told at Future Shop that she should get a router instead of a switch because you would manually have to switch between which computer you want to talk to your cable modem.

more than 4 years ago

Gaming On Windows 7

Destined Soul Re:DX9 vs DX10 / 11 (554 comments)

So why does the OP say that this is DX10's fault and that DX9 is better? Wouldn't it be better to say that his processor is too slow instead of blaming DX?

more than 5 years ago

Questioning Mozilla's Plans For HTML5 Video

Destined Soul Re:Somebody help me on this (242 comments)

That's because this is slashdot, where few people actually read the linked stories before posting their thoughts on the summary.

more than 5 years ago

Making Strides Toward Low-Cost LED Lighting

Destined Soul Re:Do LEDs blink ? (398 comments)

Actually, it is quite possible that dargaud saw frequency modulation. It is possible to over-power an LED but to pulse it such that the overall average is within the power limit. This is more of a guess on my part as I haven't played with overpowering LEDs much, but I would guess that the manufacturer had to power the LED so high (to get bright enough) that the frequency rate came within dargaud's visible range in order not to have the average power beyond the limit. I also wouldn't hold it to the maker to presume that anything above 60Hz is fine.

Odd about the dimming the light that way; IIRC the LEDs I've used can be extremely dim with low enough voltages without having to flicker it on/off.

more than 6 years ago


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