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Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

DickBreath Re:find another job... (285 comments)

When something gets royally F-ed up, and eventually it will, who is going to get the blame?

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: System Administrator Vs Change Advisory Board

DickBreath Re:SCCM (285 comments)

Just include the link. Don't bother with the expanded content. Make them feel like they are doing real work by having to click the link.

Bureaucrats need jobs too! They are a help to the organization in the same way that leeches are a help to their host organism.

2 days ago

Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

DickBreath Re:If this were the US.... (408 comments)

> The term you are looking for is "Faith-based economic policy".

I think this also works if you replace the word economic to get one of the following:

* Faith-based social policy
* Faith-based foreign policy
* Faith-based domestic policy
* Faith-based public policy
* Faith-based science policy
* Faith-based government policy

Or simply remove the word economic and get:
* Faith-based policy

about two weeks ago

NASA Laying Foundation For Jupiter Moon Space Mission

DickBreath Re:Thick ice layter (100 comments)

Wouldn't a 75 KW plutonium powered heater do the trick for getting through the ice?

Now once you get through the ice, the ocean dwellers below might not be happy about it.

about two weeks ago

Tesla: A Carmaker Or Grid-Storage Company?

DickBreath Re:There is already a Tesla home battery pack (151 comments)

> It doesn't sit well with me and I won't do business that way.

What is the problem with reducing your energy cost while at the same time helping the planet?

While I usually like pricks, in your case I will make an exception.

about two weeks ago

Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw

DickBreath Microsoft takes security very seriously (196 comments)

Stop complaining.

Microsoft fixed it, didn't they?

Microsoft takes security seriously.

(Hey, stop it. Stop laughing. Hey, I said STOP LAUGHING!)

about two weeks ago

Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

DickBreath Re:BS (364 comments)

> Austin, TX loves to do this around 2am so that the green starts on an UP HILL! Fine,
> I'll burn more gas and contribute to global warming...with fucking glee!!!

Don't think of it as increasing global warming, which some Texans would tell you doesn't even exist. Rather, think of it as helping the business of all those poor, underprivileged oil producers. Texas is a PRO-business state. One of the legislators said so.

about two weeks ago

Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

DickBreath Re:Its called paying attention (364 comments)

> The idea is that when you are 1000m away from the light and can't see the countdown
> timer your car tells you something like "maintain 30kph to avoid having to stop".

It would be much more welcome news to hear my car tell me: "increase speed to 85 mph to avoid having to stop".

about two weeks ago

Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

DickBreath Look at the bright side (150 comments)

At least most modern mobile plans give you unlimited SMS.

about three weeks ago

Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

DickBreath Re:Diebold? (150 comments)

> They now call themselves Premier Election Systems.

OT, I know, but shouldn't that be: Premier Election Rigging Systems?

about three weeks ago

Remote ATM Attack Uses SMS To Dispense Cash

DickBreath Re:Diebold (150 comments)

Okay. Let me amend the article summary for you . . .

"Symantec has demonstrated it with an ATM in its labs, though it is not revealing the brand of the vulnerable machines . . . because Diebold already has a bad enough reputation with it's e-voting machines.


about three weeks ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

DickBreath Re:Demand all you want (667 comments)

Look, it is not an entitlement mentality. Isn't the first amendment all about the freedom of being able to express a point of view supporting intelligent design, and then force other people to agree with it?

about three weeks ago

In the Unverified Digital World, Are Journalists and Bloggers Equal?

DickBreath Professionals ? (156 comments)

We've all seen the professionals get it wrong. Sometimes very wrong.

Furthermore, dedicated ammatuers who focus on a particular subject often have quicker and better coverage of news on that topic. Professional mass media news often over simplifies news, sometimes to the point of almost losing the story.

Then we've all seen the bias of professional news organizations. Freedom of the press is for whoever owns one. Look at how all mainstream mass media was completely silent about SOPA until the Internet forced the issue into the public eye. Then, the professional journalists all told whatever story their owners wanted us to hear.

I'm not saying that professional journalism is all bad. It's just not all good either. And the same for ammatuers. It is up to you to decide what news sources you trust. Some professionals have, and should rightfully so, not be given any trust.

We now have news channels that are more about info-tainment and the most fantastical splashy graphics than they are about real news. Closing down bureaus and getting rid of real investigative reporters because it is cheaper to just do talking heads? Then we also have professional news sources whose entire purpose is to promote a particular ideology. So maybe, increasingly, the only difference between the ammatuers and professionals is how big a budget they have? Now TV news anchors have to be fashion models. But in the past they had to be journalists who eventually earned the position of anchor. They weren't models, they just had to look okay.

So I find arguments about the goodness of professional news over news on the internet to be less than completely convincing.

about a month ago

Gmail Goes HTTPS Only For All Connections

DickBreath Re:Uh the NSA post it says different (141 comments)

> Google was only furious because the NSA was accessing the data without paying.

Wrong. Google was only furious because the NSA was accessing the data without seeing ads.

about a month ago

Gmail Goes HTTPS Only For All Connections

DickBreath Re:More lip service (141 comments)

Better to compromise certificate authorities than to compromise certificates.

After all, who wouldn't trust a certificate authority. There are so many to choose from.

If your browser is presented with a genuine signed Google.com certificate, issued by Honest Achmed's Trusty Certificates of Tehran Iran, then why shouldn't your browser just trust this certificate from a trusted CA?

about a month ago

Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

DickBreath Re:Recording Bab5 Fandom (276 comments)

> How DID the Narn (an agrarian society at that time) manage to drive the Shadows from their home world?

I thought it was clear that Narn telepaths "mind walkers" did this. Perhaps the Narn had especially powerful telepaths, and that was the reason it was necessary to remove the telepath gene from the Narn race.

about a month ago

Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

DickBreath Re:Wait (140 comments)

> What's wrong with notepad?

What's wrong with Edlin?

about a month ago

Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

DickBreath Re:Not surprising (140 comments)

> > You obviously have never used GNU/Emacs.

> or Turbo Pascal

of Edlin.

about a month ago



Apple Bounceback patent FINAL rejection from USPTO affects Samsung damages

DickBreath DickBreath writes  |  1 year,16 days

DickBreath (207180) writes "I knew when Apple won against Samsung that it was just a little bit too soon for Apple to start counting those billions. According to Groklaw Apple's '381 patent has received a final rejection from the USPTO. This will have a huge effect on the damages Apple won in the Apple vs. Samsung I which is still in appeal. Apple and Samsung are squabbling over whether the Apple vs Samsung II trial should wait on the outcome of the appeal of Apple vs Samsung I."

Hell Freezes Over: SCO vs IBM trial back on again

DickBreath DickBreath writes  |  more than 2 years ago

DickBreath (207180) writes "It looks like the lawsuit SCO started back in March 2003 against IBM (but really against Linux) is back on again.

SCO first filed this clue-challenged lawsuit in March 2003. SCO claimed Linux was contaminated with code IBM stole from UNIX and that it was impossible to remove the infringement. Therefore, said SCO, all Linux users owe SCO a license fee of $1399 per cpu — but since SCO are such great guys, for a limited time, you can pay only $699 per CPU for your dirty infringing copy of Linux.

Of course, Novell claimed and later proved in court that SCO doesn't even own the copyrights on UNIX that it is suing over.

IBM claims there is no infringing code in Linux. SCO never provided evidence of the massive infringement it claimed existed. The source ordered SCO three times to produce its evidence, twice extending the deadline, until it set a FINAL deadline of Dec 22, 2005 — which came and went — with SCO producing nothing but a lot of hand waving. Meantime, SCO filed for bankruptcy protection in September 2007 because it was being beaten up in court so badly with the court going against SCO."

Link to Original Source

SCO is Toast! Court Rules: Novell owns UNIX.

DickBreath DickBreath writes  |  more than 6 years ago

DickBreath writes "Judge Kimball has ruled in the SCO vs. Novell. See it here on Groklaw.

SCO does not own Unix copyrights. Therefore, SCO has no standing to sue IBM re: Linux.

Example of standing: Jane cannot sue Bill for sealing John's tires. Jane does not have standing. (although John has standing to sue Bill for stealing his tires.)

SCO does not have standing for the lawsuit it filed against IBM back in Mar 2003. SCO was hoping to win $5 Billion from IBM, and then charge every Linux user $699 per cpu.

There is not yet an outcome in the IBM case. But I would be willing to bet we'll see some action RSN."

Link to Original Source


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