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Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

Digital Vomit We Need a *Maximum* Wage (1040 comments)

What we really need is a maximum wage; a maximum amount of annual income -- from any source -- that a person can make. This maximum amount should be tied to the median income or some such so that if the rich and powerful want to increase their earning limit, they have to do things that will benefit all of society instead of hurting all of society.

Too much of the economy's lifeblood (i.e. money) is sequestered in the bank accounts of the ultra-wealthy, which a) stalls the economy, and b) gives a disproportionate amount of socio-political power to those individuals. The current vast difference in wealth is as damaging to the human race as things like racism, homophobia, nationalism, etc. (if not more so), and people really need to realize this.

There is an entire class of people that most of society never sees, but which has a profound impact on their lives...and our current economic setup promotes sociopaths and psychopaths into this class. These people have the economic power and the self-centered focus to literally destroy the planet. This situation has to be rectified.

about 8 months ago

NASA Puts Its New Spacesuit Design To a Public Vote

Digital Vomit Is it going to be used in space? (127 comments)

Is the design that is selected going to fly to space?



about 10 months ago

RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

Digital Vomit A better headline... (423 comments)

I think a better headline would have been "Radio Shack still has at least 1,100 stores".

about a year ago

Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World

Digital Vomit Re:Vive le Galt! (695 comments)

...the current system...[does not guarantee] distribution to the places best or helpful for society.

And it shouldn't, as people disagree on what that means and where those are.

They do? Don't most people want a place to live, food to eat, some entertainment, and some support, at the very least?

In situations where manipulative marketing and divisive politicking hasn't rotted people's brains, people overwhelming agree on at least the basics of where at least some resources should be distributed for the benefit of society.

about 10 months ago

Mt. Gox Gone? Apparent Theft Shakes Bitcoin World

Digital Vomit Re:Vive le Galt! (695 comments)

This guy had a lot of great ideas, including:

  • Guaranteed basic income linked to national average
  • A cap on annual income
  • A cap on personal wealth
  • A cap on inheritance

Of course, he ended up getting assassinated and his program was purposefully run into the ground after his death.

And that's the real trick. The trouble is not coming up with great ideas that we know will work; the trouble is trying to implement them without getting murdered by the already-rich-and-powerful.

about 10 months ago

Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

Digital Vomit Is this a serious question? (627 comments)

"Does using a word processor make you lazy with the language? Would you be better off programming with punch cards?"

about 10 months ago

Candy Crush Maker King.com Has Trademarked 'Candy' For Games

Digital Vomit Re:This stuff is so stupid (and so is Forbes) (169 comments)

I don't get it when people dis "copycat apps", claiming they are "ripping off" the original authors. Copied games are probably the purest form of the free-market in action; they provide alternate sources for the same (or similar) product, and they encourage competition.

1 year,3 days

An Iowa ISP's Metered Pricing: What Will the Market Bear?

Digital Vomit Solution: End Internet Privatization (479 comments)

I think [internet] communication is such a fundamental need for society that we can't risk having internet access remain in the hands of private interests. Internet access -- from the wires in the ground to the modem in your home -- needs to become a public good. Taxes should pay for everyone to have free internet access at the highest level of quality that society can reasonably afford.

1 year,4 days

Robots Test Their Own World Wide Web

Digital Vomit Re:cloud based world-wide-web? (64 comments)

Yawn. Wake me when they put that cloud-based world-wide-web on the internet.

1 year,8 days

EA Caves: SimCity Offline Mode Coming

Digital Vomit Re:Not for me (198 comments)

It's free in the sense that everyone can vote with their wallet

But that's not "free" as in "free market", as the parent just explained. You can't have a free market and copyright law at the same time. Copyright prevents you from "voting with your wallet" in the free market sense because it reduces the number of competitors to zero.

1 year,10 days

EA Caves: SimCity Offline Mode Coming

Digital Vomit Re:too little too late? (198 comments)

You better believe if a dude doesn't get anal and tells upgrayyd cinammon is gonna have a black eye.

That's Upgraydd.

Remember: the extra 'd' is for a double dose of his pimping.

1 year,10 days

How much of your media do you store locally?

Digital Vomit Re:All of it - So you can loose all of it (187 comments)

Why should I store any of my media (or other data, for that matter) anyplace else? Storing it in the cloud only works for as long as your cloud provider stays in business, and what I store is my business and nobody else's.

Storing it locally works as long as you don't get robbed...
and your house don't burn down...
and you don't get hit by major disaster (i.e. flood)...
and your storage medium doesn't fail...

I keep mine locally (2 redundant systems) and in cloud

It's not a real cloud, you know. All those things can happen to stuff stored "in the cloud" as well.

about a year ago

UK Retailer Mistakenly Sends PS Vitas, Threatens Legal Action To Get Them Back

Digital Vomit Re:Jackpot (617 comments)

If there's a bank error in your favor, you don't get to keep the money.

Damn you, uncle Pennybags! You lied to me!

about a year ago

Mathematical Model of Zombie Epidemics Reveals Two Types of Living-Dead Strains

Digital Vomit It hurts to read! (163 comments)

This generally involves three populations of individuals: those who are susceptible to disease, those who are infected and those who recover, return to the population and are no longer susceptible.

For goodness' sake, learn to comma!

about a year ago

MPAA Backs Anti-Piracy Curriculum For Elementary School Students

Digital Vomit Re:Education? (250 comments)

Tell me just how an artist or distributor of content is supposed to make a living regardless of the length of time given for the "limited time" as listed in the Constitution?

By doing real work like everyone else.

about a year ago

Critics Reassess Starship Troopers As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

Digital Vomit Re:The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug. (726 comments)

the world is governed by a democracy in which only those who have served in the military can vote. The argument is that voting rights are open to anybody, but only after demonstrating a willingness to sacrifice for the common good. Non-voters still obtain the same freedoms/rights/etc, but are not trusted with the operation of the government.

I used to naively think that sounded like a good idea. Senator John McCain completely shattered that illusion.

about a year ago

Snowden Publishes "A Manifesto For the Truth"

Digital Vomit Re:how long (398 comments)

Why don't you run for office

There are still people out there who think regular folks can run for office and not be instantly destroyed/disqualified by the Establishment?

You can't run as part of one of the two parties in the US if the party doesn't want you (e.g. Stephen Colbert), and you don't get serious media attention unless you belong to one of the two parties (e.g. Jill Stein) -- and even if you do belong to one of the two major parties, you don't really get any serious attention if the handful of people who own the media don't like you (e.g. Ron Paul).

99% of Americans can't just "run" for political office even if they had the time and money to do so. The system has evolved prevent that sort of thing.

about a year ago

Physicist Unveils a 'Turing Test' For Free Will

Digital Vomit Re:Siri doesn't have free will (401 comments)

How do you choose not to believe something? A person is either convinced something is true or he isn't.

about a year ago



Is There Any Hope For The Gaming Industry?

Digital Vomit Digital Vomit writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Digital Vomit (891734) writes "With the upcoming reboot of the famous X-COM franchise of squad-based tactical games, it's troubling to see how the video game industry, as a whole, has declined and stagnated. Being well past the golden and silver ages, the modern gaming industry has devolved into a glut of clones of roughly two or three dominant genres. Much of the blame for this can be attributed to the attitude of game publishers, such as 2K Games' president, Christoph Hartmann, who said, of the X-COM franchise:

"The '90s generation of gamers all love Xcom and we own the IP, so we thought OK, what do we do with it? Every studio we had wanted to do it and each one had its own spin on it. But the problem was that turn-based strategy games were no longer the hottest thing on planet Earth. But this is not just a commercial thing — strategy games are just not contemporary."

Is there any way to save the gaming industry from itself, or is it doomed to stagnate under the control of narrow-sighted publishers?"
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Digital Vomit Digital Vomit writes  |  more than 8 years ago It's getting pretty frustrating to have my moderations against flamebait and trolls being moderated as 'unfair' simply because the meta-moderators enjoy Christian bashing. Ah, c'est la vie at Slashdot.


Digital Vomit Digital Vomit writes  |  about 9 years ago Surprise, surprise. I moderated an intolerant comment as flamebait, but since the intolerance was toward Christian beliefs, my moderation was meta-moderated as "unfair". Typical Slashdot.


What the heck?

Digital Vomit Digital Vomit writes  |  more than 9 years ago So, my comment to this post was mysteriously deleted. I had not realized the antichristian zeal on Slashdot had gotten so bad that the admins would actually delete posts that try to clear up misconceptions about Christ.

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