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Atari Emulation of CRT Effects On LCDs

DilbertLand Re:Overdid it. (226 comments)

I think it's specifically trying to reproduce the look of an old television CRT.

more than 5 years ago

Wii 'Popularity Bubble' to Burst?

DilbertLand Re:Who could've guessed!? (426 comments)

I was disappointed by the remote also. It was much less precise than I had hoped or had been lead to believe in a lot of the reviews. The local BestBuy happened to get a shipment last Friday so I picked one up since there were a couple on the shelf. I played the sports package for about 45 minutes. Now, a week later, I haven't touched the system once - and really don't have any desire to do so. I'll likely just pack it back up and return it so it'll have a better home. I think it's a reasonably good attempt for the first generation of motion sensing controllers, but it's not good enough for me (personally) to find it an enjoyable experince.

about 7 years ago


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