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NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website

Dimensio Re:Decontamination (780 comments)

I am somewhat surprised that the city is not blaming the gun range for the lead contamination in every body of water in the city.

about a year ago

Vulnerability Found In Skyrim, Fallout, Other Bethesda Games

Dimensio Re:Whats the purpose of this (179 comments)

Some games do in fact request Administrator rights when run from Steam on every launch. Typically, this is a consequence of a bugged launch condition check that fails to accurately detect that needed libraries are often installed; choosing not to authenticate will still allow those games to run properly, and workarounds exist to eliminate the incorrect detection entirely.

about a year and a half ago

Using Technology To Make Guns Safer

Dimensio Re:Missing the point. (1013 comments)

The term "assault weapon" is a nebulous term based upon the presence of features that do not affect actual firearm function. Most "assault weapons" are in fact civilian sporting rifles featuring a pistol grip and at least one other defining feature that are most commonly seen at target ranges and occasionally in the hands of hunters.

The term is applied for the specific purpose of confusing those unfamiliar with firearms into believing that common civilian sporting firearms are actually military weapons.

about 2 years ago

Review of Discovery Institute's Evolution Textbook

Dimensio Re:2 - The Great Flood (Where are all the Unicorns (756 comments)

There is evidence that the electromagnetic properties of the medium of space itself have indeed changed dramatically over time.

Then you should be able to reference this evidence. Please do so.

about 6 years ago


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