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Time Warner Cable Experiences Nationwide Internet Outage

Dins Re:Is this news? (92 comments)

I've been using them since early April of this year, and so far so good. Aside from this incident, I think there was one other instance where I was down for maybe 15 minutes.

That said, they're overpriced and I don't trust them at all. If the Comcast thing goes through I'll be looking at my options, but unfortunately I don't think I have many good ones.

1 hour ago

Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

Dins Re:Are we, America, butthurt? (179 comments)

CERN isn't filled with scientists, it's filled with retards that can't think of a better way to probe the universe than to smash stuff and see how it breaks apart. It's the physics equivalent of a "doctor" trying to model the inside of the nose throat and lungs by looking at the pattern produced when someone sneezes. It's tard-science, plain and simple.

Alright, I'll bite: How would you do it, then?

4 hours ago

How the Ancient Egyptians (Should Have) Built the Pyramids

Dins Re:They made the blocks into wheels (177 comments)

It's also more or less refuted in TFA:

Another theory is that the Egyptians attached quarter circle rockers to the flat surfaces of the blocks effectively turning them into cylinders and allowing them to be rolled. Experiments have shown that this method allows the blocks to be moved relatively quickly with just a few men.

But this method also has a disadvantage— these cylinders would exert huge pressure on the ground causing considerable damage to roads. Modern estimates of the rate at which the pyramid was built suggest that workers put in place some 40 blocks per day. In that case, even well-engineered roads would have required considerable maintenance.


Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet Into a Robotic Hivemind

Dins Re:Resistance is futile! (108 comments)

No, that started with a spelling checker.

No, you're thinking of the Borg. GP is talking about the Bord.

"Resistance is Fertile!"

2 days ago

Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet Into a Robotic Hivemind

Dins Re:Youtube Comments (108 comments)

I really don't want to know what the robots will learn when they start watching Chatroulette...

A lot about male anatomy would be my guess.

2 days ago

TEPCO: Nearly All Nuclear Fuel Melted At Fukushima No. 3 Reactor

Dins Re:I think this means (255 comments)

Meanwhile on slashdot the 5-insightful pro-nuclear shills were attacking anyone saying a meltdown was obvious. You can go look at the posts in the threads, they are still there for everyone to see how wrong they were then & now.

Pro-nuclear shills vs. anti-nuclear shills!

Film at 11:00!

about three weeks ago

California Man Sues Sony Because Killzone: Shadowfall Isn't Really 1080p

Dins Re: Are you kidding me? (286 comments)

4 inches in circumference is also kind of...disappointing. That's 1.27" in diameter...

about three weeks ago

Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode

Dins Re:Nerd Blackface (442 comments)

As a self professed nerd/geek, the "Nerd Blackface" doesn't offend me, and I certainly don't feel "persecuted" by it. But I can't stand it in a TV show, and so I pretty much stopped watching after half an episode. That, and after many modern examples of sitcoms and half hour comedy shows without laugh tracks, I absolutely cannot stand shows with laugh tracks anymore.

about three weeks ago

NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload

Dins Re:Laser? (109 comments)

Lighten up Francis.

about a month ago

Unboxing a Cray XC30 'Magnus' Petaflops Supercomputer

Dins Re:Ooooooh... Custom Paint Job! (71 comments)

Now it just needs a cool set of rimz. Maybe some ground effect lighting. Possibly some pneumatics.

about a month ago

Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

Dins Re:Alright! Go Senate bill (176 comments)

I find this interesting, since as head of the Executive Branch, he can order the NSA to do what this bill requires without bothering with a law, since no law exists requiring the NSA to collect telephone records on everyone.

Yeah, but it's an election year. This way Congress con vote on something obviously popular to get credit for it. Not much, but it's something - and more than if Obama just exeuctive ordered it. Just a thought...

about a month ago

Why Are the World's Scientists Continuing To Take Chances With Smallpox?

Dins Re:Better safe than sorry (190 comments)

If it emerges again, I imagine finding a sample of the virus won't exactly be a problem...

about a month ago

Why Are the World's Scientists Continuing To Take Chances With Smallpox?

Dins Re:We made everything else extinct (190 comments)

Sure, but couldn't we stick with ones like cute puppies, fluffy kittens, or bald eagles if we're handing out breaks? I mean, if we HAVE to "accidentally" let a lifeform go extinct, smallpox has my vote!

about a month ago

Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

Dins Re:Why do you want pieces of plastic (354 comments)

Problem is you can't get all of their stuff streamed. Some of their titles are DVD only. Stupid, I know.

about a month ago

Researchers Create Origami Wheels That Can Change Size

Dins Re:Snow Crash! (52 comments)

I'll have you know, drinkypoo, that looking up your signature lead me to read Snow Crash to begin with. Great book!

about a month ago

Snowden Seeks To Develop Anti-Surveillance Technologies

Dins Re:Don't you want to be a traitor too? (129 comments)

I didn't post this, but I think most of the replies/mods missed this dripping sarcasm...

about a month ago

CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work

Dins Re:Not if you use the Virtuix Omni (154 comments)

Went here to see whether a comment about Virtuix Omni has made it into the top three, was not dissapointed.

Haha, me too! Although combining an Occulus Rift and and Omni is probably a bit too much like actual exercise to really take off in a big way. Yeah it's a neat gimmick, but not conducive to gaming for hours. Unless you are specifically using it to make your exercise routine more interesting, in which case it's a great idea. That would be a different user base than for most video games, though...

about a month ago


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