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Lindows Announces Nvu - Frontpage For Linux?

DippoNazdor why? (643 comments)

why should they even have an html editor? text editors all the way!

more than 11 years ago


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CBDTPA complaints

DippoNazdor DippoNazdor writes  |  more than 12 years ago only recently have i started hearing about this insane bill. it's something like the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act. though it says it's just for broadband and TV, it's not. it's a copyright law. that's right! RIAA and MPAA have teamed up with SATAN and a couple senators to stop all fun in the free world. soon it won't be as free. it really pisses me off. i bet that basically everyone with a computer has something downloaded that's in some way, shape or form pirated. i'll give my little rendition of the bill for you who haven't heard it yet. this bill states that every last piece of digital media/software/hardware/whatever MUST have a government issued anti-copy code installed into the file/code/wiring/whatever. this will effect everything from pirated movies to digital clocks on your desktop to a website you create. coders are not allowed to distribute their code without contacting the government first and receiving the anti-copy piece of code. this now means that if you wanna create a website, you have to ask permission from the government. if you wanna create an mp3 for the world to hear your l33t music skills, you have to ask permission from the government. if you wanna download linux, you have to ask permission from the government. if you wanna create a small little game just for fun and give it to your friend, you have to ask permission from the government. if you need to create a program for your programming class at school, YOU HAVE TO ASK PERMISSION FROM THE FRICKIN' GOVERNMENT!!!! it frickin' sucks!!!!!! if this bill passes, we can't do anything! Micro$oft has to ask permission to try to fix a bug they find in something. IT'S THEIR CODE! linux is now illegal for download. there's no copyright laws on it, but it's now illegal. all software related companies now have to have really close bonds with the government, if not become a company for the government. isn't this becoming really what we tried to escape from 220+ years ago? isn't this what we tried to destroy during the cold war? the government now owns all companies and whatever they do (communism). the people have no say in what happens to the companies (communism/monarchy). the consti#$%#^tution now has to be changed to "We the corporations of the United States of America, to form a more perfect monopoly..." (stolen from a post in a CDA topic). why don't all coders suddenly quit all their jobs and just work for the government now, because they have to ask the government if they can type a single character anyway! does this mean that stories from freelance writers done in a word processor on a computer now has to be copywritten? once something is turned into digital whatever, it has to be copywritten. they have just screwed up all innovation and technological advancements. now, a coder in his garage can't come up with a coding breakthrough and create his own company *cough*apple*cough* *cough*microsoft*cough* *cough*linus torvalds*cough* ... actually, linus torvalds didn't create a company, just the software. his famous operating system now runs on the computers in the disney animation wing; it's true! of course, disney is SUPPORTING this bill, so they will become outlaws if they use such an illegal item. and i was really hoping to download linux some day. the bill says that the fine for breaking this bill will be anywhere from $200 to $25,000. you could also be charged with something like supreme criminal fine or something like that that's up around $500,000. i say that everyone just leave around $1,000 of every paycheck you receive and send it to the government, because you know that you'll be downloading something anyway. oh, and another thing that the government wants to suck money out of us from. they want to force (they seriously say force in the bill, go look it up) the use of digital television, broadband internet, and other special things. do you know how much that crap costs a month?! my parents can't buy us food because we have cable internet! i'm exaggerating. it's because my mom had an operation on her hand, and she can't drive up to the store and get food. if you are willing to, try to do SOMETHING against this bill. it will really suck if it passes. i can just see us in an america with red skies, and smoke filling the air. there's an underground movement that downloads songs and movies from the outside world because they are so mutated and accustomed to the underground light. people line up on conveyor belts to get to work in their cubicles. all the cubicles face in one direction: toward an evil government official. if anyone is caught listening to anything besides the sounds of keyboard, looking at anything besides the extreme programs the government is creating, or thinking about anything other than how great the government is, they will be SHOT on site, taken out into the town center, have their carcass whipped and beaten on live television (which viewers will have to deposit a dime for every 10 seconds they see), then taken outside city limits and drawn and quartered! the undoing of one of the ammendments (the one about being drawn and quartered) will have taken place in 2005. i swear, i hope the Lord returns in all His glory before this image comes true! ok, that's enough ranting for me now... grrrr.....


bored and stuff

DippoNazdor DippoNazdor writes  |  more than 12 years ago blah. i'm bored. i've been working my magic on the sound board for my church this week for vacation bible school. it's so friggin' easy! all i do is click play on a bunch of stuff and make sure the volume is at a good level. the only thing that proved my m4d c0mput3r sk!llz to them was creating the powerpoint for the lyrics to song and going out on the internet to find rainforest music and a frog ribbit to mix together. the thing about that is that every day, there is a new topic the little peoples learn about. up on our church stage, is a large (wall sized) display of a rainforest backdrop wth 5 frogs on it. each day, a different frog pops up. my mixed audio has it so you hear the rainforest for a while, then a really loud ribbit and the frog for the day pops up. it's pretty cool. i think the little peoples enjoy it. i get really bored during VBS (vacation bible school) when i get to watch the same movie 4 times a day. after the main meeting in the morning (the part with the frogs), i stay and help out the 2 mission and music teachers with music and lyrics. after we (mainly they) sing like 4 songs, i play a video for the little peoples to watch. during the video, i'm in the back up in the sound booth with a little lamp on. while they watch the video, i'm drawing cartoon characters. i've decided to attempt to make a comic. it's just gonna be different variations of me. there will be normal me, gamer me, computer genius me (a more exaggerated version), a pscyho me (he likes cheez wiz), a good me (conscience?), and an evil me which will only show up sometimes. the normal me is like a mix of all of these (including the cheez wiz) so he will be the translator sometimes... he'll play games with gamer, who i named Bud for some reason (i think it goes back to dave's ai computer, pal, in real life [reallifecomics.com]). he'll talk in initials with the computer genius, who i named McNorton because it's kind of a mix between Mcaffee and Norton virus scanners. he'll eat cheez wiz with the psycho, who i named Kevin because there is some psycho penguin on a Christian CG movie (3 2 1 Penguins...). he'll talk about life with the good one, who i haven't drawn yet, and haven't name yet. then he can plot his revenge or wrath with the evil one, who i have an good image of in my mind, and will name Lucius because it sounds almost evil... sorry, that was long... maybe i'll put this up online if i ever get paintshop pro and learn how to ink and color in it. machall.com is my basic tutorial place. Mac Hall is an awesome comic. it's funny. yep.. ok, i need to get up in 7 hours to go to VBS again... farewell humans!



DippoNazdor DippoNazdor writes  |  more than 12 years ago ahhh!!!! i hate possible user/software errors! i hate windows xp too! but don't tell anyone i know that... they think i'm windows loyal... anyway, on the 21st of april, my internet gave out on me. every other computer in my house had the net, EXCEPT FOR ME! and i can't live without my daily 3-5 hours of internet a night! i barely survived. but finally my dad got sick of me using his computer for internet and he called compaq support. the dude walked us through random stuff and then finally took us through some program in xp that makes your computer go back to what it was on the day you select. now, when my internet was dead, i installed my age of empires, and my tribes 2. on my old crap computer (395 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive) tribes 2 did not work when i installed xp. ain't that special! nothing i had on my old computer was compatible with xp, that's why i started researching linux. anyway, i get my new computer and it's special (1.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, GeForce 2 video card, 17" flat screen monitor). i was fine without T2, because i thought it wouldn't work with xp. finally, once my net dies, i decide to try it since i had nothing better to do. it worked beautifully. i was better than ever in the solo & lan part. i couldn't wait to get back online and frag like crazy! i might even become l33t! we set my computer back 2 weeks, and T2 is gone! this happened thursday night. my dad told me that i might have gotten a virus and he doesn't want me to do anything (install/download) that might make the virus return to life. so i haven't done anything for 3 days... I NEED A T2 FIX!!! I WANNA GET BACK TO THE T2 WAY OF THINGS!!!! WAHHH!!! ya, anyway... i also want to download linux (hopefully mandrake like i think i said) and dual boot it with xp or 98 so i can run my games and still be able to learn perl. i learned that i needed unix or linux to learn perl just a few hours ago. i have a tutorial for perl on perlmonks.com saved and i was gonna start learning tonite, but learned that you need linux. don't make fun of me, i said i was new to the linux idea and everything else beyond just HTML and windows. you know what... i'm gonna install tribes 2 anyway and go play! gosh dang... ya, i don't cuss either... anyway... i can't wait until i graduate high school so i can move out, go to college and do my computer science learning stuff and finally be able to install linux without my parents trying to bring me back to windows. but i'm only a freshman, so i have to wait... grrr.... Dippo


DippoNazdor DippoNazdor writes  |  more than 12 years ago whoa... a journal comes with my slashdot account? score! i have 2 online journals now... score... well anyway, i am maybe in the top 5% of nerds in my school. there are people more advanced in computers than i. ya, after exploring thinkgeek.com for many moons and watching "anti-trust" i wanna become a geek. i wanna learn as many programming languages as possible and i want to make the change to linux, even though i am surrounded my windows users left and right (one of my friend's dad works for microsoft so he's brainwashed; my uncle works for microsoft so my parents are brainwashed). once i move out, i know i'll switch to linux (hopefully mandrake), and dual boot it with windows so i can play my games. ya, that's about it. i'm gonna go to church now... farewell. Dippo

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