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Police Using YouTube To Tell Their Own Stories

DirkBalognapantz Re:I'm okay with this (299 comments)

I understand the instinct to call for balance in these situations. However, when it comes to the government or government institutions, liberty is not a two way street. No one oppresses the government. Liberty is an individual matter. While I believe in and would defend a police officer's individual liberty, I do not believe that is the same thing as granting them equality as an agent of the state. My other concern here is that a law enforcement agency or officer would post video that may be used as evidence in a future legal proceeding. I am not a lawyer, but I find this to be an impropper use of potential evidence and possibly a violation of procedures or laws. Anyone with some knowledge of the law want to give their thoughts?

more than 2 years ago

Famous 'Uncanny Valley' Essay Translated, Published In Full

DirkBalognapantz That explains it! (70 comments)

I now understand my reaction to Weekend at Bernie's. No, it was not Bernie that disturbed me.

more than 2 years ago

Posting Photos of Olympics Could Land You In Court

DirkBalognapantz No surprise here (394 comments)

This doesn’t surprise me based on how over-controlling the International Olympic Committee is. For instance, I used to work for a finance company that had the word “Olympic” in it. Their Lawyers threatened the company, so they had to change it to “Arcadia”. You can not use the word “Olympic” in anything due to their trademark on the word. I have even seen a couple business signs with the word “Olympic” painted over with another name. Before then, I was under the silly impression that the word “Olympic” wasn’t anyone’s property. They will come after you at night wearing togas and carrying torches.

more than 2 years ago

LSD Can Treat Alcoholism

DirkBalognapantz Re:Go figure (346 comments)

I agree. At some point, you just want to take the trip off like a coat. The trick is never the trip itself. The trick is integrating the experience of the trip back into the mundane everyday world. The last time I ever did acid, I was having an intense feeling of revelation and asked a friend (tripping as well) how he felt. I expected something profound, but he looked at me and said, "Yeah. I've got a good buzz". Something that one moment earlier seemed divine had been reduced to the level of a 6-pack of Mickey's Big Mouth. I lost all interest in doing LSD after that.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Sues Over App Store Trademark

DirkBalognapantz Re:Bring it on. (285 comments)

hey Amazon, want to reconsider that one-click patent?

I hate all of these disputes as well. That being said, Apple has been crediting Amazon for 1-Click in iTunes. I would assume they cut an agreement with Amazon to avoid this type of complaint. If you go into the "About iTunes" window, you will see “1–Click® is a registered service mark of, Inc.” scroll by.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Announces New iPods, iTunes 10, Social Network, AppleTV

DirkBalognapantz Nano features (579 comments)

The Nano lost its camera and video playback. I thought the last generation was sort of cool. Anyone else feel like it's now more like a fancy Shuffle?

about 4 years ago

GMail Introduces Priority Inbox

DirkBalognapantz Re:Threading (242 comments)

OH god, you're one of "those" people...

Sure. Sometimes. The option to turn it off would be useful. Even when Gnome had spacial view in Nautilus set as the default, you could at least disable it. No one way of sorting information is best for all people in all situations. But that's cool. You're one of "those other" people.

about 4 years ago

GMail Introduces Priority Inbox

DirkBalognapantz Re:Threading (242 comments)

Finding items around by date ...

Before anyone mentions my grammar, I meant "finding items by date." I rush to post as the office has eyes.

about 4 years ago

GMail Introduces Priority Inbox

DirkBalognapantz Threading (242 comments)

I just wish to hell they would allow users to turn off the threaded conversations. Google has been acting like a smarty-pants little child holding their breath on this one. Finding items around by date (especially when you only know the approximate date) would be so much easier if the just put their big boy pants on and enabled this.

about 4 years ago

Students Show a Dramatic Drop In Empathy

DirkBalognapantz Re:Oh god.. (659 comments)

I always find the discussion on the mechanics of laughter fascinating. I have come to the personal belief that laughter flourishes when we are released from the bonds of empathy. It is the delight of release. This is why villains and the devil have a tradition of being portrayed as smiling or laughing. A distaste at what one views as inappropriate laughter may have at its source a fear of the absence of empathy. These are just my feelings on the nature of laughter. I like hearing the difference of opinions. I found this essay fascinating read when I was studying dramatic criticism in grad-school.

more than 4 years ago

FCC To Make Move On Net Neutrality

DirkBalognapantz Better to me (232 comments)

I think this is a much more admirable endeavor than being the nipple and potty mouth police. I always considered the FCC toothless moralists. I welcome our new internet overloads.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Blocks Cartoonist From App Store

DirkBalognapantz How about periodical content? (664 comments)

Look, I do not believe this is a freedom of speech issue. Apple's sandbox – Apple's castle. This issue actually has me wondering more about Apple's new iPad distribution agreements. Surely some of the content published through digital newspapers or magazines could be deemed equally offensive in relation to the content of the banned app. Is satire or parody of public figures allowed in this form, but not through a dedicated app? Is Apple being hypocritical here?

more than 4 years ago

IBM Takes a (Feline) Step Toward Thinking Machines

DirkBalognapantz AI (428 comments)

So they created an AI that continuously ponders the question, "where do they least want me right now?"

more than 4 years ago

Avatar, Has Sci-fi Found Its Heaven's Gate?

DirkBalognapantz Re:Only On Slashdot (443 comments)

Joss Whedon is a derivative hack who can't help be defile every thing he touches with some sort of adolescent fantasy involving shitty, super-powered, little girls. Then his shows get canceled and the fucker throws a tantrum a 7 year old would envy, killing off all the likable characters and pile driving what little story there was face first into the fucking ground.

You get big props for calling it like you see it. I don't entirely agree, but you got guts.

about 5 years ago

Getting a Classic PC Working After 25 Years?

DirkBalognapantz Re:Case Restoration (533 comments)

There is a group who found a way to easily restore that ageing yellow plastic. I think the use hydrogen peroxide. I'm too lazy to Google it right now, but if you are interested in a full resotration this is possible.

more than 5 years ago

RIAA Victory Over In Copyright Case

DirkBalognapantz Re:In other news . . . (289 comments)

"Of course this isn't the trading of copyrighted files - it's a simple download and doesn't behave the same way as P2P networks."

Someone HAS to upload those file my friend. That content doesn't just magically appear there by itself.

You are correct, but I believe that Pirou was trying to point out the difference between just downloading content someone else uploaded, and downloading content while actively taking part in its distribution (P2P). I believe each is a different scenario legally. Would someone better versed in this difference like to chime in?

more than 5 years ago

Time Warner Cable Won't Compete, Seeks Legislation

DirkBalognapantz Re:What crap... (621 comments)

"Wilson approached TWC and local DSL provider Embarq and requested faster service for the area. 'TWC refused the request."

Exactly. When private business refuses to meet consumer needs, why not? I see this as meeting a community's infrastructure needs.

more than 5 years ago

Digg Backs Down On DiggBar

DirkBalognapantz Re:Facebook (180 comments)

Because no one uses it as an aggregator for other sites. Most of the time is actually spent on the site, with the goal of creating or viewing content on Facebook, not going to 3rd party sites to view their content.

Well that & I just checked the Facebook website, and I didn't notice any framing of 3rd party sites (which might be the other problem with your argument)

Good point. There is a difference of purpose with Facebook. BTW, Facebook does use framing when following a shared link that does not have built-in support for the site like YouTube.

more than 5 years ago



Dr. Manhattan Jumps the Uncanny Valley

DirkBalognapantz DirkBalognapantz writes  |  more than 5 years ago

DirkBalognapantz (609779) writes "Newsarama has a story on one Watchmen breakthrough that has not gotten a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. The article has some background on how the effects team worked to overcome the Uncanny Valley with Dr. Manhattan. How do the readers think they did? I would say it still had some moments where I was pulled a little out of the illusion. And no, I am not talking about his blue penis."


DirkBalognapantz has no journal entries.

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