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Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

DocSavage64109 Re:Duh (175 comments)

I wonder if some of that is due to being among the first black people in a position of power. She can't really rock the boat to much and ruin things for future black politicians, so she has to be a bit conservative. I think Obama is doing much the same thing.

5 days ago

Dropbox Head Responds To Snowden Claims About Privacy

DocSavage64109 Re: applaud him for being honest (175 comments)

What's funny is that I gave the same answer to my boss as to how they can prevent me as a sysadmin from reading their confidential documents. Unless they encrypt their files with passwords or keys I don't know, I can come up with a way to access their files. Any other answer would just be a lie.

5 days ago

The Psychology of Phishing

DocSavage64109 Re:Advertisers and marketee aren't allowed to lie. (128 comments)

Advertisers and marketeers are trying to sell something real (that might not be interesting enough to click), and aren't allowed to lie. Phishers are already breaking the law, so no worries about false advertising or dull products.

I'm not so sure about the advertisers not being allowed to lie thing. I worked as a minion at an ad agency for a brief time and pictures comparing the results of various products and such were from completely unrelated stock photos. I'm not sure I'd trust the text (copy) that much either, though it's a lot easier to catch them in it.

5 days ago

Amazon Fire Phone Reviews: Solid But Overly Ambitious

DocSavage64109 Re:But... (58 comments)

That is untrue. There may be prevailing opinions on this site, but everyone is free to publish and read the contrary opinions and there is no agenda at work stamping trying to shape public perceptions. Good luck ever seeing or hearing dissenting opinions on Fox news.

about a week ago

Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

DocSavage64109 Re:Terrible streaming movie list (350 comments)

It depends on what you like, but Netflix streaming has all kinds of cool foreign films -- especially from Asia.

about a week ago

Ars Editor Learns Feds Have His Old IP Addresses, Full Credit Card Numbers

DocSavage64109 Re:Big Brother (216 comments)

If you consider his info being nicely stored and indexed in various databases as not being looked at. I'm rather impressed at how easily they can run reports on this much disparate information.

about a week ago

Australian Electoral Commission Refuses To Release Vote Counting Source Code

DocSavage64109 Re:Of course they can't. (112 comments)

They probably match your anonymous votes up with plenty of identifying data the machines collect without your knowledge (like photos, fingerprints, dna). That's why they don't want anyone to know.

about two weeks ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

DocSavage64109 Re:Klipsch (502 comments)

I also am a fan of Klipsch. I bought a set of Klipsch pro-media computer speakers some 15 years ago and they are still going strong with daily use. As for the sound blaster, I actually have my speakers connected through an old one and my headphones through the on-board sound and swap the default sound output device between the two of them.

about three weeks ago

UK Computing Student Jailed After Failing To Hand Over Crypto Keys

DocSavage64109 Re:SIcko (353 comments)

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Would be funny if he was innocent of the original offence.

about three weeks ago

The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...

DocSavage64109 Re: They should be recycled (196 comments)

I bet driving a couple CFLs to the recycling drop off wastes more energy than the bulbs ever saved.

about a month ago

Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap

DocSavage64109 Re:Why do we have screen savers? (349 comments)

We get donated equipment where I work, and I have seen lcd monitors with burn in that is visible even while turned off!

about a month ago

The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

DocSavage64109 Re:Old games were more difficult (178 comments)

I remember some of the old games being so difficult to solve that you had to buy the game's cheat book just to finish it. Like you would have a hole in your inventory and you should just know to put that hole on a fence. Really?

about a month ago

The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

DocSavage64109 Re:Mark of times (178 comments)

Maybe you should leave us and go hang out on a grammar board until you can learn to type on-topic posts.

about a month ago

They're Spying On You: Hacking Team Mobile Malware, Infrastructure Uncovered

DocSavage64109 Re:Will upgrading iOS remove this? (48 comments)

The one time I jailbroke my phone, I couldn't update it to the newest iOS. This attack seems rather easy to notice if your phone suddenly refuses to allow any updates.

about a month ago

Fabien Cousteau Takes Plunge To Beat Grandfather's Underwater Record

DocSavage64109 Re:I don't understand how this is a "record" (84 comments)

This does illustrate how impressive it is to be on the crew of a submarine. Just thinking about it makes me feel claustrophobic.

about a month ago

China Builds Artificial Islands In South China Sea

DocSavage64109 Re:Nuke the godless slant eyed fucks, NOW. (192 comments)

Right now what I wrote sounds extreme.

10 years from now you will all then understand I saw the future you did not yet see, and you will call me prescient and wish those in power had done what I suggested.

^^ Proof that belief in a deity does not confer any kind of morality.

about a month ago

Prisoners Freed After Cops Struggle With New Records Software

DocSavage64109 Re:change for change's sake (128 comments)

Management where I work (large non-profit daycare & before/after school) listened to someone who wanted to replace our main childcare database with a modified salesforce implementation. The result was clumsy, lots of extra data entry, and had hard-coded fields that didn't apply. It ended up getting ignored and dropped by all the end users.

about a month ago


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