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Overclocked Memory Breaks Core i7 CPUs

DoctorDyna Not news (267 comments)

Since when has a manufacturer said "Yes, over-volt the shit out of our part, it will be fine."

about 6 years ago

The Windbelt – a Cheap Wind-Power Generator

DoctorDyna Question. (75 comments)

The air needs to pass over this resonating piece at a particular speed to start it resonating (flapping). Is there some sort of way to adjust the tension of the band during use to account for faster / slower winds or is it only good at 7.9563 mph winds?

more than 6 years ago



Pressure Mounting for 2KGames over DRM in BioShock

DoctorDyna DoctorDyna writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DoctorDyna writes "Pressure seems to be building for 2KGames over the inclusion of SecuROM with their latest release, BioShock. They have been fighting criticism over the last couple of days after limiting customers via SecuROM (accused of being a rootkit) to only install the game twice, which they later increased to 5 times. Customers are irate that once again, only the customer suffers due to draconian anti-piracy measures.

PC Gamer is being outspoken on their front page as well."


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