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uTorrent To Build In Transfer-Throttling Ability

Don Negro Re:TCP regulating congestion (187 comments)

Short answer, No. TCP doesn't back off until packets are lost. uTP looks for latency increases which happen before packet loss (and therefore, before TCP congestion control kicks in) and throttles itself preemptively. Put another way, TCP treats all senders as having an equal right to bandwidth. uTP doesn't want to assert an equal right to bandwidth, it wants to send and receive in the unused portion of the available connection.

more than 5 years ago

A Brief History of Slashdot Part 1, Chips & Dips

Don Negro Re:Mmm, Enlightenment (503 comments)

I hear you. I think we all kind of decided to sign up at once, and on that day it was just a matter of what time zone you lived in and when you got around to reading slashdot. You and I probably signed up about six hours apart.

more than 7 years ago


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